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Hey all,

I've been longtime lurking and used to post here a million years ago when I migrated from the Grey Labyrinth Forum. I've had a game idea I've been toying with for a long time and thought, might as well offer, see if it's kosher by the mods and if there are any takers.

This has a certain "mole" dynamic where one is the insurgent and the rest are trying to ferret them out. I apologize in advance.

Each ROUND will consist of a test where the players choose the questions! Every player private messages me with a multiple choice question (with options A-D, PMing me the correct answer) Questions about personal information "What's my favorite color?" "What school did I go to?" being prohibited.

Once the questions are sent in, the quiz will be posted publicly in thread and all players in the game will PM me answers. You're on honor to not Google and deadlines will be enacted for when to get answers in.

There will be one SLACKER who is messaged all the answers ahead of time. Just because they receive the answers, doesn't obligate them to answer every question correctly.

Once all answers are sent in, how each player answered will be posted. The player or players with the lowest score are eliminated from the competition, making the quizzes shorter.

Each non-Slacker player in the game has the opportunity once per round to tell me who the Slacker is, privately. If they're correct, the Slacker will stop receiving their answers. The quizzing continues until the Slacker receives the lowest score and is eliminated or the Slacker outlasts all but one of their competition. With the winners being the players or the Slacker, respectively.

Any critiques? Any takers? I was thinking 10 for the first go-around. Post in thread and send me a question.

Test subjects:
1. Ircher
2. Nexus
3. Pablito
4. Aurathebirb
5. D3f3nd3r
6. Menalque
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On the Google question: you're on the honor system not to do outside research but will try to have short deadlines to clamp down on the possibility of that. I'll update the post

On what kind of questions allowed: Anything general knowledge anything you COULD research (but won't!) just know you have to provide the right answer and three wrong answers and how convincing or non-convincing you make them is up to you.

On the Slacker question: If you guess correctly they stop receiving the answers to YOUR questions so it's specified to the person.

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