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Hybrid: Hunger Games

Presented By Ariel, Malkon, and Panthaleon

Listmod: PrivateI, Reviewer: Pablito

Challenge Consultant: CreativeMod1

A huge shoutout to CaptainMeme for his contribution in helping make this game possible :)


Heeeellllooooo citizens of Mish Mash. I am so delighted to be here today. I represent the Capitol and have a very very special announcement. Though I would love nothing more than to give you this most delightful news myself, I have been asked to show you a video from our most esteemed President Snow himself. Let's watch shall we?!

Wow that was a delightful presentation! Now that we've all watched the video, let's get started! Ahem!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, hello. And welcome to the 75th first annual Hybrid: Hunger Games. This is to be delightful test of camaraderie and competition with twists befitting a Quarter Quell of this stature. This includes pitting former victors of LSGs against one another, which is sure to be quite the treat!

This novel format will feature elements from Endurance and Fresh Meat 2, and is sure to be an unforgettable experience for all involved. Who will be bold enough put their name in for the Reaping?

Please step forward here.


From the Treaty of Treason:

Spoiler: "The Rules"
"In penance for their uprising, each district shall offer up a male and a female between the ages of 12 and 18 at a public "reaping". These tributes shall be delivered to the custody of the Capitol. And then transferred into a public arena, where they will fight to the death until a lone victor remains. Henceforth and forevermore this pageant shall be known as "The Hunger Games."

On the 25th Hunger Games and every 25 years thereafter, there shall be a Quarter Quell with a variation on the rules of the game. For this year's festivities, the following additional rules will be in effect:


{01} This is a game. The main objective is to have fun; so no excessive flaming, spamming, or submission of anything else prohibited within the Hybrid Forums.
{02} This is a game. The secondary objective is to emerge as a Victor.
{03} While The Capitol is infallible, we are not. If we make a mistake, please point it out to us and we will send an inquiry to President Snow on your behalf.
{04} Our Gamemakers have worked tirelessly to produce a Quarter Quell that is enjoyed by all involved. As such, we promise to offer each Tribute respect but expect to be shown the same in return.
{05} Do not modify avatars. We have spent a great deal of time brainstorming and creating these images, and would prefer to run the game smoothly instead of fixing avatars.
{06} You are allowed to quote messages from other players in public or in conversations with others, but you are prohibited from posting screenshots of messages or of official mod communication.
{07} Exercise common sense. If you are unsure as to whether an action conflicts with the rules, ask. Yes, this is a competition, but do not attempt to undermine challenges or game mechanics for your own gain. This violates both the spirit of the Games and common respect mentioned above.
{08} If you feel that there is an issue the game's moderators can't resolve, we encourage you to contact the list moderator attached to the game, which you can find in the Moderator Contact Info section of Rules & Announcements.
{09} This game is ANONYMOUS. Any communication about this game outside of the game's forum is prohibited, even prior to game start. You cannot reveal your identity to other players or ask about theirs.
{10} We reserve the right to implement new rules if needed.


{11} The theme of this year's Quarter Quell is a celebration of partnership from our former Victors. After the first challenge, your initial pairs will be decided. You will start with a partner that will share your home District, and as the Games continue, there will be aspects to change the pairs. While you will collaborate, over time you will likely obtain new partners.


{12} The Gamemakers are empathetic and understand that 24 different Victors are far too many to hold a conversation with. As such, after pairs are decided and each round thereafter, you will receive a list of the players who you may message. This will change every round. For each pair, you will be able to speak with one of them and your partner will be able to speak with the other.
{13} When 6 pairs remain in the game, we will drop the PM restriction and you will be free to message whomever you want.
{14} During the Eliminator portion of the round, all players in the Eliminator may only communicate with other players in the Eliminator. They may NOT communicate with players not in the Eliminator. This applies vice versa as well, all players not in the Eliminator may not communicate with the players in the Eliminator.

The game will operate in a 3 round cycle:


{15} Each Round there will be an Immunity Challenge with listed rules. Please read the rules carefully and ask a moderator if you have any questions regarding that challenge.
{16} The pair that performs the best in a challenge will become Immune for that round. They will be ineligible to receive votes during the Voting Phase and will choose one of the remaining pairs who will risk being Eliminated.
{17} It is expected that you participate in every challenge. If you are unable to complete a challenge in time, please contact a moderator at least 2 hours before deadline so that we can look into an extension. If you are unable to participate in two challenges over the course of the game, you will be removed.


{18} After the Immunity Challenge, the non-Immune players will cast two ballots to determine who will face the possibility of being Eliminated.
{19} The non-Immune pairs will cast those ballots as a team; one will be their Primary and the other will be their Secondary. In the event their Primary target is chosen by the Immune Pair, their Secondary ballot will count instead. Please clearly indicate which ballot is Primary and which ballot is Secondary.
{20} Because you are grouped in pairs, you should be unanimous about your vote. If you are not unanimous, then we will take the last submission for your team's ballots as the final say.
{21} In the event of a tie, the Immune pair will have 24 hours to break it.


{22} Every round two pairs will be sent to The Eliminator where they will face the possibility of elimination. As mentioned above, the first will be chosen by the Immune pair while the other will be chosen by a vote from the remaining players.
{23} These two pairs will compete against each other in an Individual Elimination Challenge. For instance if Seneca Crane and Cesar Flickerman were in District 1 and were voted to play in The Eliminator, they would compete against each other.
{24} The losing player from each pair will be Eliminated from the Hunger Games. We will ready the cannons accordingly.
{25} The winning players, now partnerless, will be paired up with one another to form a new Hybrid team. If Seneca Crane defeated Cesar Flickerman, then he would be paired with the other player who won their Individual Immunity Challenge. They would be a new team for the next round of the game.
{26} If a player is removed from the game prior to the Eliminator phase, their partner will be part of the new hybrid team at the end of the round. All pairs, including the immune pair, will vote on a single team to enter the Eliminator.
{27} While a player is in the Eliminator, they will only be allowed to post in the Eliminator board and their confessionals, posting will be turned off to other boards, though viewing access may still be allowed to some of those boards. Please see the PM section regarding PMs.


{28} In the first round, all 24 Tributes will participate in a placement challenge to determine how you will be initially paired. During this time there are no messaging restrictions. You may speak with anyone to get a better understanding of your potential allies.


{29} Once pairs are decided, we will announce the PM restrictions and you will be given access to your District Board.
{30} Most rounds will involve an Immunity Challenge, a Voting Phase, and an Elimination Phase. For the Final 3 Pairs, there will be no Decision phase.
{31} When only 2 Pairs remain, a final challenge will be issued and the Pair with the best performance will be declared our Quarter Quell Victors.


{32} As this is a Quarter Quell, there may be twists implemented throughout the game which alter or affect any of the above rules. These will be explained and/or announced if the situation arises where it becomes necessary to do so.
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A reminder that sign ups close tomorrow at 11:59 PM PST!!!


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Player Applications will no longer be accepted, however if you'd like to spectate the application will remain open until the game is over.

We hope to have PMs out to those we choose to cast in the next 24 hours or so, stay tuned!!!

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Post Post #3  (ISO)  » Thu Feb 20, 2020 4:24 pm

All PMs to everyone who applied including Spectators have been sent out. Please let me know if you have any questions.

If you'd like to Spectate you are welcome to fill out the app or just reach out to a mod directly at this point :)

Thank you to everyone who is interested, Game officially starts Friday, February 21st at 6pm PST. See you there <3

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Since y'all can't read time zones, I'm putting a countdown to when the forum opens

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Come one, come all, the riveting finale of Hybrid: Hunger Games is about to take place Atop the Cornucopia. Tune in at 3pm PDT on Saturday the 4th of April. If you've not turned in thus far, this is the perfect time to do so. We welcome all citizens of Panem to join!

Reach out to the Mod team if you have questions!

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Congratulations to DeasVail & Reundo for being the victors of this years' hunger games!!!

Well fought.
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congrats y’all!!!!

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Well fought indeed. I was hyped for this game from the very beginning, and that didn't trail off at all. (and then i got last place...)
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It was a super fun game y'all. Thanks for making it great.

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I guess I'll have to come back and look at this again. But when I've already missed live reveal, I'm not sure if I will it not
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