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This forum is specifically for discussing non-Mafia games (board, card, video, we're not picky). Playing such games should happen in the Mish Mash forum, of course.
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Is the map still hexagonal?
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In post 390, chamber wrote:I'm not good enough yet to know if the AI is fucked. Enjoyed it so far though.

Doing a quick play for the first time, I have found the AI utterly unable to counter ranged warfare. Not sure if there are difficulty levels where they get better at this or what the default level is.

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I've played quite a bit more since I said that, prince is pretty easy no matter what I try. I've been dominated with anything other than a very heavy military strat on king though.
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Now this has been out a while, how are people finding it?

I still have no idea what the best build order is on Civ VI and feel like I'm just floundering. I also am not a massive fan of the religious victory but that's mainly because I always preferred to ignore religion as much as possible (so will turn it off).

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