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Post Post #50  (ISO)  » Wed Mar 24, 2010 1:58 am

Oman wrote:1. What do you think titles should be? Should they be an expression of each user's individuality? A reward for long standing Scummers who have been active in the community? An entitlement after x years/posts/games? I don't believe in titles as an antitlement. From my POV, entitlement titles are there only for postcount purposes, but personal titles should be a recognition of some sort, a celebration of individuality.

2. What do you think the Title Fairy should be? A passive administrator to update the first page only? A moderator to ensure a sense of order in thread and titles? A way to make sure crap titles don't get through by his own judgment as an appointed official? Null here. Stupid/bad titles should never be awarded, but that depends on the community, the ones proposing new titles and the ones accepting (not rejecting) them.

3. What limits/restrictions need to be placed on title recipients? 100 posts is still okay? 1 completed game? 1 year on site? No requirements? 2 games and/or 1 year. Enough time to have 2 games, be reasonably known in the community and something funny to say or to brag about.

4. What limits/restrictions need to be placed on title suggesters? One suggestion/week? No limit? Bannings from Title Fairy on repeated insulting titles? I'd like a Scum-Age limit. Something like "X+6 months" where X is the nominated scummer's Scum-Age

5. Should titles be on for the life of the account? Expand on what you feel to appropriate length of time before someone's title would be changed. For life, unless someone wants it removed (or a better title is apporved). I get a feeling that expiring titles will encourage titlehunting and that's something i don't like.

6. Should titles be suggest by the community and then "accepted" by the person-in-question (for want of a better term), or should they be thrust upon them regardless of their thoughts on it? Of course, this links with "title fairy moderation of titles" as above. The nominee should accept the title. What if everyone around here suggests "Twatdonkey" as a title for a relatively new member? Maybe he/she will feel offended. Ultimately, the title will rest on the nominee's head avatar and he(she should have a word on that matter.

7. What do you see the Title Fairy Thread as? A spam thread? Srs Title Business? A place where you can post whatever without fear of moderation/incurring wrath? SiriusBiz

8. What should a title be given for? Mafia games? Scumchat? GD?*sigh* here we go again:

1. Mafia games/performance
2. Community recognition (good modding, wiki cleaning, being a good IC, etc.)
3. Personal trademark - where "personal" includes the whole community and isn't restricted to GD, Scumchat, MishMash or whatever.

9. Where do you want it? Site Ideas, Mafia Discussion, GD? It's fine where it is now

10. Round it out with anything else you have to add. Congrats Oman! A little bit too late, but here's my congratulations for you. Good luck on this new service to MS.
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Post Post #51  (ISO)  » Sat Mar 27, 2010 4:03 am

Thanks to everyone for your help. The new policy is up on the wiki. For those of you who want to know, the major changes are:

Abolishment of username puns. I'm sick of these, and it forces clever titles into horrid titles.

Changing minimum requirement from 100 posts to 6 months (was going to be a year, but for now, this should do).

After talking with mith, a bit stronger moderation of clearly insulting titles (not talking about humourous references to embarrassing things, more directed insults) including possible bans if they warrant reporting.
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