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In post 572, xwing wrote:
In post 568, Nauci wrote:It takes most people on the site a long time to sort between town and scum except for players who are super obvious and make giant town wallposts (a la dongempire the other game), but if you analyze based on narrative and POV, it'll be easier to evaluate even the less serious or less vociferous players.

this is interesting--i usually have a difficult time sorting people who write short posts..what do you mean by narrative and POV? i mean could you go more in depth, if you have time, please?

Well, as an example just in this game, Nikk's posts weren't quite town wall posts, but it was obvious that situationally, he wasn't scum.

But usually, the motives behind what people post is telling. Even if they don't say a lot, what they do say can show if they're clueless town trying to figure things out, or have some sort of agenda with who they're pushing/voting vs ignoring

This doesn't apply to players like Not Mafia who I will never understand

But it helped me with players like Creature

Best Performance: Mafia
Best Performance: Mafia
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scum pt is now open; sorry, i should've done this last night

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