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Internet Baseball League(Accepting players for new league)

PostPosted: Tue Jan 05, 2021 3:11 pm
by NoPowerOverMe
internet baseball league rules:

I am looking for up to 7 other people to participate in a tabletop baseball league. If you enjoy baseball and board games you should enjoy this!

The season will be based on the 2019 regular season and playoffs. It will be 60 games regular season plus a standard 2019 MLB playoff structure(wild card game + best of 5 LDS + best of 7 LCS + best of 7 World Series)

The schedule will be generated by the Out Of The Park Baseball game engine.

There will be a fantasy draft, which will be serpentine and random, with 25 player rosters.

Each player will be able to play up to 5 preseason games so they can get accustomed to the rules.

All games will be played at the website and once familiar with all the rules games should take about an hour to play. 2 games per week are expected although if you want to play more you will be able to do so.

post here or pm me for any questions.