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For large social games such as Survivor where the primary mechanic is social interaction.
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Malkon05 and Haschel Cedricson present...

Game design by Malkon05, Haschel Cedricson, and Jamelia. Reviewed by Silverclaw.

In every person's life, they gotta decide one major thing: Which Family Do I Want To Be In. It's an important question that will test your loyalty, your ability to...bag a body...so to speak, and your ability to be part of something larger than yourself, you see? The Dons of Survivor: Flash Mob, are lookin to build a sense of camaraderie, capiche? So we are lookin to recruit some of these expert Mafia Scummers we've been hearin' about. Youse gots a great reputation for all of the qualities we are lookin for.

But do youse has what it takes to be the last member standin? We only have one spot. Time to put your money where your mouth is, and apply to join the Family.

And remember folks, there is no such thing as the mafia.

A NOTE TO APPLICANTS: We are lookin for fresh meat, so those who are new to survivor or generally haven't placed well in past LSGs will get preference, ya see?



{01} This is a game. The main objective is to have fun; so no excessive flaming, spamming, or otherwise being a jerk.

{02} This is a game. The secondary objective is to win.

{03} We are not infallible, so if we make a moderating mistake, please point it out and we will correct it if needed.

{04} We have worked extensively to produce a game that is enjoyed by all involved. As such, we promise to offer each player respect but expect to be shown the same in return. We also expect youse to respect all other players. If this rule or any MS rule is violated and brought to our attention or the Listmod's attention, we may be forced to take further action.

{05} Survivor Flash Mob is ANONYMOUS. All participants are strictly prohibited from so much as hinting to their own identities or implying another player's identity. This includes your confessional. If youse are talking with other people outside of this forum, youse must not state or imply that youse are playing in this game. If youse are talking with other players on this forum, try not to say anything that would allow people to easily ID youse. Communication outside the private message system is also forbidden until otherwise stated. Failure to follow this rule can result in a variety of consequences ranging from a terse warning to one's elimination from the game. We reserve the right to determine the severity of possible infractions.

{06} Exercise common sense. If youse are unsure as to whether an action conflicts with the rules, ask. Yes, this is a competition, but do not attempt to undermine challenges or game mechanics for your own gain. This violates both the spirit of the game and the common respect rules mentioned above. If intentional cheating occurs, youse will be punished accordingly.

{07} Private communication with players outside of your tribe or eliminated players is strictly prohibited. Any player found in violation of this rule will be penalized.

{08} Any and all posting about this game outside the provided forums unless SPECIFICALLY STATED is illegal.

{09} The posting of Private Messages (whether via text (paraphrasing is fine) or via image) in a public forum is explicitly disallowed. Youse may, however, post them in your confessional. Youse are also prohibited from taking a screenshot of private messages and showing them to other players. Forwarding is not allowed. Quoting is allowed in Private Messages, as is pretending to quote. Youse may paraphrase, and youse may quote very short snippets like youse might in a real conversation.

{10} This forum software allows group PMs to be created. Youse are free to use those; go hog wild. Don't use the BCC feature, though; no #SpyShacks. We recommend using "reply all" if you choose this as "quick reply" does not actually reply to everyone in a group PM.

{11} The moderators may discipline any player that breaks the rules however we see fit, depending on the specific situation. We also reserve the right to implement new rules if needed.

{12} If youse have any issues that cannot be resolved by the game mods, or if the game mods are breaking rules, please report that to [insert character] aka xofelf.


{01} PM's are only to be used for communication within your tribe. All out-of-tribe contact is to be confined to challenge threads.

Immunity Challenges:

{02} Every round will possess an Immunity Challenge. Winners of the Immunity Challenge will be safe from elimination that round and cannot be voted out at the Tribal Council. After the merge, giving away the Immunity Necklace is allowed, but only for the first 12 hours of a Tribal Council, and once passed it cannot be passed again. If the necklace is passed, an additional 24 hours will be added to the clock.

{03} The outcomes of all Challenges are final. That said, however, be sure to keep Rule 03 of General Rules in mind.

{04} We appreciate the fact that prospective contestants will enter this game with a range of skills. With this in mind, understand that we as mods can't cater to all players' needs and time constraints in challenges.

{05} Unless otherwise stated, youse may NOT use outside resources for any challenge.

{06} Unless otherwise stated, youse may not discuss Individual Immunity challenges with any player until the challenge is over. Youse may or may not be allowed to discuss Tribal Challenges with your tribe. For more information, see the specific thread for the Tribal Challenge.

{07} If you're submitting an update, please include the whole submission; we will count that post as if it's the only post being made for that submission. If you're missing information previously provided we will assume that this is intentional.

{08} All challenges will involve using Flash player. Please be sure to have the latest version of that installed on the browser youse intend to do the challenge on.

Tribal Council:

{09} Tribal Council is where players are eliminated. Before the merge, only the losing tribe or tribes will visit TC, and will vote one player off. After the merge, all remaining players will go to TC, including immunity challenge winners.

{10} Tribal Councils will last approximately 24 hours from the end of the challenge. If a player fails to submit a vote within the given time frame, they will receive a selfvote. In the event that a player knows he or she will be unable to vote by the deadline, that player may notify the moderators and cast a conditional vote to avoid penalization.

{11} The results of Tribal Councils will not be posted before the deadline.

{12} The modification of votes after they have been submitted is allowed. Players are able to change their votes as many times as they want until the Tribal Council is posted. To do so, make a new post in your voting thread so the moderators notice it. Do not edit your previous vote. Once deadline has been reached, no new votes will count regardless of if the mods are on time or late to post TC results.

{13} If a player has failed to vote three times, the mods may choose to eliminate him or her at their discretion.

{14} The outcomes of Tribal Councils are final.

{15} Questions concerning ties in the Tribal Council may be found below:

Breaking Ties

I. In the event of an initial tie, a revote shall take place. Contestants may only vote for one of the tied players, and all tied individuals may not vote. Reward items may not be used in this revote, but any reward items that have already been played will remain in play.

II. If a majority is not met in the revote, all tied players and immune players become instantly immune and the remaining players will draw rocks for elimination. In a Final 4 TC, rocks will not be drawn, and the tied players will participate in a tiebreaker challenge. It will not be a fun tiebreaker challenge.

III. In the unlikely event that all players are ineligible to receive votes, we will end the TC with nobody going home. All items used will be exhausted and an emergency challenge will be played to determine immunity. A TC will follow this challenge.


{15} Twists will be implemented without warning or provocation throughout the game. The time and setting of each twist has already been determined, so as to neither give an unfair advantage or disadvantage to a player or group of players.

{16} Mods will not answer questions about items that are not in your possession or that may or may not exist in the game, including idols...if they exist.


{01} Due to the current situation, we are adding some extra rules to this game to help players in need during this time.

{02} If you need an extension at any point in the game please inform a Don and we will do our best to accommodate youse, no questions asked. Please inform us at the earliest possible time, but please don't abuse this rule. If the request comes in less than 2 hours before results (whether challenge or TC) we may not be able to accommodate this. Likewise, if youse know you're going to be away from the game for longer than 24 hours please inform us so we can plan ahead.

{03} If for whatever reason youse cannot do a challenge please inform us and we will attempt to find a suitable alternative or stand in if we can accommodate. We ask that youse contact the Dons directly so that we can plan accordingly.

{04} Please understand that this virus will also cause some issues for the moderators too, we may need to make some changes to the game if something comes up (such as a website going down). Please be patient with us during this time.
"I used to think that votes equaled pressure, too, back when I was alive. I've learned a lot since then. You know what does equal pressure? Pressure. Pressure equals pressure. Crazy, huh?"

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"I used to think that votes equaled pressure, too, back when I was alive. I've learned a lot since then. You know what does equal pressure? Pressure. Pressure equals pressure. Crazy, huh?"

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This game has been classified as Vanilla.
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Ray Liotta will probably not be playing in this game, since he's a Hollywood celebrity and has a busy schedule. But he can live his dream vicariously through you! Sign up today!
"I used to think that votes equaled pressure, too, back when I was alive. I've learned a lot since then. You know what does equal pressure? Pressure. Pressure equals pressure. Crazy, huh?"

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