Murder Mystery: Lake Gaston

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Gather 'round, detectives, because we've got a mystery. Last night we got a call from Survivormeet Manor, the big house on the shore of Lake Gaston. It seems like the owner of the mansion, a guy named Reck, was murdered. I don't have a lot of details right now but apparently he stole the formula for an energy drink and was using it to enrich himself at the expense of others.

While Reck was breaking the law, that doesn't mean it was okay for the murderer to kill him, though, so I want you all to do some digging and arrest the culprit.

Hey everyone, so Haschel and I were super excited about this challenge from Survivor: PD and as such we wanted to share it with the rest of the Mish Mash community.

Everything is done via Spreadsheets and Google Forms. Before I give you the rules and how to play, I'll tell you how you can set up the game for yourself with a few easy steps.

1) Click here for a link to the Master Spreadsheet
2) Click File > Make a copy
3) On your own Spreadsheet click: Form > Go to Live Form

Now that you have your own spreadsheet and form you can play the mystery.

Note: You will have editing permissions so be careful doing anything on the spreadsheet before you've completed the game, only use the form for doing actions.

Spoiler: How to play
Once you're ready to begin go to the google form and ignore the action questions and click the box saying start/finish. On the next page type in who you are, ignore the questions asking you about Suspect/Weapon/Room and submit the form. This will start your time.

Keep using the google form to send in more actions and check the spreadsheet to see the resolution of your actions.

When filling in an action you'll have 3 things to fill in:
1) Action Type (select an action type from the list)
2) Action on (type in who or what you wish to do this action against)
3) Ask about (only used for the ask action, type which weapon you wish to ask about)

Actions types:
Go: Go in certain direction (North/South/East/West)
Look at: Look at an object in the room or in your inventory, you can also look at the room you're in to see the text shown when you entered the room (saving you from exiting and reentering to see it again)
Take: Pick up an object in the room you're in.
Open: Open something in the house
Interrogate: Interrogate a person in the house, you can only Interrogate each suspect 3 times, interrogating them again will cause them to cycle back through what they've already said.
Ask: Ask a person about a weapon you are holding.

Action on:
-All actions are performed against single worded objects/people, you must type in the object or person exactly as it's spelled in the text shown (e.g if the text calls the bottle-top a lid rather than a cap then you would use lid in the form)
-If an object is described using 2 words, generally it's the noun that you must type in (e.g if the text says wooden table, you would use the word table)
-For 'Lead Pipe' Just use Pipe to send in actions
-When using the ask about action, you would type the name of the person you are asking here
-When going in a certain direction, type in the direction here (e.g North or South)

Ask about:
-If using the Ask about action you must here type in the name of the item as it's displayed in your inventory
-You may only ask about items in your inventory

When you are finished, use the form and like when you started, click on the box saying starting/finishing and then type in who you are and answer who you think the Suspect/Weapon/Room is, once you've submitted your time will stop.
VERY IMPORTANT! You can only submit your final answer once! So be sure you're happy with it before you submit it. However, after you've submitted it you may still explore the house and this won't effect your time. (there are exactly 200 actions programmed in to check out with some funny bits of text if you do silly things)

Upon finishing the game, you'll be linked to a word document that will provide all of the answers, the reasoning for each answer and all of the easter eggs and funny bits of dialog.

SUSPECTS: Broseidon, Cephrir, Kilby, Mina, PEG, Xofelf
WEAPONS: Candlestick, Knife, Lead Pipe, Revolver, Rope, Wrench
ROOMS: Ballroom, Billiard Room, Conservatory, Dining Room, Hall, Kitchen, Library, Lounge, Study

A few bits of advice: The only person who will ever lie is the murderer. The site of the murder will have at least one piece of evidence that can't be explained.

Warning: The form and spreadsheet can be a little on the slow side. Don't try to resubmit actions you've already sent in thinking that the spreadsheet hasn't loaded yet, this will just make the spreadsheet go even slower.

Spoiler: Easter Egg Hunt
There's loads of fun things to find in the game, can you find the following 10 Easter Eggs?
1) Find a fake Immunity Idol
2) Find a Pokemon
3) Start WW3
4) Find out about Haschel/CM1’s backstory
5) Find 3 puns
6) Have an existential crisis
7) Get hurt
8) Find a political joke
9) Find the reference to the IRL Survivor Lake Gaston
10) Bribe a listmod

Like this style of challenge? I'm currently working on a Make your own Murder Mystery spreadsheet which is super user-friendly and allows anyone to make up their own Murder Mystery style challenge with up to 25 rooms, you can also design it as a Escape room type game too with various locked doors features
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Feel free to talk about this game below but please use spoiler tags for any in game spoilers
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A big hand goes out to CM1 for converting the murder mystery challenge in Survivor PD into a format that didn't rely on hoping a third-party website didn't decide to freeze for no fucking reason.
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