Big Brother Bots 2.0 (A Winner is You?)

For completed/abandoned Mish Mash Games.
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Post Post #325  (ISO)  » Sun Jul 22, 2018 10:23 pm

pickemgenius wrote:PogChamp Bot Image

Skill: 0
Memory: 176
Speed: 126
Luck: 201
Endurance: 21

HOH Stuff:

1. If any bot has nominated PogChamp Bot in the prior two rounds, nominate them.
2. If any bot has voted to evict my bot use the following to decide who to nominate if there are more than 2 bots that voted me out then nominate those with the highest values in order: memory,endurance,skill
3. If any bot has won two or more veto contests nominate them.
4. If any bot has won two or more hoh's nominate them.
5. IF a bot voted differently than myself last round nominate them.
6. If there is a bot that hasn't been nominated and there are 10 or fewer bots left, nominate them.
7. Nominate based on highest value stats in the following order: memory,endurance,skill
8. If I have nominated someone before, nominate them again.
9. Go to and place everybody available for nominate in alphabetical order and generate a list and nominate the top two players.

-Use same criteria if need to renominate-

Target Choice:
1. The bot who has voted differently than my bot the most.
2. Any bot that used the veto on the Bot Nominated next to PogChamp Bot.
3. The bot who has won the most HOHs
4. The bot who has won the most vetos
5. The bot who has the best memory stat
6. If all n/a random it up my dude.

Veto Stuff:
1. If PogChamp bot is nominated, veto self.
2. If PogChamp bot is HOH, do not use veto.
3. If at final 4, do not use veto.
4. If there is a nominee that has voted the same as pogchamp bot more than 3 concurrent times in a row veto them.
5. If there is a nominee that was HOH more than 2 times and didnt nominate PogChamp Bot ANY time, veto them.
6. If none of the above, do not use veto.

Voting Stuff:
1. If any bot has 50 or more points in memory than pogchamp bot, vote them.
2. If any bot has 125 or more points in endurance than pogchamp bot, vote them.
3. If any bot has 175 or more points in skill than pogchamp bot, vote them.
4. Vote for the eviction target.

1. Vote any bot that survived eviction while being in the final nomination pair 4 or more times. not necessarily eviction target.
2. Vote the bot who voted the correct person out of the house the most.
3. Vote the bot who voted the same as PogChamp bot the most.
4. Vote the bot with the most combined competition wins(Hoh/Veto)
5. Vote for any bot that didnt vote to evict PogChamp Bot.
6. Vote the bot with the highest Memory Stat.
7. Vote the bot with the highest Endurance Stat.
8. Vote the bot with the highest Skill stat

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Post Post #326  (ISO)  » Mon Jul 23, 2018 2:12 am

You did good penguin.

I think salt bot had a more thought out design but there's a strategy here. I forgot that you couldn't win back to back hohs though.

Name: Penguin that decided to be a complete jerk
Image: ... 01/ed4.jpg

Endurance: 2
Skill: 2
Memory: 2
Speed: 302
Luck: 2
Dexterity: 340

Penguin classifies players into 3 categories. Friend, Neutral, and Orca. All players start as Neutral.

-Players who become an Orca cannot leave this category under any circumstance.
-If a bot nominates me, they are reclassified as Orca. This is true even if the bot in question nominates me after a veto.
-If a bot vetoes me, they are reclassified as Friend.
-Any bot that wins a challenge where the primary stat is not speed or dexterity becomes a Friend, so long as I am not nominated.
-Any bot that wins a challenge which is speed or dexterity related becomes an Orca.
-Any friend who votes for me becomes Neutral.

1. Try to nominate Orcas first.
2. If more than the required number of Orcas exist, nominate the ones with more total challenge wins and set eviction target as the one with most total challenge wins.
3. Break any ties by targeting players with higher endurance, then skill, then memory.
4. Randomly decide if still tied.
5. Repeat with neutral if not enough Orcas.
6. If friends need to be nominated, nominate the friend with the least challenge wins.
7. If ties exist, nominate the friend with lowest endurance, then skill, then memory.
8. Randomly decide which friend must die.
9. If vetoes occur, use this same logic.

1. First, veto self
2. Veto friends next
3. Veto whichever friend has won more challenges
4. If tied, veto random tied friend.
5. If any players are Neutral and I have no friends, veto one of them
6. Veto the neutral with higher number of challenge wins first, then randomly.
7. Never veto Orcas.

1. If Eviction target and other nominee are the same category, vote for the eviction target
2. If not, vote for Orca nominees, then neutrals.
3. If eviction targets can’t be used to make decisions, instead vote for the bot which has casted less votes for me.
4. If tied under that circumstance, choose the one with higher Endurance, then skill, then memory
5. Then go random

1. Vote for friends first, then neutral, then orcas.
2. If finalists are both orcas, vote for the bot which has been an orca for a shorter period of time. Then the one with more challenge wins. Then whoever won the final HoH.
3. If finalists are both neutral, vote for the HoH winner.
4. If finalists are both friends, vote for whoever was a friend longer. Then the one with less challenge wins. Then the one who lost HoH.

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Post Post #327  (ISO)  » Mon Jul 23, 2018 8:21 am

I'm convinced that 2/3 of winning BBBots is setting up the right stats and naming the bot, regardless of nom/vote instructions

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Post Post #328  (ISO)  » Mon Jul 23, 2018 8:54 am

2/3 are your stats
1/3 is what your opponents are programmed to do
0/3 is what you actually do :P

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Post Post #329  (ISO)  » Mon Jul 23, 2018 8:57 am

Well, congratulations Penguin!


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Post Post #330  (ISO)  » Wed Jul 25, 2018 2:13 am

congrats penguin!

my bot (Muscle Bot) always went after weaklings (low endurance stat) while putting great value on strength (high endurance stat).

there actually was a function that made me start a bad bromance with the bot who nominates me first, but I forgot to apply that to one scenario in veto and of course, that scenario ended up happening and I voted out Cougbot(?). :(

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