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There are two teams of 5 players playing Tic Tac Toe. Except each tile of the board has a random-ish English word on it. And instead of drawing some symbol to claim a tile, a team puts their most fitting player in it, or they can challenge their opponents' claim to a tile by arguing that someone else fits the word better, which will be voted on by supposedly unbiased observers. Yeah, it's one of those games.

Somewhat formal rules, before someone yells at meAt the start of the game, all nine tiles of the board are free.
On their turn, a team picks a tile to claim, and a member of the team to occupy it. Any tile can be chosen, regardless of whether it is occupied; a player can only occupy a single tile at once, so having an already-used player claim a new tile will abandon their previous tile.
A move is played once a majority of team members, including the player making the claim, have approved it. If no move is decided in 48 hours, the team's turn is skipped.
If an occupied tile is claimed, a Debate starts: the tile's occupant and the challenger must each privately send me their argument as to why they represent the contested tile's word better than their opponent. The argument must be a text of at most 20,000 characters that doesn't violate site rules, and must be sent within a deadline of 48 hours. Failure to send an argument results in automatically losing the Debate.
Once I've received both arguments, they will be presented simultaneously, along with a survey for non-players to vote on the Debate's winner. The survey will remain open for 24 hours.
Once the survey closes, whoever earned the most votes, with ties being broken in the challenger's favor, remains as the sole occupant of the tile. If the challenger abandoned another tile to claim this one and lost the debate, they do not return to their previous tile.
A team wins if they occupy three tiles that are aligned horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

If you do not wish to play, you may still /in to be alerted whenever a survey starts.

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