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Post Post #0  (ISO)  » Fri Dec 09, 2016 9:13 am

Choose one randomly:

2 Mafia Goon
1 JOAT {Friendly Neighbour, Commuter}
1 1-shot Vigilante
5 Vanilla Townies


2 Mafia Goon
1 1-shot Commuter
1 JOAT {Cop, Vigilante}
5 Vanilla Townies
You can also call me BNL, or less preferably, Bullet.

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Post Post #1  (ISO)  » Sat Dec 10, 2016 8:19 pm

First setup is scumsided. Second is about right. (The problem is that as this is an Open, the JOAT can probably confirm themself by claiming, so the Friendly Neighbour shot is hardly helpful; it's not entirely useless, as it can sometimes win a 1v1 in lylo, but it's a lot less powerful than a Cop shot is.)
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