A Groundhog Day scenario

For large social games such as Survivor where the primary mechanic is social interaction.
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In post 20, BROseidon wrote:Hey I won a Survivor so anyone can win.

I would like to point you at the last 5(?) games I played and tell you otherwise
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In post 23, randomidget wrote:hoo boy
i was too useless in my first two games to even consider this, and in blizzard there wasn't rly a path to victory for me
so in the end probably no.

You could have got out of the first tribe pretty easy by approaching it as I did but before me. The rest of the game obviously would have been totally different.
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Watched the genius
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Arkham City: Oh man, so much.

Let OGML die in the Ozymandian council.
Kill OGML instead of Mad Hatter.
When I had the tie-breaking vote, ignore Star Sapphire and kill OGML instead of Rabbit.
Organize the tribes so OGML would die.
A lot of other things too.

In post 14, Shadoweh wrote:
And then don't get me started on the Genius. *compulsive twitching*


If you played it the exact same way you did last time, you'd probably win! unless random.org isn't really random

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Castle Oblivion: don't quit
Pokémon Battle: don't quit
Greece: don't quit
Hyrule: don't quit
Expect the Unexpected: don't quit
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edit: never mind this was stupid
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