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Repost of my old idea:

2 Mafia Goons
7 Town (Semi-Random) Cops

Day start, normal lynch mechanics. If X Cops investigate in one Night, and there are N townies alive, they have a (1-1/N)^(0.69(X-1)) chance of getting a Sane result and otherwise get an Insane result.

If too many Cops investigate in one Night, their results will barely be meaningful. On the other hand, if too few Cops investigate, they may not get any meaningful result at all.

The formula was modified such that the less townies there, the more dangerous it is for more than 1 townie to investigate. On the other hand, it is still preserved that 1 Cop investigating always gets a correct result, and it is always more likely to receive a Sane result than an Insane result.

Is this setup semi-breakable? Is it fun and balanced? Would adding something to the Mafia team (like a 1-shot Cop or Insaniser) make the game more balanced?
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