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I know it isn't christmas, but christmas miracles last forever. This isn't like the other three riddle games that have happened in the past: unlike those, there is no purple text here and only three characters exist (along with a possible fourth). The narration isn't necessarily the truth either, it only narrates the events from the character's point of view.
The protagonist can be fooled.


December 24th, there was something like half an hour left until the 25th. Overall, it was another completely normal christmas night... Well, normal for everyone else, except for a certain family...

Little Mew was in the completely white, spacious, empty and large living room, sitting right in front of the chimney. He was waiting for Santa Dwom to arrive with his huge bag of gifts. He had sent a letter to him asking for a fridge, so Santa would certainly deliver.

For the past three years, Mew had been trying to catch Santa in the act of giving him gifts. That fat bastard always ate the cookies mama Junko made, and even though little Mew really wanted them, ALL of the cookies always ended up in Santa's stomach. This is why little Mew decided to catch Santa, steal all the presents he had and then eat the cookies. He even had a plan in mind, he would catch him no matter what!

"Son, what are you doing?" papa Number entered the room through the only door, drinking his coffee, "Are you OK?"

Little Mew nodded. He couldn't possibly get his handsome father involved in this dangerous mission. If he knew, he would likely stop him... but winning was not an option this time. It was an obligation!

As little Mew sat there waiting till 12, mama Junko entered the room with a white tray of chocolate cookies. And some milk too.

Because there was absolutely nothing in the room, not even a table or anything similar, she put them on the floor right in front of the chimeny. Little Mew slowly reached for the cookies, but his hand was slapped away by an angry Junko.

"These are for Santa Smort! Don't take things that are not yours!" is what she said before leaving.

Little Mew checked the time on his wrist watch: 11:58 PM. Just a few minutes and he would be able to eat those delicious cookies-

...But his hopes were shattered when papa Number sat down right next to him.

"I'm here to make sure you don't eat the cookies, so don't do it alright?!"

A tear escaped from poor Mew's eye... he could not eat the cookies if papa Number was here... His father looked at him with pity, but did not move from where he was.

....Sadly for papa Number, this was not enough to stop little Mew!!! Even though he may not be able to eat the cookies, he would certainly catch Santa before he ate them!!

Little Mew went to the living room's door and closed it. He took out the only key, which he had stolen from his parent's room, and locked the door. He tried to reach the chain lock but it was too high up.

Next, Mew checked the only window and confirmed that it was locked. The latch was set and all. He smiled to himself and went to sit next to his father.

In the completely empty room, the two sat right in front the chimney. Between them and the chimney was the tray with cookies and milk. For some reason, papa Number was drooling. Little Mew wondered why.

And then, it was 12:00 PM. Little Mew checked his wrist watch and prepared... But then, the lights went off.


And then, he understood. Satan knew of his plan!!!

In the dark, Little Mew jumped over the tray of cookies and stood right in front of the chimney. If Santa somehow managed to fit a fridge through the chimney, he would have to pass through him to get to the cookies!!

Seconds passed. He started hearing munching behind him, but he did not care. About twenty seconds later, the lights went back on.

No one entered through the chimney, but...

He slowly turned around, and saw that the tray was empty! Even the cup of milk was empty!!

Little Mew asked his father if he had seen anything.

"*munch munch* Nwo shon. *munch*. Itsh wash dork, kouldn't shee *munch*," he answered.

His father always spoke the truth, so little Mew opted to believe him.

Santa somehow ate the cookies, but at least he failed to bring him his gift... So little Mew thought until he looked at the far corner of the room. There, laying down was... a fridge.

S... Santa managed to get a fridge in here?!

His father didn't seem surprised, and after gulping down what little Mew believed was saliva, said:

"Oh, Santa brought us a fridge! It's a christmas miracle!"

Little Mew could not believe this. He went to the window, but the latch was set. He went to the door, but it was locked. It was... impossible.

A crying Mew unlocked the door and ran to his room, just as mama Junko exited the power room.

And this is how this sad tale ends.



Your objective is to tell me how the fridge got into the room and to tell me who ate the cookies. When writing your theory, you must write it in blue text (#00FFFF).
I will then respond to it with red text. Anything said in red text is 100% the truth.
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There are two entrances to the empty room besides the chimney: the window and the door.
Assuming that Little Mew was smart enough to hold on to the key, the door most likely hasn't been unlocked.
Instead, what his father WAS able to do, is to open the window.
Problem with this theory is: while Papa Number is opening the window, there is no one besides Little Mew who could have eaten the cookies and drank the milk... on the other hand, in the story it does say that seconds passed and THEN he heard munching, so perhaps:
Papa Number opened the window from the inside.
Mama Junko handed over the fridge, which Papa Number laid down in the corner.
Because Papa Number must have superhuman abilities to eat multiple cookies and drink an entire glass of milk, I reckon:
Papa Number emptied the plate outside through the window which was still open, and locked it again after he had emptied the tray.

Also, seems obvious but I'll mention it either way: Mama Junko most likely turned off the power in the power room since she exited it whilst Little Mew left the room.

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You underestimate the power of a starving father

The window is too small to allow a fridge to pass through.

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It's been long enough, I would say it's answer time!

Mew's parents were rather surprised by their child's unexpected request: what kind of kid asks for a fridge for christmas?
Although it was a weird request, the two decided to give him what he wanted anyway.

The first thing they did was bring a fridge into the room and put it in the corner, like so:

After that, the two put up a white curtain that went from wall to wall. This way, this white curtain sheet would look like it was the wall itself:

And if you were not paying attention when you first entered the room, like little Mew, you wouldn't notice the change of size if the sheet was removed:

So indeed, all the father did was wait for his wife to turn the lights off to take off the curtain, throw it out the window (and lock it back), and eat the cookies & drink the milk.
When the lights turned back on, the illusion was complete: his son would think Santa entered through the chimney and got him his fridge!

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ok but nobody died
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In post 4, NotAJumbleOfNumbers wrote:ok but nobody died

Uhm no. That would be cruel.
Why do you always think so cruel. Question mark.

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