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1. AgentSparkles
Checking to see who is interested. Probably won't start typing out the board until monday, maybe start the game midweek next week. Up to 4 players.

1. "The Wheel" is a 10 sided die.
2. Always move your car forward.
3. On your first turn, decide to "start a career" or "go to college"
4a. If you choose "start a career", you draw a career card. You may not choose a career that requires a degree. You also draw a salary card.
4b. If you choose "go to college", you must borrow 40k from the bank.
5a. Job Search - If you land on job seach square, you get to choose from 3 face down careers. Also choose a salary the same way(3 cards).
6. Orange spaces are mandatory. Blue spaces are optional. Green spaces are Pay Day(collect your salary). Red Spaces are major life events(job, marraige, house).
7. LIFE spaces allow you to draw a card from the LIFE card pile.
8. Certain spaces require you to pay the player with a certain profession(ski accident requires you to pay someone who is a doctor).
9. Certain squares require you to change jobs(you're fired! and mid life crisis, night school.)
10. Certain squares add to your family(get married, have babies).
11. If you land on the "buy a house" square you draw a random house from the house deck. You must pay the bank the cost of the house or borrow money if you don't have it.
12. Auto Insurance - You may buy auto insurance at the beginning of any turn for 10k. You are protected from auto accidents, etc.
13. Homeowners insurance - You may buy homeowners insurance at the rate shown on your home card. this protects against flood, fires, etc.
14. Buying stock. You may buy a stock at the beginning of your turn for 50k. Take one stock card which is a number between 1 and 10. If any player rolls this number you get
10K. You can only own one stock.
15. Borrowing money. You may borrow money from the bank, but it must be repaid before you retire. Bank loans are given in 20k incriments.
16. Retirement
a) repay any loans
b) place career salary and insurance cards out of play
c) if you think you have the most money, place your car on "Millionaire Estates".
d) if you retire at countryside acres, collect 1 LIFE card.
17. After all players have retired, any players at Millionaire Estats count their money. The richeest player gets 4 LIFE cards. All the other players turn over their LIFE cards and
add up the dollar amounts. The player with the most money wins.
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Sorry I actually can't do this. I thought I had the game but I don't.

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