Speakeasy - potential survivor challenge playtest

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Disclaimer: This is a playtest, it’s an idea which might be used in a future survivor game depending on how this playthrough goes, this is a game which I’ve played and run multiple times irl and I’ve adapted it for the sake of playing it online, if you have played the irl version of this game then you’ll notice quite a few changes, this game is a social deduction based game similar to 2 rooms and a boom, please be patient and please give lots of post-game feedback

Set in the 1920s, Speakeasy is a time limited game of creative deception, hidden identities and friendly social manipulation. The group is split into evenly-sized teams: You will be given passwords which will help you identify people on your team.
The game will last for 72 hours, after which you’ll have a further 24 hours in a private chat with your team

1) Your team wins if you collectively have the most points.
2) Each player can win points for their team by working out who is on their team
3) At the end of the game, your team also gains points by knowing specific passwords of other players

1) At the start of the game you will be given 3, 1 word passwords
2) Each team will have x unique passwords (x is the number of players on your team)
3) Other players with your password will be on your team
4) Try to guard your specific passwords as opposing teams gain points for knowing it
5) Passwords from different teams can be similar e.g Morning, Afternoon and Evening might be 3 different passwords for different teams

End of Main Phase & Final Scoring:
1) By deadline you must send a list of all your teammates names to the mod (1 point per correct name, can only send in a number of names equal to the number of teammates you have)
2) You will then be put into a group chat with members on your team and must discuss and list what passwords each opposing team players have. (1 point per password)

Tl;dr: Use your password to find out who is on your team, find out specific passwords for players on other teams

I'm hoping to get arounds about 15+ players to play, once I have a player count I will say how many teams there are, how many players per team and as such how many passwords per team

Players may communicate in any way they wish (ie on here, on discord, on skype, through hand-written letters sent by ravens) only rule is that you may never pretend to be another player in the game

/In down below :D :D :D :D :D
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Do you lose points if you send incorrect teammate names?
Or some other mechanism to stop people from just sending the playerlist?
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You don't lose points but you can only send in a list as long as number of players in your team

e.g if your team has 5 players total (including yourself) then you'd send me 4 names
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