[Standard] Survivor: Wes Anderson (Congrats Malkon05!)

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bippy, Sirius9121, and Skelda present...


Reviewed and listmodded by Cephrir

If you would like to play or spectate, you should check out the application >>> HERE <<<.

The application deadline is August 29th, and the game is planned to start on Wednesday, September 1. This is a Standard level game that we hope will be fun for new and experienced players alike. There is no need to be familiar with the work of Wes Anderson for this game, but we will lean into it for flavor purposes.

Spoiler: Complexity rating scale
Complex or Bastard Game: 17+ points
Advanced Game: 11-16 points
Standard Game: 6-11 points
Vanilla Game: 0-5

4 points each
Idols & Items: Idols and unique items/powers are heavily prevalent in the game and exceed previous qualifiers.
Communication Methods: The way communication occurs significantly changes the foundation of how the game will be played.
Swaps & Game Shakeups: The game is in a fairly constant state of flux, or there are extreme methods of game shakeups.
Eliminations: Multiple elimination rounds will be common, and/or players can expect eliminations in non-traditional methods.
Mechanics & Twists (count double): The game will feature multiple unique/themed mechanics that are mostly or entirely secretive and players should expect to be surprised by design.

2 points each
Idols & Items: Idols could be re-hidden, or there could be more than one idol per tribe / Items & powers in this game are fairly standard.
Communication Methods: PM communication exists, but there are incidents of cross-tribal communication, or unusual communication methods/restrictions.
Swaps & Game Shakeups: Tribe swaps occur frequently, or there are non-traditional game shakeups.
Eliminations: Players should expect that there will be occurrences of multiple eliminations in a round, or players being voted out in a non-traditional methods.
Mechanics & Twists (count double): Mechanics/twists in this game should be expected, but there are not many, they are lower in impact and/or they may be partially explained ahead of time to allow players to play around them.

1 point each
Idols & Items: The number of possible idols is no more than the number of starting tribes plus one, with no re-hiding of idols. / One or two different items exist
Communication Methods: Communication is mostly limited to PMs, and is strictly on tribal lines (not including potential challenge smack talk).
Swaps & Game Shakeups: Tribe swaps occur with more frequency, but there are no more than 2 swaps {16-20 players} or 3 swaps {20+ player}.
Eliminations: There's some potential for more than one player to be eliminated in a round.
Mechanics & Twists (count double): Mechanics/twists only include twists/mechanics from the TV show, and/or any new mechanics/twists are relatively simple and fully explained ahead of time.

0 points each
Idols & Items: There are few to no hidden immunity idols in this game, with no re-hiding of idols. / No other items or powers are present.
Communication Methods: Communication in this game is strictly limited to PMs within tribes.
Swaps & Game Shakeups: There are one or fewer tribe swaps in the game.
Eliminations: Players will be eliminated once per round and voting is the only method of elimination.
Mechanics & Twists: Nothing in this game would be surprising to see on the first few seasons of Survivor (TV).
Game classification is subject to change until signups are posted, in response to any changes the mods wish to make during that time.

The purpose of a review is to have an objective person make sure there are no glaring flaws with your design. You are not required to change your set-up if a reviewer makes suggestions, but it is highly recommended that you take their guidance under advisement; a lot of times a fresh set of eyes will notice unbalanced mechanics or challenges that will fail to run smoothly that you and your co-moderators may have missed.


{01} This is a game. The main objective is to have fun, so no excessive flaming, spamming, or otherwise being a jerk. Toxicity and personal attacks by players (whether they're still in the game or have been eliminated) or by spectators will not be tolerated.

{02} This is a game. The secondary objective is to win.

{03} We are not infallible, so if we make a moderating mistake, please point it out and we will correct it if needed.

{04} We have worked extensively to produce a game that is enjoyed by all involved. As such, we promise to offer each player respect but expect to be shown the same in return. We also expect you to respect all other players.

{05} Survivor: Wes Anderson is ANONYMOUS. All participants are strictly prohibited from behaving in a way that will reveal or imply their or another player's identity. This DOES NOT include your confessional. If you are talking with other people outside of this forum, you must not state or imply that you are playing in this game. If you are talking with other players on this forum, try not to say anything that would allow people to easily ID you. Communication outside the private message system is also forbidden until otherwise stated. Failure to follow this rule can result in a variety of consequences ranging from a terse warning to one's elimination from the game. We reserve the right to determine the severity of possible infractions.

{06} Exercise common sense. If you are unsure as to whether an action conflicts with the rules, just ask. Yes, this is a competition, but do not try to sneak something past us that you know may be against the rules. Do not attempt to undermine challenges or game mechanics for your own gain. This violates both the spirit of the game and common respect mentioned above. If intentional cheating occurs, you will punished accordingly.

{07} Private communication with players outside of your tribe or eliminated players is strictly prohibited unless otherwise stated. PMs are only to be used for communication within your tribe unless otherwise specified. Spectators ARE NOT "in your tribe"--don't message them. Any player found in violation of this rule will be penalized.

{08} Any and all posting about this game outside the provided forums unless SPECIFICALLY STATED is illegal.

{09} The posting of Private Messages (whether via text (paraphrasing is fine) or via image) in a public forum is explicitly disallowed. You may, however, post them in your confessional. You are also prohibited from taking a screenshot of private messages and showing them to other players. Forwarding is not allowed. Quoting is NOT allowed in Private Messages, as is pretending to quote. You may paraphrase, and you may also quote very short snippets, like you might in a real conversation. If you have any questions about what does and does not constitute "quoting" or "paraphrasing", ask the moderators.

Don't show other players screenshots of anything in your confessional, any challenge scores, or any game information they do not already have access to, which includes items.

{10} This forum software allows group PMs to be created. You are free to use those; go hog wild.

{11} The moderators may discipline any player that breaks the rules however we see fit, depending on the specific situation. We also reserve the right to implement new rules if needed.

{12} If you have any issues that cannot be resolved by the game mods, or if the game mods are breaking rules, please report that to Cephrir.

{13} All MS conduct rules will apply as well as punishments for breaking them.


{14} If you need an extension at any point in the game please inform a moderator and we will do our best to accommodate you, no questions asked. Please inform us at the earliest possible time, but please don't abuse this rule. If the request comes in less than 2 hours before results (whether challenge or TC) we may not be able to accommodate this. Likewise if you know you're going to be away from the game for longer than 24 hours please inform us so we can plan ahead.

{15} If for whatever reason you cannot do a challenge please inform us and we will attempt to find a suitable alternative or stand in if we can accommodate. We ask that you contact the moderators directly so that we can plan accordingly.

{16} Please understand that it's possible moderators will need some flexibility too. We may need to make some changes to the game if something comes up (such as a website going down). Please be patient with us during this time.



{17} Winners of Immunity Challenges will be safe from elimination and cannot be voted out at the Tribal Council during that particular round. Note that giving away the Immunity Necklace is allowed, but only for the first 12 hours of a Tribal Council.

{18} The outcomes of all Challenges are final, except in case of incorrect tallying by the mods. If you see something we may have missed, please bring it up, and if we feel an error was made, we may reverse the outcome.

{19} We appreciate the fact that prospective players will enter this game with a range of skills. With this in mind, understand that we as mods can't cater to all players' needs and time constraints in challenges. We will, however, consider extreme circumstances brought to our attention making judgment calls if need be.

{19a} Unless otherwise stated, you MAY NOT USE OUTSIDE RESOURCES FOR ANY CHALLENGE.

{19b} Unless otherwise stated, you may not discuss any part of any immunity challenge with other players.


{20} Tribal Councils are where players are voted out. Before the merge, unless there is an individual challenge, only the losing tribe or tribes will visit Tribal Council, and will vote at least one player off. After the merge, all remaining players will go to Tribal Council, including immunity challenge winners.

{20a} When we reach a predetermined point, players voted out will make up the jury and will vote for who they want to win the game from a set of finalists, instead of who to eliminate.

{21} On a general basis, our goal is to ensure Tribal Councils last 24 hours from the end of the challenge, but may change at the mods discretion if need be. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THE TIMER WHEN POSTED. if a player fails to submit a vote within the given time frame, they will receive a publicly known self-vote. In the event that a player knows he or she will be unable to vote by deadline, that player may notify the moderators and cast a conditional vote to avoid penalization.

{22} The results of Tribal Councils will not be posted before the deadline.

{22a} Unless an extension has been given, votes made after the deadline expires will not be counted, even if moderators are late to posting results.

{23} The modification of votes after they have been submitted is allowed. Please submit this as a new post instead of editing an old post, as edits may be missed. Players are able to change their votes as many times as they want until the deadline expires.

{24} If a player has failed to vote three times or is gaming the mechanics with intentional self-votes, the mods may choose to eliminate that player at their discretion.


{25} In the event of an initial tie for most votes at Tribal Council, a revote shall take place. Players may only vote for one of the tied players, and all tied individuals may not vote. Items may not be used in this revote, but any items that have already been played WILL remain in play.

{25a} If a revote is necessary to break a tie, 24 hours will be added to the clock.

{26} If no single player receives the most valid votes, players tied for the most votes become immune, in addition to already immune players. Remaining players will draw rocks for elimination. Note that this applies even if, say, a three-way tie becomes a two-way tie. In this scenario, only the players in the two-way tie would be immune for the rock draw. In a four-player TC, rocks will not be drawn, and tied players will participate in a tiebreaker challenge.


{27} Twists will be implemented without warning at predetermined points in the game, so as to neither give an unfair advantage or disadvantage to a player or group of players.

Thank you for your interest. We're looking forward to seeing you out there!
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This game has been classified as Standard.
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Signups are closed, and we currently remain on track to launch on our September 1 start date. Login PMs will go out at 7:30PM EDT on that day. I intend to send out confirmation PMs by that time tomorrow and will post here if that changes.

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All player invites have now been sent and the game is live! Non-player invites will be going out soon, so the rest of you should hang tight!

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Post Post #4  (ISO)  » Fri Oct 08, 2021 7:00 pm

This game is now in Final Tribal Council, with M. Gustave, Oracle, and Richie Tenenbaum currently competing for the win.

The game will be concluding on Sunday, and the live reveal will take place beginning 7:45 PM EDT. We invite you all to be online and in attendance for the grand conclusion!

The forum is available here: https://www.mafiascum.net/social-games/ ... /index.php
There will be discord discussion as well.

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I am V/LA on weekends. | GTKAS: 1 / 2 / 3 | ROOMS HAVE AIR ~ Who
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cry about it

*puts on sunglasses and dances away*
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In post 6, Iprobablysuck wrote:cry about it

*puts on sunglasses and dances away*

IPS is real?! :0
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Sometimes when I'm thinking of a track to submit, I think to myself "okay I could submit X, but I know a lot of people won't care for it, there's no point in wasting their time and mine". Glad to see [CaptainMeme] isn't burdened by such thoughts.

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Congratulations to Oracle (Malkon05) on the win! Thanks to everyone who joined us along the way. The forums are now open for all to see. I'll just casually drop a link here to the full episode recap page: https://www.mafiascum.net/social-games/ ... board=35.0

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You Are Worth It

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Congrats to Malkon and to ORAM.

Thanks to the mods for a truly beautiful and thoughtful game.

Thinking about how this ended, my takeaway is that these games are not worth the effort. At least not for players like me. It takes a colossal amount of effort to play one of these. It is draining. But I'm not the kind of player this community seems to want playing. And I don't want to play a game for two months if all I'm doing is hurting people, or fight to reach the end of one so that jurors can tell me I played the strongest game then discount me as a contender because they want to discourage anyone from playing that way in the future. If that is what's best for the community, that's valid. Mission accomplished.

That's it. Adios y'all.

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Hello everyone,

I'm going to try to keep this brief (laughs in dog), however I just want to say a few things with my "winner speech".

1. The mods were absolutely incredible hosts. If I had a question, they always tried to be prompt about responding to it. They put up with so much chatter in my mod chat on discord and really were just great sports with me all around. Bippy is one of the best hosts I think I've ever played a game of. Skelda is such a supportive guy and really gets me and understands things on another level in these games. Ceph is such a great guy and lets me vent at him. Sirius and I didn't talk as much, but he's also really nice and I can't wait to host Village with him when we finally finish!

2. OGML and ORAM were excellent FTC opponents and I think it was probably one of the most competitive FTCs I've ever been at where I could have seen any of us winning. OGML played a superb game and although I do feel for him since we are good friends and I've been there for his journey on MS (including nominating him for a Mashie last year), I still am going to be proud and honored to have been crowned the winner of this game and feel that I played very well myself. I don't want to diminish the great game he played here though. ORAM also played a much better game than I initially gave him credit for and he is very insightful. I think he's the kind of guy that has the potential to absolutely slay and win a game in the future if he keeps it up! Amazing game to both of you.

3. The jury asked me very fair questions and allowed me to elaborate on my game, which is the only reason I feel I even had a shot to be a winner here. There's only so much you can glean from your own personal perspective and to have my eyes personally opened up to have a better understanding of that perspective was transformative for me. Monty, June, Klick and Meme, thank you so much for the votes. I very much would not be able to have done this without you and I can't tell you what getting those votes meant to me personally. Josh, I totally respect why you voted for Gustave and in some ways I feel like that was correct for you. I hope you join MS eventually and play another game because you have a lot of good things going for you that I think could play out very well if you choose to play again. DV, Dannflor and Vash, it makes absolute sense why you voted for OGML and I can't express that enough. He was a very worthy competitor and I think these votes were well earned by him. Mist you are the true definition of a wild card and even though I wanted your RNG simulator to love Pugs more, it just wasn't meant to be Bark bark!

4. To all the Pre-Jury members, I did my best to summarize how I felt in torchwalks, but your time was cut short and that's a bummer. This was one of the toughest social games I played and I would take that into consideration when reflecting. I think you all should be proud of the games you played and I hope to see you all again in future games!

5. Upon reflection of my journey this game, I can't be disappointed, especially because everything I did lead me to this win. I had a plan, I took risks, I adjusted when things went wrong, I tried not to shut a door if I didn't need to, I stuck up for people, and I read the room every single round including the FTC. This was the hardest game I have ever played because everyone brought their A game. This was hard. This was ruff and taxing on me mentally. I sobbed more times than I care to admit and I kept feeling more and more depressed. Finding the correct words to say and dealing with my own mental health issues has been a struggle for me my entire life. These games take a toll on my state of being and I think that showed as this went on. I want to thank everyone for hearing me out and giving me a fair shot this game. I had a blast at times, a horrible time at others, and then when I thought I couldn't go any lower, I managed to go lower. However, I never gave up. The minute you give up on yourself and your game, that's the only time you have truly lost. Don't ever give up, fight for your game, and stand by it. But also be humble. We are all people and we all have emotions and those emotions are valid. Thank you to my voters and supporters who recognize that about me and who I am as a person. If you ever want a friend to talk to after the end of this game, please reach out to me. This was taxing in so many ways and I think we all feel it, but I meant what I said in that I want to continue the genuine friendships I made this game and want to continue getting to know you all. My discord is Malkon#9019 if that's preferred.

I absolutely adored each and every one of you for different reasons. Like OGML said, these games take a colossal amount of effort and it is draining. I am utterly spent after this game to the point I'm not sure even after being declared the winner whether or not I truly want to invest in another game any time soon.

Thank you for recognizing my journey with the votes and recognizing what I did in order to put myself there. It means so much and I don't have any further words.

I had a blast playing as a doggo and for the last time, I think you were all paw-sitively amazing to play with!

Oracle out. Bark bark! Tail wag.

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so i just read this... and boy is the last thing I would ever, ever want in a game is something that messed with my jury vote.

Congratulations to Malkon!

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In post 13, zoraster wrote:so i just read this... and boy is the last thing I would ever, ever want in a game is something that messed with my jury vote.

Congratulations to Malkon!

You Are Worth It

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