Theme Test Market and Co-Mod Recruitment

For large social games such as Survivor where the primary mechanic is social interaction.
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No that post is secrety from a long time ago

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Survivor: Killing School Semester is now seeking a co-mod. Experience not necessary. Design is done barring anything that comes up in review -- we're looking for someone who'd like to help with the day to day running of the game and doesn't have their heart set on designing. Which means having plenty of time would be great.

The game is on the more complex end of things if that impacts your interest level. I don't really care if you know about the theme; if you're really into it, I'd probably rather you played! We're likely to get into the queue pretty soon, so consider that with regard to your availability! PM or Discord Save The Dragons and me if interested.

Update: bippy will be our co-mod. :]
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