Telephone Pictionary: Chain Dance (complete!)

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As performance art, Ether runs a Telephone Pictionary immediately after SUPP voting ends.

You know the drill! If you don't know the drill, read on.

Telephone Pictionary (also called Eat Poop You Cat, Fax Machines and probably some other things) is a game of silly miscommunication. The results of the most recent game can be found here, and they'll give you a better idea of how things work than any description I can type. Drawing--and drawing under 72 hour deadlines--is required, although talent isn't necessary. (Effort is still appreciated!)

For reference, my main account is Ether, and she can be contacted on Skype at unvote, or Discord at Ether#4385.

Status: Telephone Pictionary: Chain Dance is hereby COMPLETE.

1. Shaziro
2. RadiantCowbells
3. MaryJoLisa Felissan
4. Who
5. Cheery Dog
6. xyzzy
7. McMenno
8. schadd_
9. GuyInFreezer
10. Katyusha
11. notachipmunk
12. Vijarada
13. Haschel Cedricson
14. DeathRowKitty
15. Panzerjager
16. lalaladucks
17. Cheetory6
18. Iprobablysuck
19. xofelf
20. Errantparabola
21. VashtaNeurotic
22. CaptainMeme

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tl;dr: Fast chains get fast reveals. Slow players get replaced. And your chain had better not corrupt any innocent 13-year-olds.

Sentence deadlines are 24 hours this time.

    Game Flow:
  • Everyone signed up should start by PMing me with a sentence. It shouldn't be incredibly long, but it can basically be as silly as you want it to be. Some good examples can be found in these chains, but please don't copy those exactly.
  • When the game starts, each of these sentences will be sent out to a different player. This player will have 72 hours to portray that sentence in picture form and send me the result.
  • Please don't actually take 72 hours every single round. If you're busy sometimes, that's fine, but if you're consistently waiting until the last day...just keep in mind that other people might be waiting on you. This isn't technically against the rules, but I'm asking you nicely here.
  • Once the picture is drawn, it will be sent to a third person as soon as that person has also sent its picture in. When you get a picture, you have 24 hours to send in a sentence summarizing it.
    I'll send you pictures to summarize as sentences as I receive them, even if you already have other things to draw/write. Please send in sentences promptly! It shouldn't take too long.
  • You'll only have one active picture to draw at a time. I might send you sneak peaks of future sentences, but you won't be under any deadline obligations for those until later. (But feel free to complete them early anyway!)
  • Each chain will continue for 13 of these rounds: 7 sentences and 6 pictures. Chains will be posted on the wiki as they are completed, which will probably vary wildly.
  • If you cannot meet a deadline, please notify me as soon as you've received the sentence (or picture)--or, better yet, tell me before you receive one. I will find somebody else and send it there. I will also do this automatically if you have not drawn it in 72 hours.
  • If you miss a picture deadline, future deadlines shrink by 24 hours. I might restore the full time after a few rounds, if I don't have to prod you under those conditions. (But please just try to not miss deadlines! That's the best approach.)
  • Somebody who consistently fails to meet deadlines will be kicked out of the game at my discretion. Especially somebody who doesn't announce V/LAs beforehand. So don't do that!

    Picture/sentence standards:
  • Any drawing program--Photoshop, Flash, MS Paint--will do. Drawing pictures by hand and scanning them will also do. Making a diorama with paper cutouts and silly putty and sending a photograph of that will do. The sky is pretty much the limit here. In fact, if you can get your hands on one of those airplanes that draws pictures out of fake clouds, then the sky is literally the limit here.
  • Having said that, please draw everything from scratch. You can use Google Images as a reference, but don't paste other people's pictures into your own.
  • Words are completely banned. English letters used to denote words, and codes (camel octopus dinosaur eagle snake), will also be sent back with a stern warning, although if it's relevant you can use them to portray the alphabet. Numbers and symbols and math are all fine.
  • Please don't intentionally mislead anybody--do the most accurate non-legalistic picture that you can. The chain will find a way to mutate anyway.
  • Pictures should be 800 pixels wide by 600 pixels tall. Please don't go too far over that; some of us have tiny laptop screens. Photographs are best saved as JPGs; otherwise, if in doubt, you should probably save as a PNG. Do not save as a BMP under any circumstances or I'll have to ask you to reformat it before sending it onward, and nobody wants that.
  • Please be mindful of where you upload your pictures to. Tinypic deletes its pictures without warning, and anything uploaded to the wiki is accessible by other players. Most people use Imgur or Discord uploads these days.
  • When you upload, don't save it under a name that will hint at its origins. This is something else that you'll need to reformat over.
  • Okay, on to sentences. Keep it to one sentence and don't be too legalistic about what you are summarizing. If you don't think the picture is about the fourth wall, don't break the fourth wall.
  • Please don't break the site rules. Keep it reasonably safe for work, and preferably not too gross. Please don't make chains about poop, okay?
  • I am one of those spirit-of-the-game type hippies. If I'm forgetting a rule, I'll let you know. You might be asked to resubmit in light of this.

  • Please don't talk to other players about the sentences/pictures you got. If somebody tells you anything about a chain you haven't seen yet, please let me know.
  • I will note in-thread if somebody is behind.
  • If you haven't sent a link in within 48 hours for a picture, I'll send you a prod. Other actions may be taken if you're inactive for the full round.
  • Have fun! If you aren't having fun, you should talk to me about it, and I'll do my best to find you a replacement. You can also talk to me when you are having fun, of course.

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If you're Macho and someone tries to rolestop you, you never realise you're being targeted for a kill, so your machismo never gets challenged

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"Dammit Felissan, making someone lose the game is NOT NICE" - DeathRowKitty 2016
"Also, the me in your signature just made the me in this thread lose the game and I'm not sure how to feel about this." - DeathRowKitty 2018
I believe in you, Miss Zirconium! <3

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Who said that?
Chamber. It's all a conspiracy.
Or is it?

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It'll all end in tears, it probably already has.

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todays featured user: Papa Zito

we're tearing it up

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eddie cane

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get a warrant

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"I used to think that votes equaled pressure, too, back when I was alive. I've learned a lot since then. You know what does equal pressure? Pressure. Pressure equals pressure. Crazy, huh?"

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Also, advice for everyone when describing pictures: it's a lot funnier if instead of describing what the picture IS, you try to guess what the sentence that created the picture WAS.
"I used to think that votes equaled pressure, too, back when I was alive. I've learned a lot since then. You know what does equal pressure? Pressure. Pressure equals pressure. Crazy, huh?"

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kero kero

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Sometimes a sandwich is just a sandwich.


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Yep mememememememe
oh no

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Do I REALLY suck? That's up to you to decide.

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Xalxe: this is xofelf sometimes we call each other names and other times we share emotions
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let me sneak into that 20th spot please.
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And that puts us at 20 21! As with the last few times, I'll leave signups open a bit longer in case anyone else wants a spot. The game will start at 11:00 pm EDT tonight!

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