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For completed/abandoned Mish Mash Games.
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Competitive Mafia
A never-ending series of tiny ranked mafia-like games focusing on individual strength.


Will appear after the first game.

Taking sign-ups

Competitive Mafia 1 (0/9, won't start before January 2)
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Rules & Information

1. Follow the Boilerplate Mafiascum Game Rules unless contradicted below.
2. If you insist on using bold tags for votes, make sure they have a colon in it or the votecounter won't pick them up.
3. Don't lie about serious things in your real life to justify in-game behavior.
4. pre is my tag. You may use it occasionally.
5. Players will be prodded after 48 hours of inactivity and will be replaced if they remain silent in the 24 hours after the prod. They'll also be replaced if they require more than a single prod.

Setup and ruleset based on zoraster's Second Fortnight. You can skim through these rules, but carefully read your role PM.

The Leaderboard
  1. New players start with a rating of 150.
  2. All games have the same setup, detailed below.
  3. A penalty of -200 will be given to anyone who replaces out in the middle of a game, except if something unforeseeable happened.
  4. When a player's rating is below 0, they can only join non-consecutive games.
  5. The leaderboard isn't updated until the end of a game as not to reveal players' alignments.

The Setup
  1. The setup is two Mafia Goons versus seven townies. The Mafia have daytalk. Plurality rules are in effect. If two players have received the same number of votes at the end of the day, I'll look at the last vote on each wagon. The player who got their last vote first gets lynched.
  2. A majority vote doesn't end the day. The day will end once everyone has placed a vote and they haven't been changed for 24 hours.
  3. A game lasts a single Day and a single Night, which last 12 days and 2 days at most, respectively.
  4. If the town lynches a mafia member on Day 1, the players' ratings will change as follows:

    Mafia Goons: -100
    Townies voting mafia: +100
    Townies not voting mafia: -35

  5. If not, the ratings will change as follows:

    Mafia Goons: +20
    Townies voting mafia: +100
    Townies not voting mafia: -35
    Lynched townie: -35

  6. If a townie is lynched, the mafia will via instant night select one of their members to Flee, thus removing from the game. The identity of the fleeing player is revealed to the town and they cannot be accused. The lynched townie turns into a Third Party Poltergeist.
  7. Every other Town member becomes a Third Party Independent Private Investigator and will win or lose for themselves.
  8. PI's have up to 48 hours to make an accusation. At the end of the night, Independent PIs must have submitted at least one accusation to the moderator. The most recent accusation counts. If a Mafia Goon was lynched, the PI's can make two accusations of which only one has to be correct.
  9. The remaining mafia member instead of submitting an accusation submits a bribe. If the mafia member bribes a Private Investigator who in turn accuses the mafia member AND there are no other accusations against the mafia member, the Private Investigator is bribed, causing a win for BOTH that Private Investigator AND the Mafia. The lynched/fleeing Mafia player does not have a bribe to use.
  10. The Poltergeist chooses someone to haunt. This doesn't influence anything but the Poltergeist's ranking. If the haunted player is mafia, the Poltergeist gains 135 points.
  11. Ratings change as follows, if the remaining mafia member is not accused by any PI:

    Mafia Goons: +100
    Private Investigators: -20
  12. ...if the bribed investigator is the only PI to accuse the remaining mafia member:

    Mafia Goons: +100
    Bribed Investigator: +100
    Other Private Investigators: -20
  13. all other cases of the remaining mafia member being accused:

    Mafia Goons: -30
    Successful PIs: +100
    Unsuccessful PIs: -20

Role PMs

TownieYou begin as a member of the Town. On Day 1, you may vote in order to lynch a player. If the player you're voting at the end of the Day is scum, you will gain 100 points by the end of the game. If not, you lose 35 points.

At the end of Day 1, you will change from a member of the town to a Third Party Independent Private or, if you're lynched, to a Third Party Poltergeist. If a townie was lynched, one of the mafia will flee and you may accuse a single player of being the remaining mafioso. If a mafioso is lynched, you may accuse two players. If one of your accusations is right, you gain 100 points. If not, you lose 20.

If you're lynched, you lose 35 points and turn into a Poltergeist. As a Poltergeist, you can haunt a player instead of accusing them. If your target is the remaining mafia, you gain 135 points.

Mafia GoonXXX and YYY, you are Mafia Goons. You have day talk and can converse [url]HERE[/url], even after Day 1.

If either you is lynched Day 1, your rating drops by 100 points. If not, you gain 20 points.

If neither you nor your partner is lynched Day 1, you must pick one of you to flee. You may do this by typing in bold in your Private Thread <b>Flee: PLAYERNAME</b>. This is instant night, so whenever the hammer is thrown, the player you have marked as fleeing will flee. By default XXX will flee. You may change the fleeing player at any time and as many times as you want up to the Day 1 lynch.

The player who flees will be removed from the game except that he may still chat with you.

If the remaining mafioso isn't accused, both of your ratings increase by 100 points. If not, you lose 30 points.

Your accusation is actually a bribe. If you bribe a Private Investigator who in turn accuses you AND that was the only player who accused you, you will still get your points. The fleeing/lynched Mafia player does not have a bribe to use.

Confirm by posting in the Mafia PT.

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This shouldn't be in MishMash. Run it as a themed game in the mafia queues.
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