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I've been avoiding this last batch of titles because I've been working on the handover process.

After over two and a half years, several changes to the structure, and a lot of deleted posts, I'm stepping down from Title Fairy. I've had a lot of good support, and a lot of good laughs that made the work that I put in over this time more than worthwhile, however this job needs to evolve with the community, and I'm determined to see that the change occurs in a very real and important way.

I intend to let my successor work his own reveal, but I will say that your next Title Fairy is an excellent man, a great part of this community, and (in all likelyhood) a very successful Fairy-to-be. I hope you show him the same courtesy and honesty that you showed me, including keeping me honest with PMs and abuse ;)

Thanks again for the last few years, ladies and gents, you're an amazing community, and it was my joy to work with you.
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