The Tale of Felissan

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In post 47, Panzerjager wrote:Compliment her swordplay

"Well done. This battle may be far from over, but your outstanding skill with a sword allows you to stand up to me quite well. You'd probably be my peer in a fight if you were able to channel your sword's draconic powers and shape them to your will."

Over the years, you've developed a pretty accurate ability to tell what people are thinking from the way they're looking at you. Right now, you're pretty sure the intruder is getting ready to defend herself because she misled herself into thinking that what you've just said was some sort of trick. But you really meant it! To her credit, it did give you a short break from fighting, and let you come up with a better plan for this fight. Which is...
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Do parlor tricks to try to make the swordswoman your friend
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