Large Social Game Character Poll (#15-#1 posted)

For large social games such as Survivor where the primary mechanic is social interaction.
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In post 316, Shadoweh wrote:Man, only 10th for Whitney is so robbed by age. An excerpt from Whitney's confessional where she wrote survivor episodes and completed a game's worth of edgic:

Spoiler: Whitnedgic 10
Oh another episode went by.


Aya Hirano MOR2 - Woke up in the game but only to support Monsters and Dr Teeth. She gets on board quickly to try to convince Whitney about the vote and that the game is set up well to make the F6 by changing the vote around. Toys around with Monsters regarding the vote and plays an important piece of knowing what Monsters is doing but also unsure how to play this around. She surely wants to play on Teeth's side, but also doesn't want to screw herself over later on by not voting along with Monsters.

Dr Teeth and the Electric Mayhem MORN5 - Negative edit for being overconfident. A Judd Sergeant like blunder, which is not due specifically to him, but how others react to him. Because others don't trust him, he is seen as taking everything at face value. He is seen as trying to blackmail others - because his strategy is straightforward and is only "gain vote through blackmail or spreading words that others have said, repeat", it doesn't have the complexity that others have in their motivations. However, it's also because he's consistently needing to be on the defensive. While he perceives it is due to losing all of his allies - it doesn't have to be this way. Contrast this to Roisin's edit, who is someone who is seemingly lost and alone, but she is quietly gathering allies and letting others help her out while being cautious of everyone. The narrative is much different and this explains the N tone for Dr Teeth.

Joanna Newsom UTR2 - Wakes up and plays the game, but is seen mostly as "too little too late" by siding the way she does. However, compare this against the previous episode when she has (my guess, but probably accurate) voted against Dr Teeth because she felt it was her only option. She seems to be shown as learning more about her position, but she also isn't seen as taking her own destiny in her hands this episode - therefore the UTR.

Of Monsters and Men CPM4 - Gains confidence in his position by taking down Dr Teeth, his mortal enemy, but at the same time is quietly gathering allies inside the majority alliance and the outside alliance as well. Begins to set-up a #rebellion later down the road, and is strategically thinking forward in the game rather than being reactive (as compared to Tove's edit, which is thriving on the reaction, because she doesn't have the safety to be able to do so). Is seen as betraying Dr Teeth but also trying to figure out how to balance that against everything with his future allies Aya and Joanna. Believes that he can betray one side while also gaining their votes next time as well due to "herding the minority sheep".

Plan B MOR2 - Stays out of the fray and is connected more to Tove and VNV in the narrative. Does some information gathering with others, especially with Aya and Roisin - but that's all edited out due to time.

Radiohead CPP5 - This is due to early episode shenanigans when he revealed the chatzy to Lzzy (or to Dr Teeth directly in all honesty, I wouldn't be surprised) and this word got out and it is being used against him. By reflecting and being honest about his position, he maintains his composure and is torn whether to betray the alliance he just helped secure or to stick with it. In the end, he is shownhis full thought process and why it was important to do this. Very favourable edit to show someone recover from a trip. His narrative is strong and is shown as overcoming all odds despite his position - but in reality is the "narrative distraction" for Whitney when she wins the game in the end.

Roisin Murphy CPP3 - Roisin is shown as being very insightful and aware of the situation, and she can't help her situation any better, because she just doesn't have the numbers. Very much a Peih-Gee edit. Is shown working with Whitney and finding out more about Aya/Teeth/Joanna and feels she has to go there, even if she's unsure how it'll all fall. Tries to convince Radiohead and Whitney to stick with the plan, but is shown as betrayed (P edit).

Tove Lo MOR4 - Counterwagon edit. Shown as being frustrated with getting votes, but is also quietly just relying on her alliance to get her through it. In reality, she's doing a lot more work, but considering this episode's narrative focuses on Radiohead's folly->Monsters betrays Teeth->Teeth's ignominious downfall. Her story is pushed to the backburner, especially because it will amplify in the next episode.

VNV Nation - UTR2 - Wins immunity, stays out of the fray and is seen as trying out Roisin to warn her of the downfall, which then leads to Roisin's distrust in Whitney. VNV mainly seen as an attachment to Roisin and Whitney, not as a specific character.

Whitney Houston - MOR2 - Only seen as an accessory to others and a vote to target. If she's seen on camera, it's only to listen to Dr Teeth ramble while she rolls her eyes to the camera while he spouts more drivel. In reality, she's a huge force to ensuring that everything stays stable and keeps Radio and Tove in check and forces Monsters to delay his rebellion story to the next episode, but because that's all so behind the scenes, her edit stays calm. Not much is shown why she betrays Dr Teeth.

Funny that it was the only edgic that finished during that game right?

Whitney's confessional may be something but gameplay was severely behind the scenes. Nothing flashy like the other finalists. Unless you count the f4 vote really.
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Only thing is that performance inside a game is so much less critical here than how appealing your confessional is to spectators.
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Next time I play a game I'll do a fantasy draft in my confessional, an edgic, a survivor eliminator, and a 100 q list for specs to post for me every round.
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>_> pabs, I am like... 100% sure that none of the players would describe Whitney as Behind the Scenes. Remember that time we voted apart and you responded to me asking what the fuck with "Whitney's gettin her drink on how can I help you?" That's the stuff I remember. :p
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