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Hey guys, want to try a new type of game. It's based heavily on E-FEDDING or competitive creative writing but with enough differences that i hope it can appeal to all. So if that isn't your kinda game that's cool. hopefully you'll read for the LOL's or you'll take a judge role (more on that later)


First off there will be a different theme every game. This one just happens to be Generational Toon Wars.
There will be characters from 60's, 70's, 80's 90's and 00's cartoons
These player-controlled characters are now part of a wrestling league, and will be facing off against one another


Here's how it works. Below you will find a list of available characters to pick from. It's first come first served. I will update the list as people claim roles.

From that list you can /in with your chosen character. if you /in without a character or /in with a taken character i'll reply and ask you to pick another

When enough roles have been claimed i'll post to say that applications are shut.

try and pick a character you know well, or one you don't know but don't mind finding out more about (reason to watch old cartoons anyone?)

THE SHOW OF SHOWS (Or the Wrasslin' Card for all you Smarks out there)

From those taken characters FWL will post it's first card, pitting Toons against Toons, Generation against Generation, to see who comes out on top

For the first game it will likely be all 1 vs 1, we can see how everyone feedsback to the game to maybe include tags/multiman matches in the future

When the card is posted it will include a deadline that all RP's (Role Plays-Your IC posts) must be posted by. The thread will be locked so if you're pushing deadline try and post as early as you can


Everyone will be given a WORD COUNT. You will all start with (likely) 3000 words, i may make it more or less depending on the match. Every RP (role play) you make will detract from that word count. So you could use all 3000 word in one RP, or you could make a start RP, then wait for a response, and respond to that RP.

You or your opponent can make the first RP, however you cannot then make another RP UNTIL your opponent has responded. Multiple RP's without a response is known as Sandbagging and it's not a fun or cool way to play, so i'm not gonna allow it.

So EG: P1 makes a 500 word intro, P2 then makes a 1000 word response, P1 has 2500 words left (3000-500 for first RP=2500), P1 responds with 1000 words, P2 responds with 2000 words. Now P1 knows P2 has no words left, and they can't post more than 1RP without a response, so they can choose to respond using up their remaining 1500 words (3000-500-1000=1500) or make it any length under that and forfeit the rest of their word count.

I will post updates sporadically (or edit peoples posts if i'm able, which is unlikely as i'm new and that's a mod privilege) with everyone's remaining word-count and maybe some flavour commentary posts for fun.

DEADLINE HUMPING is also not allowed. If your opponent makes an opening RP, and conserves words for responses, then you don't post until the last second, using more words, and without giving ample time for a response it's Deadline Humping, and Deadline Humping is wrong, therefore banned, and you will automatically lose.
If you have not made any action to further your match you will be sent a PM with a reduced timescale, if you post after your New Timescale it will be considered Deadline Humping

RPs are what you make them, you'll see more on how they're judged in a second, but creativity is key, within the confines of your character, make references, reference your opponent, set your RP somewhere relevant, whether it's a place from your cartoon, your opponents cartoon, or a wrestling ring, whatever. And if you've left yourself enough words, respond directly to each others smack talk.


I'm going to be looking for secret judges. DO NOT /IN ON THIS THREAD to be a judge. You can be a judge AND a player, but you wouldn't be allocated your match to judge (obviously), just normal /IN for character and PM me to /IN for judge separately. You can also judge if you're NOT playing the game, as long as you're willing to follow your assigned match

The Criteria on Judging will be as follows, and is universal. Judges will need to give coherent reasons for their decision based on the three tier criteria i am about to explain

Top Tier Criteria (if there is a clear winner from this there will be NO NEED to move on to 2nd tier or 3rd tier criteria:
Content; does it reference the match? the opponent?
Stay in Character; does it sound like something the character might say?
Respond; does their RP respond well to something in their opponents last RP?

2nd Tier Criteria (Only used if there isn't a clear winner from Top Tier Criteria)
Flair and Presentation; Is the RP visually appealing? Has the Player made an effort to make their piece easy to read and flow well through coding or spacing, not just through words?
Good use of word count; Did the Player use all of their words (or as close to) did they use their word count wisely?

If absolutely necessary, and theres no way to pick from Top Tier and Tier 2 then...
Spelling and Grammar; i hate this one personally, but it IS a fallback when nothing else can be used, the story is more important than spelling mistakes
Timely Posts; Who made the first move? did the players give each other ample time to respond. Did they attempt to Deadline Hump to stop their opponent using their remaining word count?

JUDGES will never be revealed, even after the game ends, if a judge wants to out themselves then that is their prerogative, every match i'm hoping will have three judges.

I hope all this is understandable, if not PM or respond and i'll answer any questions/suggestions

MISC: Pictures and Videos will NOT count towards word count unless the picture or video uses words that contribute to your RP, like a gif of roadrunner running away is fine, but if the same gif said "and this is how you gonna be when you see me" then i'd take 11 words from your word count.
Responses that use videos or pictures ONLY are not allowed, this is a creative writing game
OOC questions, queries, and comments should be SEPARATE from your RP, and clearly marked as such
Aftergame chat or "Twilight" while i'm writing the show the thread will totally be open, i'm hoping we can all chat and have fun about what everyone has wrote. I've specifically made the first game something funny so we can all have a laugh and settle in while kinks are worked out and new things added before trying a more serious theme
Talking outside of the game is allowed, nay encouraged.


It's first come first served people... what character do YOU want to be? (manager roles mean they'll accompany that person to the ring in the write up, so you can behave as if they're your manager in RP if you want to)


Shaggy (with Manager Scooby Doo)

Fred Flintstone

Wile E. Cayote


Bugs Bunny

Fat Albert

Yogi Bear (with Manager BooBoo)

Mickey Mouse

Mr. Magoo

Optimus Prime


Michelangelo (with manager Splinter)


Homer Simpson



Tommy Pickles

Helga (with an effigy of Arnold as her manager)

Nigel Thornberry


Princess Bubblegum


Rick (with manager Morty)

Louise Belcher


Master Shake

Herbert the Pervert

Roger the Alien

Carl the Llama

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