Planet Earth Rankdown (Round 5)

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155. Uganda


Aside from being a pun to serve in a Chelsea Handler book, Uganda falsely represents the efforts of someone we should never forget. You remember Jason Russell? He's a notorious filmmaker who created a charity to deride and shame the efforts of a powerful Ugandan man. Jason is a California bro who is probably best remembered for being naked in youtube and vandalizing cars. He's not going to be remembered for his name or his charity or philanthropic efforts to help Ugandans. Mr. Jason Russell is going to be remembered for making Joseph Kony be a household name during a sharp increase of google searches for KONY 2012 in the year 2012. The film was Invisible Children. Now that we're in 2017, can you even say that you remember KONY 2012 or how intense of a phenomenon it became? Does anyone even remember who Kony is? Perhaps the financial reports about Jason Russell's efforts destroyed KONY 2012, because in reality, where did all that money go? Mr. Joseph Kony had already escaped Uganda and was still evading police by the time that the viral video reached its nadir. So what was it all for?

...and in the end, Joseph Kony still roams free despite all your friends donating a few pocketfuls of change to buy a commemorative KONY 2012 silicon wristband.

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Aronis, CC, and BBM still to post for round 5.
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guys I get that we're supposed to parody the actual survivor rankdown but isn't this a step too far

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