A Groundhog Day scenario

For large social games such as Survivor where the primary mechanic is social interaction.
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In post 20, BROseidon wrote:Hey I won a Survivor so anyone can win.

I would like to point you at the last 5(?) games I played and tell you otherwise
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In post 23, randomidget wrote:hoo boy
i was too useless in my first two games to even consider this, and in blizzard there wasn't rly a path to victory for me
so in the end probably no.

You could have got out of the first tribe pretty easy by approaching it as I did but before me. The rest of the game obviously would have been totally different.
If you've not played survivor before check out survivor legendary down in the large social game forums!! an experience you won't want to miss.

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Arkham City: Oh man, so much.

Let OGML die in the Ozymandian council.
Kill OGML instead of Mad Hatter.
When I had the tie-breaking vote, ignore Star Sapphire and kill OGML instead of Rabbit.
Organize the tribes so OGML would die.
A lot of other things too.

In post 14, Shadoweh wrote:
And then don't get me started on the Genius. *compulsive twitching*


If you played it the exact same way you did last time, you'd probably win! unless random.org isn't really random

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Pokémon Battle: don't quit
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Hyrule: don't quit
Expect the Unexpected: don't quit
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edit: never mind this was stupid
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