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Rules & Game State

PostPosted: Fri Jul 29, 2016 5:02 pm
by CuddlyCaucasian
CuddlyCaucasian and xofelf present. . .


Welcome to the first ever full-out Mish Mash event. You've seen the likes of Team Mafia, where a countless number of users show up to play in an assortment of the best Mafia games the site has to offer, and this is our first attempt to host the equivalent of that in Mish Mash. 32 users from across the site will compete; each round two of the most popular games in Mish Mash will be played, and two players will be eliminated. In the end, only two ultimate victors will remain, and they will be hailed as the Mishiahs.

General Rules

{01} This is a game. The main objective is to have fun; so no excessive flaming, spamming, or submission of anything else prohibited within the MS forums.
{02} This is a game. The secondary objective is to dominate.
{03} We are not infallible, so if any of us make a mistake, please point it out to us privately so that we may make corrections as necessary.
{04} We have worked extensively to produce a game that is enjoyed by all involved. As such, we promise to offer each player respect but expect to be shown the same in return.
{05} While we have designed this game to be as fair to as many players' skillsets as possible, there is some inherent factor of luck in most Mish Mash games. We have steered away from games of complete chance with little skill involved, but this is a disclaimer that certain challenges are not 100% determined by skill, and you may be hurt by bad luck as with Mafia.
{06} Exercise common sense. If you are unsure as to whether an action conflicts with the rules, ask. Yes, this is a competition, but do not attempt to undermine challenges or game mechanics for your own gain. This violates both the spirit of the game and common respect mentioned above.
{07} If at any point a player fails to submit for a challenge, they will receive an activity strike. Upon receiving three strikes, a player will forcibly be replaced and cannot rejoin the game.
{08} At all times during the game, a form will be available in the OP. This will lead to a jigsaw puzzle that can be attempted as many times as you like, and submitted using the form. The puzzle can be attempted by anyone not currently playing in the game to enter the replacement queue. If at any point during the game, someone receives three activity strikes, the person of matching rookie/veteran status with the fastest time on the jigsaw puzzle will replace into the game in the spot of that player. Eliminated players may enter the replacement queue as well, but will only re-enter the game if no players new to the game are in the replacement queue.
{09} If at any point you feel the game isn't what you expected or hoped it would be, you are welcome to let a mod know you wish to replace out. We have the replacement queue for a reason, and don't want to subject people to something they don't enjoy if there are others who want to play.

Game Mechanics

{01} Upon signing up for the game, all players will be given either a rookie or veteran status, based on a combination of their own classification of their status, their application, their join date, their experience with Mish Mash, and the mods' personal judgment.
{02} Each round alternates between team challenges and pair challenges. All rounds consist of a challenge that every player competes in, followed by a duel for elimination that only two veterans and two rookies compete in.

Round 1 Rules

{03} The game starts with 20 veterans and 20 rookies. Everyone is placed into 5 predetermined teams, each with 4 veterans and 4 rookies.
{04} All members of the 2 winning teams for a challenge will be safe from elimination. After that, all players will begin drafting who they want to be paired up with to compete in the following round.
{05} Drafting will take place in order of who on the winning team did the best on that round's challenge, the qualifications of which will be disclosed within the post for that challenge. Once everyone on the winning team has drafted a partner, the process continues to the second place tribe, and so on.
{06} When drafting partners, the following two rules are in place: 1) All veterans can only pair up with rookies and vice versa. 2) Members of a winning team cannot select anyone from their own team.
{07} Once everyone except two rookies and two veterans have been drafted, those players automatically enter the Brawl, a duel for elimination. At this point, all players up for elimination select a player to go up against that is not immune. Rookies can only go against rookies, while veterans can only go against veterans.
{08} The rookies and veterans in the Brawl compete in separate one-on-one challenges. If a player who was already drafted loses in the Brawl, the player who drafted them becomes partners with the player who won the Brawl. The losing veterans and rookies are eliminated from the game.

Rules for Even-Numbered Rounds

{09} All even-numbered of rounds will be played in the pairs drafted after the team challenge.
{10} The pair that wins the challenge is both safe from elimination and in charge of drafting the teams for the following round. This means that the veteran from the winning pair will draft one team, while the rookie of the pair will draft the other.
{11} In drafting the teams, both captains will alternate picking veteran-rookie-veteran until all players are on a team.
{12} The pair that finishes the challenge in last place will automatically enter the Brawl. That pair must then select a pair to go against, choosing from all pairs except for the winning pair.
{13} For even-numbered rounds, the Brawl will be fought in the existing pairs, and the losing pair will be eliminated from the game.

Spoiler: Note for Rounds 2 and 4
For Rounds 2 and 4, the bottom TWO pairs will enter the Brawl, and each of those pairs must choose a pair to face off against.

Rules for Odd-Numbered Rounds

{14} All rules for team challenges are the same as those from Round 1 aside from the following changes.
{15} All team challenges will now take place with only 2 teams rather than 5. The order for picking partners during all team rounds will vary from round to round based on the challenge.
{16} In partner selection, no one can select the player who they were partnered up with during the previous round. If a situation arises where the only available options break this rule, it can be ignored.
{17} The rookie and veteran on the winning team that end up last in the order for drafting partners will automatically become a pair for the following round.
{18} As with Round 1, the last rookie and veteran selected for a pair are automatically in the Brawl, and select a fellow rookie and veteran from the losing team to compete against. The losing rookie and veteran are eliminated.

Spoiler: Note for Round 3
During Round 3, the last two veterans and rookies drafted will enter the Brawl, as was the case during Round 1.

Final Round Rules

{19} As the round before the final will be played in 2 teams of 4, pairs will be formed from that challenge as they usually would during odd-numbered rounds. The three pairs that emerge from the penultimate round will compete in a challenge where the losing pair is eliminated. The surviving rookies and surviving veterans then compete in one final individual Brawl to determine the ultimate victors.

Spoiler: tl;dr Version
Win challenges with your team. The better you do in each challenge, the more control you have over picking who's on your team for the next challenge. If your team loses the challenge, you're eligible to be sent into the Brawl, a duel for elimination where the loser is sent home.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 29, 2016 5:06 pm
by CuddlyCaucasian

1st Place: Klick
2nd Place: Xalxe
3rd Place: Save The Dragons
4th Place: animorpherv1
5th Place: pablito
6th Place: RedCoyote
7th Place: Cephrir
8th Place: BipolarChemist
9th Place: PrivateI
10th Place: ForWhomTheJellyRolls
11th Place: StrangerCoug
12th Place: Cheery Dog
13th Place: JDGA
14th Place: pickemgenius
15th Place: Chevre
16th Place: Kmd4390
17th Place: Mist7676
18th Place: Aronis
19th Place: Yiley
20th Place: D3f3nd3r

1st Place: Haschel Cedricson
2nd Place: racefan12
3rd Place: Shadoweh
4th Place: zoraster
5th Place: PiggyGal15
6th Place: DeathRowKitty
7th Place: Radja
8th Place: randomidget
9th Place: mastin2
10th Place: Felissan
11th Place: TheWayItEnds
12th Place: Frozen Angel
13th Place: Iprobablysuck
14th Place: PeregrineV
15th Place: N
16th Place: shos
17th Place: KuroiXHF
18th Place: McMenno
19th Place: Realeo
20th Place: Tenshii

* denotes an activity strike.
Parentheses note when a user is acting as a temporary replacement.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 29, 2016 5:07 pm
by CuddlyCaucasian

PostPosted: Sat Jul 30, 2016 1:00 pm
by CuddlyCaucasian

Due to the fact that we currently have 54 applications, and we didn't want to cut 20+ people, we've found a way to make it so the player cap is upped from 32 to 40. Keep in mind this will make the first four rounds of the game double elimination, and we will still have to make 14 cuts, but we want as many people to be able to participate as possible. This is the best way for us to do that while not making this mod suicide, so I hope you all love us a lot.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 31, 2016 5:43 pm
by xofelf

Replacement will be announced at 9PM EDT. So get your puzzles in!
Teams will also not be announced until Tuesday, before game start.
Also, if you are PMing anything to us mods, please include Clash or CotM somewhere in the subject title so they filter to right place. Thanks!
If you were cast, please indicate that you are still playing by either posting in the special game subforum thread, or responding to the acceptance PM! If you've already done so, no worries.

PostPosted: Tue Aug 09, 2016 2:23 pm
by CuddlyCaucasian
RedCoyote has been given a strike due to not checking in for Challenge 2.

PostPosted: Mon Sep 19, 2016 6:29 pm
by CuddlyCaucasian
Shadoweh replaces zakk in the game, effective immediately.

PostPosted: Mon Sep 19, 2016 10:29 pm
by CuddlyCaucasian
zoraster wrote:This is a game

If you are not involved in the game or you are not involved in that PORTION of the game, there are places where it's appropriate to post. For example, here in the General Game Discussion. But in games where you are not a participant in some manner you should not post while the game is ongoing in the challenge threads where those challenges are being held.

You would never (I hope) post during the middle of a mafia game if you aren't a player in that game. If you did, you'd likely be banned. The same will hold true here going forward. This is the only warning that will be issued on this matter as I have little tolerance for whatever attention grabbing need would possess you to post in a game you were never a participant in, much less a participant in this individual challenge.

PostPosted: Tue Oct 25, 2016 2:20 am
by CuddlyCaucasian
MattP has requested to replace out due to personal circumstances. Cephrir will replace him immediately, as the veteran at the top of the replacement queue.

PostPosted: Sat Dec 17, 2016 11:13 am
by xofelf
From this point forward, you may NOT have a replacement play for you during Brawls. Game is almost over, and we have no problems extending scheduling out to accommodate as best as we can, and eliminating live portions like we have done so far. But you stay in this game or leave this game on your own merits now. If auto-eliminating someone from a brawl means that someone else wouldn't be able to compete, never fear! That person may choose from previously eliminated people as well as the replacement queue who to play with(or if you like nobody, chat us up and we'll see what we can agree on) so they can still play their brawl. You may still have a replacement play for you during a challenge.