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Race to a Billion

  1. Rules
  2. The Showdown
  3. Bonus Games
  4. Turning Points
  5. The Decision
  6. Winning The Race
  7. The Trillion-Dollar Grand Prize
  8. Sudden Death Tournament
  9. Deadline Policy
  10. Queue
  11. Leader Board
  12. Games So Far


A maximum of Twenty contestants are competing to win ONE BILLION DOLLARS. To win this money they will compete against each other in showdowns to increase their bank, and be one step closer to the grand prize. Once the winner wins One Billion Dollars, (s)he has a chance to win ONE TRILLION DOLLARS in Mount Ca$hmore.
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There are 25 squares up there on the board... the four contestants will secretly place a Red Devil somewhere on the field. The last player standing wins the showdown. The round ends when either one player remains or all 25 squares have been unveiled (if two or more players place a Red Devil in the same square, there will likely be multiple winners; theoretically, all 4 players could "win" the round).

The board has different squares.

This is what the show is all about: piling money into your bank, various squares on the game board are filled with various amounts of money ranging from $10,000 to $100,000. There could up to 3 of each amount per round.
Spoiler: Click me!
The money is doubled when there are ten six players left, and then tripled when there are five three players left.


BIG MONEY - One of each could appear in a round.


Sometimes on the game board, there are PRIZE PICKS on the board for the contestants, should a contestant ever land on that space, and WIN their game. The more Prize Picks the contestants wins, the more GUARANTEED PRIZES the contestant will win at the Prize Station, no matter what happens for the rest of the show. The prize is NOT added to the contestant's bank, but they can not lose the prize no matter what (cash prizes do exist). If a prize pick space is NOT selected, $50,000 will be added to the player's bank. Up to 2 Prize Pick spaces are up on the board.

At times, Toad's Prize House from Super Mario Brothers 3 could appear, and you could win a lot of bonus cash and prizes there. One of the prize ticket spaces could be replaced with a Prize House. If the Prize House is not selected, $100,000 will be added to the player's bank. Bonus cash is doubled when there are ten players left. One of the prizes could be a RTAB-inspired mini-game to increase a bank, but once a show and not during a tournament.

ALL VALUES MULTIPLIERS: All Values x2 through 10 will multiply anycash score you pick or in any minigame you play (see below). It is also possible to pick an All Values / 2... so watch out. They are cumulative, and the limit is an AV multiplier of 30. One of each of these could appear in a round.

All Values /2
All Values x2
All Values x3
All Values x4
All Values x5
All Values x6
All Values x7
All Values x8
All Values x9
All Values x10
All Values x11

Sometimes in a showdown, these could appear on the board that could change the game and strategy forever. The turning point is announced prior to the showdown. If the turning point is not selected in the showdown - an additional $50,000 will be added to the player's bank. Bonus cash is doubled when there are ten players left.

There are many Special Squares.

$100,000/$200,000 Win Value - Instead of getting $50,000 bonus for surviving a round (see below), you receive the amount shown.

+3/+5/+10 Multi - 3, 5 or 10 will be added onto your current Bonus Multiplier (This is different from your All Values multiplier!). These also are cumulative, and have NO limit.

Knife Edge - Makes the next square you pick either a RED DEVIL or a 50%+ (see below)

10%-100% - (10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 90%, 100%) If you win a round, the percentage of your score will be ADDED to your score (Note1).

Devil Field - Automatically places up to FOUR devils on the board. It could also be some squares already revealed (this will not affect your score).

CURSE! - This will place 2 extra BLUE DEVILS on the board, but only you can hit them. In a chance someone else hits a CURSE DEVIL, $20,000 will be added to their score.

Take The Lead - A 13 in 10,000 chance of this occurring. If chosen, and you win the round, the chooser will go $1,000 in front of 1st place.

MINUS AMOUNTS - These range from $-5,000 to $-25,000 in $5,000 gaps. This will be removed from your score.


Hypnotise! - Unfortunately, the computer will choose a square RANDOMLY off the board, even if it means you have to hit your own devil. But, as a little reward, every cash amount will be doubled that you picked.

Double Deal - Doubles all the cash values on the board, unrevealed.
Double Squeal - Halves all the cash values on the board, unrevealed.

Split & Share - This rotten square removes a huge 15% off your score, and it will be split between the other 3 contestants between the round.

Random $100K/$250K/$500K - A random number between 0 and 1 will be multiplied by the amount shown, and added to your total.

Knock Off - Removes your AV multiplier.

Immunity - You MUST give immunity to someone else in that round who is still in. They will not be hit by any devil, but devils will count as nil. This raises chances of more than one person winning a round! Of course, you could ALL win one round with this.

Sneak Peek – Each player will be told a square value. They will know a random different square and have it in their knowledge. It’s up to them whether or not they want to bluff…

Swapout – The remaining squares are uncovered, but all revealed squares to that point are re-hidden and re-shuffled.

Prefix/Suffix – If he/she wins the round a random number 1-9 will be placed in front/behind their score.

Robin Hood/The Bandit Boys – The person who picks it takes 10% of the person who has the most money in that round, but if the highest scoring person in the round hits it, he/she gives 10% to the person with the lowest score in the round. (Maximum - $5,000,000)

C4 Treatment – C4 in hexadecimal is 196, if you pick it, $196 is taken off everyone else’s score and added to yours! If however this is in Square 16 (C4 on a grid-type method) then $38,416 ($192^2) is taken from everyone else's score and added to yours.

Death Note - This square allows the user to control one player's next 5 moves. Nothing extreme, though This square is hidden, and the player it's affecting won't become uncovered until the end of the round.

Detonation - Simple. Pick this square, and have the freedom waste another square on the grid. Great if you have already SNEAK PEEKed.

Yoink! - This bugger "Yoinks" you out of the game, "yoinks" someone else in.

PickPocket - Pickpocket is yet another comedy square. A coin is flipped. If heads, the picker steals $1 from everyone else. If tails, they receive an $80 on-the-spot fine.

Revision - You will be given a square you picked in the last round. Devils or Jokers aren't possible.

Weather Forecast - The host will tell you what he thinks is behind a random square.

OnePlus - One-Plus adds an extra row (Five squares) to the grid, and an extra player for the next round. To avoid it being hectic, the maximum is double - 8 players on a 45 square grid.

One of each bonus square could appear in a round.

Hidden squares are ones that will be as an original cash amount, but you will be notified (via PM) if you have picked one of the following:

Spoiler: It's Hidden! Duh!
Skip Turn - This will allow you to skip your turn, just incase you think you may hit a devil. It will stay with you until you use it, and is cumulative.

Devil Finder - You can only have one of these. You will be PMed where all the remaining red and blue devils on the board are but not black devils. This is a huge advantage.

Force Devil! - You can only have one of these. You will be PMed and you can make a person hit a devil. Although, If there are no devils remaining unpicked, then you are forced to pick a blue devil and leave the round removing $100,000 and your multipliers.

Deflect! - The devil you hit will be deflected from you and onto one other remaining player. Cumulative, until used.

Cherub - The devil you hit will be denied by a cherub and could possibly double your score. Cumulative, until used.

You will also receive the cash amount that covers it up for security reasons, and there will be one of these in each round.

Creation! – Hidden - If he/she wins the round, they won’t be able to participate in the next round, but will be able to devise the grid with the rules applying to the game itself.

Elimination!– This secret square will allow you to eliminate one of the remaining squares, but there will be no effect on you.

Fold – Hidden – You can use this whenever you want to stop playing for the rest of the round. You will not receive a round bonus, but your multi's will be maintained and any minigames you've picked will be played.

Copy/Paste – Hidden square which allows you to copy one square already picked and add it to your score.

Nitrous! – Hidden square - You are guaranteed in the next possible round, and you will have the chance to either place THREE BLUE DEVILS on the board, or just place one devil, that is three times more powerful, resulting a BLACK DEVIL.

Broken Devil! – Hidden square – You are guaranteed in the next possible round, but you won’t be able to place a devil on the board.

Cross Money – If you win the round, you have the option to swap for someone else’s score. If accepted, one of the 3 will be chosen at random.

Jokers & Super Jokers: Jokers will immune your multipliers and minigames and bonus rounds, and Super Jokers will automatically give you a win, a $250,000 bonus, and a brand new car.

Bonus Coins: (Gold - $10000; Platinum - $50000)

One of each special square could appear in a round.

Only one of them could appear in a round.

Red = Shows Red Devils
Blue = Shows Blue Devils
Yellow = Place Bonus Coins on the board/Show Small Cash Amounts
Green = Place Jokers on the Board/Show Big Cash Amounts
Spoiler: Reveal if you dare!
Gold (ULTRA-RARE) = Place Jackpots on the Board/Max All Values & Add 50 to Bonus Multiplier to All Players

Jackpot: Collects jackpot. Starts at $25,000,000 and will increase on every pick

Multi Jackpots: a double, triple, and a super jackpot will be added:
Double: Win 2X jackpot;
Triple: Win 3X jackpot;
Super: Collect $1 Billion

These items are also included to make things more interesting. To use an item, you must tell the host to use the item before making your next pick. Up to 3 items could appear in a round.

The complete list of items are:

Spoiler: Reveal all the items here!
Dreaded Resetter: The Host Resets the Entire Board with new values, and 5 Devils.

Devil Protection: A cherub will come and protect you from any Devil except the Black.

Devil Infestation: 10 out of 25 squares will contain a devil; one of those is Black Devil

Devil Case: Adds 5 Devils

Extra Life: Protects you from any Devil.

Devil – B – Gone: Replaces all devils with coins

Special Vision: gives the player to look at every single special square

Power Shot: After you pick a square; the number you picked will also take the numbers next to it.

Lose A Turn: Lose next turn

Reveal: gives the player to see all squares on the board

Replace: replace your devils somewhere else

Reverse: Put the board in “Mirror” mode

Malfunction: “Breaks” entire scoreboard and place players scores at random!

Golden Road: Exits to next level

Item Swap: Switch all items with another player

Super Shroom: Use 2 picks instead of 1

Ultra Shroom: Use 3 picks instead of 1

Life Shroom: Gives back 10% of score after a black devil; receive another chance

Volt Shroom: Cuts ½ of desired player’s score

Sleepy Sheep: Lose 3-5 turns

At the beginning of each round, the 4 players PM me their Devil placement with a number 1-25, and it will be added to the grid. If you hit a RED DEVIL, you are out of that round, and you will not participate in the next round. If you are the 1st to hit a Red Devil, $100,000 is stripped from your score. If it's the second Red Devil, it's $75,000 and if it's the 3rd Red Devil, $50,000 is removed. If you make 3 Losses, and you will earn a Strike.

If 2 players placed the same Devil on the board, a BLUE DEVIL is added and you will lose HALF of your score and earn a strike.

If 3 or more players placed the same Devil on the board, a BLACK DEVIL is added and you will LOSE EVERYTHING in your cash score and you will earn TWO strikes.

Any Devil will reset your AV and Bonus Multipliers to ZERO. 2 or more DEVILs can be placed unknowingly in the same place, which could result in a draw (see below).

If you get three strikes, the game is over and you leave with nothing but the prizes accumulated.

Behind The Devils

A new background hidden board in the game and these squares (not revealed until the Devil is hit) could be one of the following:

- RICHTER SCALE - Measures the size of damage your Devil does. It could be a number from 1 to 5. After a Devil is hit, the original Richter scale number will be uncovered, and the amount removed from your score (either $100k, $75k or $50k) will be multiplied by that number. If it’s the first Devil and luckily, a 5, you’d lose $500,000 or even more, if you have an All Values multiplier.

- MULTISAVER - Will maintain any multi's you had gained in the past.

- BANKRUPT - Will reverse the total cash to your cash in your last round, minus the Devil's charge.


- Someone from "The Gallery" aka. People who aren't playing in that round will place a KILLER in each round(up to 1). Once hit, you have four squares to pick from. These are the "buttons":
1: Block the Killer
2: "Kill" someone else in the round and not participate for 5 rounds until full recovery.
3: "Kill" yourself
4: Being put in a threshold situation.
A "Threshold situation" will put you in a hard situation where you lose $15,000 every turn while putting these conditions into play:
• 12 hours to pick
• Auto Warning.

If "Killed", your loss count will be augmented to TWO, and will lose $250,000.
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The winner of a showdown gets to play a mini-game and/or bonus games for safe cash and/or prizes. These mini-games and bonus games are gameshow-inspired. RTAB-inspired mini-games will be twists. Also, some cash prizes could be replaced by Prize Tickets or Bonus Prizes.

The Mini-Games are as follows:

HIT 15 - A smaller 15 square grid board with numbers ONE to FIFTEEN will appear. You keep picking squares until you hit the square with FIFTEEN behind it. The longer you last, the more cash you get.

PICK SIX - Another 24 square grid will appear with 23 of them holding a number between 1 and 9, and one holding 10. Starting at the units, you pick squares, and the number will be placed in an overall total added you your score. Eg you pick square 20 and it has a 6, your score will be $6. Pick 1 and it'd be 3. Your score would now be $36. Pick 5 and it could be a 10. Your score will be $1,063 with 3 squares to pick. Most of the time, you'll get a 6 figure score, but if you hit a 10 at any point, you are guaranteed a 7 figure sum.

MATH TIME - 24 squares appear again. In the first and third column, there will be the amounts $20,000 $30,000 $40,000 $50,000 $75,000 and $100,000. In the second column, there will be 4 PLUSes and 2 MINUSes. The fourth column will have X2, X5, X10, /2, /5 and /10. The equation shown will equal something, that will be added to your total. A minigame you can actually lose money on.

HIGHER OR LOWER - There will be 12 squares: 2 on the top row, and 5 on the middle and bottom. Numbers 0-9 will appear on the way. You will start with $2500 bet money. You will choose an amount to bet on the next card being higher or lower. If you clear the bottom row, you recieve an extra $5,000 of betting money. If you clear out that row too, you go to the big bet where at least half your score must be betted. The final score is added to your total.

STRIKE IT RICH - A board of 15 squares consist of 3 BOMBs, $500s, $5,000s, $50,000s and $500,000s. The first triple revealed is added to your score.

SPEED CASH - A board of 24 appears. 2 C's, 2 A's, 2 S's, 2 H's and the rest X's will appear on the board. The game is over when you pick one of a C, A, S and H. The fewer the turns, the more money you get.

MYSTERY CHANCE - A board of 16 squares will appear. Each and every one is a random amount between $1 and $1,000,000,000. ONE MAIN THING: IT'S HARDLY RANDOM, IT SKEWS REALLY LOW! If you decide on undergoing the game, it means you allow your score to be REMOVED and REPLACED by one of those 16 squares and it will be your score. Any other bonuses, bonus multipliers and AV multipliers aren't affected.

RISK IT ALL - A mini dond game with the following 15 prizes:

TAKE 100% - ADD 10%
TAKE 75% - ADD 20%
TAKE 50% - ADD 30%
TAKE 40% - ADD 40%
TAKE 30% - ADD 50%
TAKE 20% - ADD 75%
TAKE 10% - ADD 100%
------NO CHANGE------

You automatically offered a bail-out. If turned down then you open 3 boxes. Another bail-out is offered. There will be another 3 after that followed by a bail-out. Then another 3 followed by another bail-out, then 2 boxes before your final bail-out option. Turn this down, then pick one of the boxes and that will happen to your score. If you at any time accept a bail-out, Nothing happens to your score and the other boxes are revealed.

ADD SLASH - MINIGAME! This minigame works slightly like the Double or Nothing tiwst, just different... You choose your bet, and you pick squares until you want to bail. 12 ADDs, but 12 SLASHes. Each time you ADD, your bet is added to your score, but each time you SLASH, it's removed, simple. BAIL whenever you've had enough. With a minus score, they'll auto-bet $5,000.

MEGA MONEY – A great mini-game on an 18 square grid. The top row has numbers 1-5 (with 2 1’s and 1 of everything else). The middle row has 2 Adds, 2 Minimums and 2 Maximums. The bottom row has $50,000 | $75,000 | $100,000 | $200,000 | $350,000 | $500,000. Based on what number you pick on the top row, decides how many you can pick from the bottom row e.g. If you picked 2, you can pick 2 from the bottom. Add will add all the amounts you pick together, Minimum will pick the lowest out of the bunch you picked, and Maximum would pick the highest out of the bunch.

DOUBLE UP – A mini-game where you can really rack up the cash. You have $1,000 to begin with. The rest of the board is as follows:
16x – X2
1x – $2,500
1x – $1,000
1x - $500
1x - $250
2x – QUIT
2x – BOMB
Picking an X2 will double your total. A cash square simply adds to the allotted total. Pick a quit, you end the game and you leave with the cash sum totalled. Pick a bomb, you lose the total and it resets to £1,000. You go on until you hit a QUIT, basically.

BIN OR WIN – A basic mini-game with cash amounts going up to $100,000 and 6 BOMB. You have to pick five of these squares to bin and five to win, each once in turn.

Prisoners Dilemma – At the end of the round 2 random people who have just played are asked to take up to the board. 25% of their scores is removed and added into a cash pot. They have a grid of 24 squares from which they have an amount ranging from $-50,000 to $1,000,000 in $50,000 increments. Each player picks a square which will be revealed unto themselves. They can decide to GIVE, which means the amount is doubled and added to the pot, or can decide to TAKE and the amount will be halved and added to their score. After this, the pot comes into play. Again the GIVE and TAKE options come back. If they both give, they double the pot and get the original full amount each. If one takes and one gives, the taker will get the full amount and the giver will get nothing. If they both take, they leave with nothing, and the pot is added into a secret square that will appear in the next round.

Top/Middle/Bottom – 6x3 grids
$250k – 3 bombs | $500k – 2 bombs | $1,000,000 – 1 bomb
Played like Strike It Lucky endgame, where it could be a cash value (£1,000 to £5,000)

Take On Me – 3x3 Grid, player chooses someone out of the round to play against, and they both place a bomb. The entire grid is $10k except the bombs. Person who selected the game decides who begins. Winner gets $250,000.

Power of 10 – 7 rounds of a 3x3 grid. The number of bombs increases each time, as does the cash. A top prize of $100,000,000… but with a 1 in 949 chance? It’s a big risk, but it’s your choice… This minigame is sponsored by Megabowl.

Bomb The Penguin – 15 bombs and one penguin. Hit the penguin as quick as you can for more cash. Top prize: $1,000,000. This minigame is sponsored by Windows Vista.

The Bonus Games are as follows:

The Gamble - 15 squares ranging from $1 to $50,000. You will select a square, and determine if you take the money or select a new square hoping it's a better one. If the second square is higher, you win both squares. If not, you don't win anything. Up to $90,000 to win.

Grand Game - 10 squares - 5 zeroes, 3 blanks and 2 instant losses. You start with $1 and you have to find the 0s to progress before landing on the instant loss. Like in TPIR (and especially Atinale), at $10,000, you'll have the choice to take your money or risk it to try for $100,000.

Pick-a-number - For each column, you pick a number (0-2-5) starting by the rightmost. You can win anywhere from $0 to $55,555.

Money Maker - the top row is filled with numbers (0-4), the middle row with words (add (2 of them), double the median, minimum, maximum), the bottom row with money (5k-10k-20k-30k-40k). You pick one square on the top row, one on the middle row and as many as you got on the top row for the bottom row. 0 is an instant loss, 1 proceeds immediately to the bottom. Top prize $100,000.

Money Machine: $100-$10000; Avoid the Black Slip

Tic-Tac-Stop - 4 Xs, 4 Os and a STOP sign. They are shuffled around in such a manner that one symbol forms a tic-tac-toe. For each uncovered symbol, $2,500 is added to the pot for a bailout option. If the STOP sign is hit, you don't win anything. If you make the tic-tac-toe, your winnings are amended to $50,000.

Beat the Phanto - 6 money amounts ($1000-$1500-$2500-$3000-$4000-$5000), TIC, TAC and a Phanto from Super Mario Bros. 2 are shuffled around. Reach at least $10,000 to win the game. If you win, your money is quintupled (from $50,000 to $72,500) and win a prize package worth at least $20,000. You can stop at anytime because if you find the Phanto, you don't win anything. Find TIC & TAC, and receive everything including a cash bonus (Starts at $25K, and increases $5K every time is not won) and the chance at a new car!

Spelling Bee - Like Bullseye bonus island. Each row has 6 different values: W-I-N (works the same as the bullseye), $1000, $2000, $3000, $4000, and $5000. One row has a Lightning Bolt as well, the other rows select one of the 6 other values instead. The contestant selects one column and we reveal the values. If WIN shows up, the pot is doubled and $100,000 is added to the pot. If WIN is found in one spin or if the contestant survives to 10 spins, the cash is amended to $500,000. If WIN is found on the first spin, it's $1,000,000.

Super Match - One $100,000, 5 cash pairs (50k-25k-10k-5k-1k), 3 strikes and one WIN. One way to win $100k: pick WIN and then $100k. Two ways to lose: striking out or pick WIN followed by a strike.

There could be one of these bonus games in a round too. Also, there are MORE Bonus Games that are not listed.
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Spoiler: Reveal the TPs
1. "Double Trouble" - If you so choose, you could DOUBLE the dollars in this game or any game you play for, but if you lose - you earn TWO strikes instead of ONE. The opponent plays the regular value of the board.

2. Mystery Chests: Choose to open it yourself, or let your challenger take it. If gold pops up, you’ll double your earnings; find a devil, and you lose half.

3. "Devil Finder" - You get to choose a ROW and COLUMN. If the Devil is found to be in either row or column, it will be revealed secretly, otherwise the square is lost.

4. "Quick Getaway" - If you uncover this and win, you have an option after winning your game of taking their entire bank (so far) and leaving instead of a fraction. Use it or lose it.

5. "Second Try" - If a contestant ever loses a round, the money values are reset, and the contestant gets a second chance at defeating their opponents.

6. "Sudden Death" - This is the biggest gimmick of the game. See "Sudden Death" section below.

7. Starman: Destroys all Devils

8. "Reset" - Contestant picks a contestant to automatically reset their score to $0, but the strike count will also be reset to 0.

9. "Killer Squad" - A group of Killers will be placed on the board, and all next to each other. If one of them is found, either one player or even ALL players will suffer the super consequences.

10. "Getaway Decision" - If the contestant selects this and wins, they have the option to take their Round winnings, or take an opponents' Round winnings.

11. "Extra! Extra!" - Contestant can either pick two squares, or make their opponent pick two squares.

12. "Prize Sweep" - If you earn this, you may use it any time during your game or any other game. When selected, you will earn any prizes still available on the board. You also win the trip to Toad's Prize House, if it's available.

13. "Safety" - Pick this up, and you will NOT lose your total score should you lose a showdown, but you will still earn the loss or strike.

14. "Strikeout" - Eliminates one of your strikes in the game to keep you still in the game.

15."Strikes-B-Gone" - Eliminates all your strikes. If you lose the showdown, you lose that strike as well.

16. "No loss/strikes" - If you lose the game, you'll lose the money but you don't get a loss/strike. This is the opposite of the safety.

17. "Hitman" - The winner of this game, earns a "strike" to give to any of their opponents. This is crucial for taking down someone close to elimination, or to seek revenge.

18. "Killed & Dangerous" - (Only activated when at least one Killer is on the board) The game is automatically over, the contestant MUST land on the Killer to win. If the contestant lands on a Killer, they win the rest of the money on the board AND steal all of their opponents money. However, if they fail to land on the Killer, they lose everything and the opponent(s) gets the remaining squares, but there will be no Round Bonus.

19. "High Five" - Landing on this will increase whatever what the last square they chose by FIVE TIMES. In the event it is a prize or a special square, it's deactivated. In the event it is a Devil, it is deactivated and they lose.

20. "Hang Ten" - The same as High Five, but the increase is TEN TIMES.

21. "Loser Randomizer" - The contestant who wins this may activate a randomizer that will make the opponents money between $0 to $1,000,000. The bigger the amount, the more money the opponents will lose.

22. "Big Bucks" - A rare square, to where you can win anywhere between $1,000,000 to $300,000,000.

23. Dynamite: All squares (except cash values and devils) are destroyed, but you'll earn $5000 for each square.

24. Diamond: Each square you pick will be a cash amount plus $1000.

25. EXTRA - E X T R A letters will be added to the board; find all of them, and win a cash bonus.

26. Freeze: All players except you will not pick any square for 3 turns.

27. Present!: The best one yet! All players will advance to Toad's Prize House and pick 5 gifts! (Win or Lose)

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After the bonus game(s), they have the option of leaving the game with a portion of the bank, or gambling it all in the hopes they don't lose it by landing on a Devil in their next game. "Battle" or "Bank" is the name of this game...

If they BATTLE - they are still in the running for the billion dollars, and the winner gets to decide which four players will play the next showdown. They can choose themselves or try and knock out their opponents. If there are multiple winners, the player with the highest score will decide which four players will participate.

If they BANK - they win a percentage of their bank they made so far, based on the amount of wins on the show, but they are eliminated from the game.
1 WIN: 20%
2 WINS: 40%
3 WINS: 60%
4 WINS: 80%
5+ WINS: 99%

The wins will be in a chain. Any loss to any Devil will wipe out the Win Chain. If you fear losing everything because someone is close to a billion, it isn't a bad idea to quit before they secure the $1,000,000,000.

Winning a round
If you are remaining when either:
1. You are the only one remaining
2. When the board is clear,
Then you have won the round! Firstly, the winner(s) get $50,000 bonus for winning (or $100k or $200k with the bonus squares) and then an extra $2,000 for all the squares remaining, $50,000 for unrevealed prizes/turning points, and $500 for any unrevealed Devil. If there are more than one winner, then they each receive a bonus of the same for themselves. Also, their bonus multiplier will increase by 1, and 1 Loss will be taken away, if they have any. Their multiplier may also increase by selecting special squares on the board. In addition, winners will receive the opportunity to play one of the Bonus Games.

Spoiler: Reveal to see how this works!
The following are the ones that are going to be played:


You will have a chance to win up to $10,000,000 in Cash or 100X The Multiplier! You'll pick one number of 8 different lottery games, and it will always contain a Cash Multiplier game that will have a chance to multiply your winnings or win a LOT of cash! If a Monopoly Man appears, you'll have the chance to multiply your winnings by 200x!

But be careful! Some of those prize boxes may contain Bob-Ombs that will VOID all payouts! The numbers you pick will be your fate!

The top prizes for the Cash Multiplier games contain as follows:

5x The Cash: $10,000
10x The Cash: $25,000 - $100,000
20x The Cash: $100,000 - $300,000
50x The Cash: $300,000 - $750,000
100x The Cash: $1,000,000 - $10,000,000
$5,000,000/$10,000,000: Self-Explanatory!


Rules like these 2 Lottery Games apply, and the starting Mega Jackpots are as follows:

POWERBALL with POWER PLAY: $40,000,000

MAXI JACKPOT: Starts at $500,000; Must go off before it hits $1,000,000.00
MAJOR JACKPOT: Starts at $75,000; Must go off before it hits $150,000.00
MINOR JACKPOT: Starts at $15,000; Must go off before it hits $35,000.00

Any winnings will be multiplied with the player's Bonus Multiplier.

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- Regular way
If you are the first to reach one billion, and win the showdown, then you've won the race. You win your bank in full and you get to play the $1 trillion-dollar final game in Mount Ca$hmore. The other players lose 3/4th of their bank.

- By default
If you are the sole survivor, you win your bank in full, but you have to win the billion-dollar final game before having a chance at $1 trillion, but has the option to quit now or go for the $1 billion.

In both instances, the winner retains their strikes, because three strikes and the game is over.

- The billion-dollar final game
The champion, should they decide to go for it, is shown 13 cards (A-M) and picks the order of the cards, but only 12 of them.



Wherever the 1 is shown on the grid - the contestant will win the money...

$[x],[x][x][x],[x][x][x],[x][x][x].[x][x] = $0
$[x],[x][x][x],[x][x][x],[x][x][x].[x][1] = $0.01
$[x],[x][x][x],[x][x][x],[x][x][x].[1][x] = $0.10
$[x],[x][x][x],[x][x][x],[x][x][1].[x][x] = $1
$[x],[x][x][x],[x][x][x],[x][1][x].[x][x] = $10
$[x],[x][x][x],[x][x][x],[1][x][x].[x][x] = $100
$[x],[x][x][x],[x][x][1],[x][x][x].[x][x] = $1,000
$[x],[x][x][x],[x][1][x],[x][x][x].[x][x] = $10,000
$[x],[x][x][x],[1][x][x],[x][x][x].[x][x] = $100,000
$[x],[x][x][1],[x][x][x],[x][x][x].[x][x] = $1,000,000
$[x],[x][1][x],[x][x][x],[x][x][x].[x][x] = $10,000,000
$[x],[1][x][x],[x][x][x],[x][x][x].[x][x] = $100,000,000
$[1],[x][x][x],[x][x][x],[x][x][x].[x][x] = $1,000,000,000

If you get LESS than the score you've won before playing this final game, the game ends with what you won up to that point. You could also be tempted with various prizes along the way. If you win $1,000,000,000, you are eligible to go to Mount Ca$hmore.

- Mount Ca$hmore (Trillion Dollar Final Game)

Spoiler: Reveal to see how this works.

All Levels except Level 9 contain at least 1 cash amount, 1 Clear space and 1 Skull space. The contestant picks squares on a level until they reveal the Clear square, accruing cash as they do by unveiling Ca$h squares. Unveiling a Skull causes the contestant to earn a strike. If a contestant gets 3 strikes (including any strikes from the main game), or reveals the Game Over square on Level 9, the game ends automatically and the contestant leaves with the winnings that are secure in their Game Over pot. The percentages of winnings safe in the Game Over pot is as follows:

Level 3: 80% of current winnings
Level 4: 70% of current winnings
Level 5: 60% of current winnings
Level 6: 50% of current winnings
Level 7: 40% of current winnings
Level 8: 20% of current winnings
Level 9: 0% of current winnings

The contestant also has the opportunity of leaving with the money (as in your overall winnings) they have after clearing each level with the exception of Levels 1-2, in which the player will leave with 10% of their current winnings.

The pyramid conceals 30 cash squares, which will be multiplied by the champion's Bonus AND All Values multiplier, with amounts distributed as follows:

4 x $250, $500, $1,000 , $2,500 and $5,000
2 x $10,000 , $25,000 and $50,000
1 x $100,000 , $250,000 , $500,000 and $1,000,000

There are also 6 special squares concealed randomly within the pyramid:

1) Skull Seeker: The contestant has the chance to add $50,000 to their winnings if they can correctly unveil the Skull space on the level they are on, as well as gaining immunity from that Skull. The jackpot increases by $5,000 each time this square is not won. This Square is only found on Levels 1 to 3.

2) Ca$h Crash: If this square is revealed, the contestants winnings are instantly reset to $0. This Square is usually found in Levels 2 to 6.

3) Gambler's Luck: This square has 3 panels within it numbered 1 to 3. One square will contain a +x%, which increases the contestant's winnings by a random percentage between 10% and 90%, one square contains a -x%, which is the opposite to +x%, and the third square is a Bounty square, which adds a random amount between $1000 and $50000.

4) Gatorade® Decimalizer: If the contestant chooses to play this optional square, they are asked a general knowledge question, which if answered correctly multiplies their winnings by a random decimal between 1.1 and 2.0. Answering incorrectly DIVIDES the winnings by the same decimal. There is no penalty for skipping this square, which is located on Level 4.

5) Host's Deal: The host offers a cash amount to the contestant to leave the game immediately. The amount is determined by a formula known only to the creators, and the square is normally found on Level 5.

6) Fatal Trap: If this square is revealed, the contestant leaves instantly with nothing. This square can be anywhere within the first 8 levels.

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Spoiler: Reveal Me!
If the Grand Champion makes it to the top of Mount Ca$hmore, (s)he will win $1,000,000,000,000 (That's One TRILLION dollars), and the grand prize of $1,000,000,000,000 contains the following:

1. Over $950 Billion in cash
2. House Full Of Furniture (Futuristic Rooms)
3. 1000 sets of family airline first-class tickets on ANY airline
4. Trip Around The World (+$100,000 on souvenirs)
5. Up to TEN college scholarships of $50,000 ($500,000 in college scholarships)
6. Up to FIVE brand new luxury cars (Total of over $1 Million) + $50,000 Gas Card
7. Luxury Yacht worth $2,500,000
8. Luxury Motorhome with Coach Trailer worth $5,000,000
9. Fabulous House/Mansion OR Private Island worth between $10,000,000 to $50,000,000
10. Your Own Private Jet with an Experienced Crew worth between $50 Million to $100 Million

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A Sudden Death Tournament is played if:

1. If after 20 whole consecutive showdowns nobody quits the race (on their own or by striking out), and there are 10 players or more, or
2. The "Sudden Death" Turning Point is picked.

If a showdown is running, the showdown continues and the tournament waits.
- First round: Four players from the pool of no-strikers are randomly selected. The loser goes in the pool of round 2, the winner faces the decision without choosing the next players.
- Second round: same thing among the pool of one-strikers. The loser goes in the pool of round 3.
- Third round: same thing among the pool of two-strikers. The loser is eliminated.
- If tied, the round is replayed with a new random draw.
- For any round, if there's no more than one player in the pool, the round is skipped.
During a Sudden Death Tournament, no turning points dealing with strikes may appear, and no mini-game is played.
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48 hours for everything. Two warnings given, third missed deadline and you're replaced. I could be lenient from time to time, but it's up to me. If you go over 48 hours and I don't buzz you, you can post.
If you miss a deadline during a square pick, a random square is selected on your behalf.
If you miss a deadline during a game involving a no-pick decision, the warning is given and the game goes on.
If you miss a deadline during a decision, it's an automatic battle and four random contestants are selected.
If you're away for a longer time, we can arrange things so that you'll not be selected during that time. If you're currently playing, you can send me a pick list (PM me as soon as you can), but any special decision puts the game on hold, unless you've allowed a proxy player to make it for you.

Requirements to begin:
I require at least 4 players to begin the game, and then hopefully, I can get a list of people to play RTaB. This game is meant to take a while and patience. The game will start on March 15th, 2014. Until that happens, you can sign up.

Thanks to:

David Howell for the RTaB game shuffler
BigJon for the game idea
Alan Atterby (jatterb) created the Defuse, Deflect and Bankrupt ideas, and are his original ideas.

1. They are cumulative, and are worth $50,000 if your score is over $200,000,000.

Your score will not go below -$250,000.
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Cheery Dog
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PlayerCash BankPrize BankAll Values MultiplierBonus MultiplierGames LostStrikes
Cheery Dog$1,670,000$00010

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(Game 1: JerryArr vs JDGA vs Mist7676 vs swyellowtail)
(Game 2: puzzledan vs doctorwho vs swyellowtail vs Cheery Dog)
(Game 3: DiplomatDC vs YurikoJasmine vs swyellowtail vs Shiidaji)
(Game 4: Mist7676 vs swyellowtail vs PrivateI vs puzzledan)
(Game 5: JDGA vs Mist7676 vs Cheery Dog vs DiplomatDC)
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That has to be by far the largest opening post in the history of MS. 18 pages, 7,000 words, and over 39,000 characters when stuck into a word processor.

Also, 50 people is way, way too much.

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Wow. If this is real, I am in.

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pages: 33
words: 7068
characters (not including spaces): 31725
characters (including spaces): 39036
paragraphs: 22
lines: 1128

I nominate him to the title fairy: OP Shakespeare
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You could call this a real 'doorstOPper'!
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"CC is very [whatever the equivalent of photogenic as it applies to videos]" - racefan12
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Especially when it seems like it's essentially a 'push your luck' sort of game.
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Oh my god spoiler tags are a thing please use them

Yeah I'm just going to put this down as Gratuitous Complexity at its finest.
(If anyone had any idea how to actually play this then I would be totes in but huh?)
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$100,000/$200,000 Win Value - Instead of getting $50,000 bonus for surviving a round (see below), you receive the amount shown.

See below... where? Somewhere within those next 30 pages of text? ._.
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I think it just means that you'll get 100,000 or 200,000 instead of 50,000 for surviving the round.

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All right. Used some spoilers, and reduced the number of people to 20.

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Now it's even less readable.

(The first tag of a spoiler should be [spoiler=])
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In post 10, dad90 wrote:All right. Used some spoilers, and reduced the number of people to 20.

This is a good spoiler. Use this.
Spoiler= goes in between the brackets.

This one sucks. Don't use this one.

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Spoiler: Yay!
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OK, looks like I've made the Spoilers well-hidden, and now I have 18 sign-ups available!

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Post Post #16  (ISO)  » Tue Mar 04, 2014 3:04 am

God so many rules but I read them all when I get back but

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Umu, close enough, and on closer read it seems like it more or less makes sense now. More or less.
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In post 0, dad90 wrote:MONEY -
This is what the show is all about: piling money into your bank, various squares on the game board are filled with various amounts of money ranging from $10,000 to $100,000. There could up to 3 of each amount per round.
Spoiler: Click me!
The money is doubled when there are ten players left, and then tripled when there are five players left.

lol so helpful.

I admire the effort put into this game though.
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Against my better judgment, /in.

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tl;dr. Will do so later
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You Are Worth It

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Post Post #22  (ISO)  » Thu Mar 06, 2014 3:41 am

Hmm... this game is all over the place, but it looks interesting. I may join if there are more people.
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You keep doing games I'd like to do! :P

I'll /in.

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I'm probably going to regret this, but since I posted earlier and this is going to show in when I egosearch
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