[Standard] Survivor: Know Your Enemies (Summer wins!)

For large social games such as Survivor where the primary mechanic is social interaction.
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Survivor: Know Your Enemies
A 24-player non-anonymous Survivor Game by Zoraster and PrivateI (aka Monty/Preston) and reviewed by CuddlyCaucasian (aka WillFromAmerica)


To play this game you must have BOTH a Mafiascum.net account AND a Discord account.
New players and those outside the community are highly encouraged to apply.

To spectate, PM or DM Zoraster

Summary of Game
  • 24 Players
  • The game will be played on both mafiascum.net and Discord. Other methods of communication ARE allowed.
  • This is a low twist game, but it has a relatively high number of advantages and idols.
  • Do not Pregame. If someone tries to pregame with you, let us know. It is cheating.
  • It is labeled as a “Standard” game.
  • Yes, this game uses a traditional challenge structure.
  • Application Deadline: Friday, August 28th at Noon
  • Predicted Start Date: August 31st, 2020 at 6pm EDT (subject to change on player prefs)
  • Earliest Predicted End Date (if no ties, etc.): October 19, 2020

To spectate, PM or DM Zoraster

Discord is mandatory. Discord is a free popular text and voice chat program. It can be accessed via web browser, it can be downloaded as a program on a computer (highly recommended), and it can be used on both Android and iOS phones. It's free, and it tends to work very well. You'll need a username to sign up for the game as either a player or spectator. You can do so here.

As both a player and a spectator, you'll be given access to the game's Discord channel, which will include Tribal areas, confessionals, decision booths, and more!

You must also have a Mafiascum.net account (that's this place!) to sign up.

This game is beginner friendly, but it is not designed as a new player game. In other words, there is no expectation that players will lead you by the hand. However, given the low twist nature and the fact that so much of the information about this game is in the rules, new players should have an easier time understanding the basic parameters of the game.

That said, I have written a little down and dirty New Player guide you can find in this thread here.

A Note About Application Time
We will continue to cast until the deadline of August 28th. However, we’ll be in the process of casting for roughly a week before the game’s start. So while everyone who applies has a shot, applications from the first week or so will get looked at more often and often find a little more luck getting cast as other people are slotted in around them. We will start to add people to the Survivor: KYE discord server around this date.

To spectate, PM or DM Zoraster

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Table of Contents

Rules and Information
Opening Post
Game Specific Rules (has its own TOC)
General Survivor Rules for This Game
Newer Players Quick and Dirty Guide

Current Tribe Composition

Links to Challenges
[Info] Challenge #1 (24 Alive): Search Your Heart (And the Web) | [Results]
[Info] Challenge #2 (22 Alive): Sliding Puzzle | [Results]
[Info] Challenge #3 (21 Alive): Word Web | [Results]
[Info] Challenge #4 (20 Alive): Tribal Thumbtacks | [Results]
[Info] Challenge #5 (19 Alive): Learning is Fun! | [Results]
[Info] Challenge #6 (18 Alive): Maze of Deception | [Results]
[Info] Challenge #7 (17 Alive): Cheaters Prosper | [Results]
[Info] Challenge #8 (16 Alive): Teamwork Timing | [Results]
[Info] Challenge #9 (15 Alive): Shaping The Future | [Results]
[Info] Challenge #10 (14 Alive): One Line at a Time (OLAAT) | Stories Posted | [Results (Judging)]
[Info] Challenge X: Return to the Zone (Idol Hunt)
[Info] Challenge #11 (13 Alive): Seesaws | [Results]
[Info] Challenge #12 (12 Alive): Incremental Game | [Results]
[Info] Challenge #13 (11 Alive): Get to Know Production | [Results]
[Info] Challenge #14 (10 Alive): Dice Roll Endurance | [Results]
[Info] Challenge #15 (9 Alive): Darken the Maze | [Results]
[Info] Challenge #16 (8 Alive): Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament | [Results]
[Info] Challenge #17 (7 Alive): Getting Jiggy With it | [Results]
[Info] Challenge #18 (6 Alive): OLAAT Redux | [Results]
[Info] Challenge #19 (5 Alive): Number Grid | [Results]
[Info] Challenge #20 FIC (4 Alive): Game Quiz | [Results]

Links to Tribal Council Results
TC1: T-Bone and Grody Voted Out
TC2: Rahladala Voted Out
TC3: kdowns Voted Out - SWAP
TC4: Reundo Voted Out
TC5: Gamma Voted Out
TC6: CreativeMod1 Voted Out
TC7: Cheery Dog Voted Out - SWAP
TC8: VashtaNeurotic Voted Out
TC9: Animorpherv1 Voted Out
TC10: Aronis Voted Out
TC11: DeasVail Voted Out - MERGE
TC12: Mist7676 Voted Out
TC13: DK Voted Out
TC14: D3f3nd3r Voted Out
TC15: Pine Voted Out
TC16: Awoo Voted Out
TC17: Espeonage Voted Out
TC18: Haschel Cedricson Voted Out
TC19: SleepyKrew Voted Out
TC20: Malkon Voted Out

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Game Specific rules

Table of Contents
Spoiler: Table of Contents

  • There will generally be 24 hours for each challenge followed by 24 hours for the voting phase.
  • There will be an extra 24 hours for the voting phase (so 48 hours total) for the game’s start, after each swap, and after the merge.
  • There may be certain challenges that extend the challenge period.

Important Contacts
Head Moderator: Zoraster#9525
Co-Moderator: MontyWhittaker#6697
ProductionBot (add to your conversations): ProductionBot#7336
Listmod In Charge: xofelf#1697 (if you have a complaint with the game)

Friend Requests
You are REQUIRED to accept friend requests from ProductionBot and the moderators (i.e. Zoraster and Monty). You do not have to accept friend requests from other players, spectators, etc.. You may remove us as friends once you are done with the game (pre-jury when you’re voted out, jury when the game ends).

Requirement to use Discord
  • You are required to use Discord on a daily basis.
  • You are required to join the S:KYE Server (it’s where you’ll vote!)
  • You are required to accept friend requests from the moderators and ProductionBot
  • You are required to set a custom avatar on Discord.
  • You are NOT required to use discord to talk to any individual user, but not using Discord at all to talk to other users will be considered inactivity and may result in you being removed from the game.
  • You MAY use other forms of communication to talk to other players.

Multiple Party Conversations (ProductionBot)
You MAY use Discord to talk to more than one other person at a time on your tribe, BUT you must add ProductionBot.

If you are having a private conversation with 3 or more players (including yourself), add ProductionBot (ProductionBot#7336) and NOT any of the mods themselves. This will keep our personal DMs clean for player questions and so forth.

You are also encouraged to add ProductionBot to 1 on 1 conversations with other players, but this is not required, particularly if you plan to have very personal conversations you don’t want viewers to see.

Do not DM ProductionBot with any questions about the game! Those should be directed to Zoraster (Zoraster#9525) or MontyWhittaker (MontyWhittaker#6697). ProductionBot is there to monitor the game, not to respond in any way.

ProductionBot may send the occasional DM reminder to add it to your conversations but otherwise will not respond to any messages. Please remember that just because ProductionBot technically CAN see your DMs does not mean that anyone on the production team DID see it, so if you want the mods to know something, make sure to tell them directly.

ProductionBot will have several people accessing it from time to time including Zoraster and Monty and other people marked “Production Assistants.” The listmod and other Spectators will not have access to this bot.

Start New DMs to Add People
Please do NOT add other players to preexisting DMs. There is no way to prevent other people from seeing what was said if you do this, and if it’s done in order to gain an advantage, it will be viewed as cheating in the same way that copying and pasting a conversation from another player is.

You are provided with a “Confessional.” By default, all spectators and moderators will have discussion access to your confessional and may engage you in discussion about the game. We highly encourage you to post your thoughts about the game, copy and paste interesting conversations you’ve had, and so forth.

You may if you wish to remove spectator access to your confessional by requesting it from Zoraster. Zoraster and Monty may still copy and paste thoughts from your confessional into spectator chat.

You may request a Private Topic for use as a confessional. However, only Zoraster, Monty and Xofelf will have access to this.

Decision Booths
Your voting will be done in your Decision Booth provided. Votes that are marked (edited) will not count, and the next valid vote will be used instead. You will also use the Decision booth to use most advantages and idols.

Vote counts
We may use a variety of ways of doing vote counts, depending on the time and availability of the moderators at the vote deadline. If we have time/are able to be fully on at the vote deadline, we may do live Voice Call vote count readings in the tribe’s voice chat room or the tribe’s discord room. The vote counts may be done one at a time (ala real survivor) or done in a single post for the sake of time. The vote count results (e.g. X votes for Player A, Y votes for Player B) will always be posted as a summary in your tribe’s discord channel after any live reading, and who is voted out will be posted in this thread.

We will try our very best to get all votes out and the next challenge posted within 30 minutes of the vote deadline ending.

Twists, if there are any, will be very mild in this game outside of the information provided here.

Challenges in this game will generally have a 24 hour deadline. Most challenges have a maximum time limit to keep players from having to dedicate too much of their time.

Where to Find Challenges
Challenges, challenge results, and voting results will all be posted in this thread.

Things You Need
  1. Image editing software (MS Paint is fine, Paint.net, Photoshop, etc. are all fine)
  2. Access to an image posting site. Imgur is easy.
  3. Generally these challenges will be easier to do on a laptop or desktop computer, but most can be accomplished on a phone.

A word of advice
Many challenges are timed and require a screen shot that is then uploaded into an image site like imgur. On windows computers, you can hit Windows Button+Shift+S and then drag a window around the screen shot you want to copy. Then hit Ctrl+V on the Imgur new post site to copy that screen shot quickly. Even if you are editing something on MS Paint, it’ll generally be quicker to screen shot that rather than export it as an image.

It also pays to have your image posting site open as well as the submission form filled out (don’t hit submit obviously). In many challenges, seconds can make the difference.

Did Not Finish/Did Not Start/Maxed Out
Unless stated otherwise, in the event of not finishing, not starting, or reaching the max time limit scores for challenges will take the worst overall correct submitted outcome (e.g. longest time for a fastest time challenge, lowest score for a high score challenge, etc.) and apply a modifier to it. Many challenges will still have a maximum time so that no one has to struggle for too long.

Did Not Start: Worst correct submitted outcome made worse by 40% (if applicable), not limited by the max time limit. Make sure you start every challenge!
Did Not Finish/Submit: Worst correct submitted outcome made worse by 20%, up to the max time limit (if applicable)
Incorrect: Worst correct submitted outcome made worse by 20%, up to the max time limit (if applicable)
Reached the Maximum Time: Worst correct submitted outcome made worse by 20%, up to the max time limit (if applicable)

Examples: if it’s a puzzle where the max time limit is 60 minutes and the fastest time is “best” where the slowest correct answer was 34:12. If someone started but did not finish or it was incorrect, they will have their time set to 41:02 (which is 20% slower than the slowest correct answer). If the slowest time was, on the other hand, 55 minutes, then an incorrect answer would earn 60 minutes as that is the max time.

If a challenge uses a high score where the lowest correctly submitted score is 200, then an unfinished challenge would earn a 160.

Anti-Throwing Measure If there are no submissions that are incorrect, did not finish or did not start, the worst correct answer shall be set to no worse than 20% worse than the second worst correct answer. This is to prevent there being incentive to DNF/submit an incorrect answer.

Idols and Other Advantage Information

General Known Info
  • There are quite a few idols and advantages in this game.
  • You will always know how Class A and Class B idols are going to be awarded and how to get them.
  • Other advantages, including revote idols, may be awarded in non-transparent ways.
  • There are no “hidden” idols that require doing weird things within the game to earn.
  • The prevalence of idols and advantages given out will reduce as the game progresses.
  • The method of awarding advantages will vary, but generally it is to your advantage to do as well as possible in challenges.

Giving Idols or Other Advantages to Other Players
Unless the idol or other advantage says otherwise, all idols may be given to another player in the same tribe by informing the mod in the decision booth that you are giving the idol or other advantage away. Idols given to another player are received at the start of the next TC. In other words, you cannot give an idol while in the same Tribal Council as the recipient receives it. Take note that this is different than many other games!

Clarification: You may still PLAY your idol for someone else's benefit at any time before the deadline. This rule is only about giving the idol to another player.

Trashing an Idol
You may choose to trash your idol at any time (most useful if you are worried about the Idol Detector). Trashing an idol will be processed before Idol Detector results are processed after a challenge.

Using an Idol
To use an Idol and most advantages, say that you are doing so in your decision booth. If you do not indicate who you are playing the idol for, it will be assumed you are playing it for yourself. If the mods read the votes live, either via voice or text in discord, they will give people the opportunity to play their idol. However, this is only for dramatic effect. The idol must have already been played in the decision booth, and an idol played in a decision booth will be played at the tribal regardless of whether someone actually speaks up.

Choosing a Revote Idol
Any time you would have been awarded a Class A or B idol, you may immediately tell the moderator you would instead like a Revote Idol. You must do this as soon as reasonably possible.

Types of Idols and Other Advantages That Are Possible
Not all will be used in this game!

Class A Idols
Class A idols are normal idols. They may have an expiry date (expressed as “Final X”). They may be countered by an idol nullifier (see later), but will still work if other Class A or B idols are played. Class A idols are always played after Class B idols. Class A idols are not detected by Idol Detectors. No idol may be played after Final 5.

Class B Idols
Class B idols work as normal idols IF and ONLY IF there is no Class A idol played. In the event both Class A and Class B idol(s) are played, only the Class A idol(s) will work. Class B idols may have an expiry date. Class B idols may be countered by an idol nullifier. Class B idols are always played before Class A idols. Class B idols may be detected by an Idol Detector. No idol may be played after Final 5.

Revote Idol
A revote idol is AUTOMATICALLY played by whoever holds it if there is a tie where the holder is eligible to be voted in the revote (i.e. is one of the tied players). In the case it gets played, the mod will announce it to the group and a revote will be held if one is necessary (i.e. it was a 3+ way tie to begin with). If it is not necessary (i.e. it was only two people tied) then the one without the revote idol is removed. A revote idol CAN be countered by an idol nullifier. A revote idol may be chosen instead of an idol with the same restrictions (e.g. Final 9) as the idol the player would have earned, provided the player indicates to the moderator immediately that they wish it to be a revote idol.

Idol Nullifiers
An idol nullifier may be played during any Tribal Council. To play, indicate who you are playing the nullifier on. If an idol is played on that person, the idol does not work and votes against that person count. An idol nullifier only nullifies one idol, so two idols COULD be played to still protect a player. Class B idols are always played before Class A idols, so in the event of a Class A and a Class B idol being played on the same player, the Class B idol is the one that will be nullified.

Class B Idol Detector
Allows a player that holds it to detect Class B idols. It does not detect Revote idols or Class A idols. This advantage is used by telling the mod in your voting booth that you want to play it on another player that is in your tribe. You may ONLY use it during the challenge phase (i.e. not at TC). It only works once. Results will be processed at the end of the challenge you use it in. Idols that are no longer operative will not be detected.

Steal A Vote
During any Tribal Council through the Final Seven, the holder may tell the mod whose vote they are stealing and who they’re using it to vote for. If the person whose vote was stolen used a Double Vote that round, the user of this item would not steal the extra vote.

Double Vote
This advantage gives the holder the power to cast one additional vote in any Tribal Council through the Final Six. The holder may tell the mod they wish to vote for the same person twice or one time on two people. If a Steal A Vote is used on someone who used this item in a round, only one vote would be stolen. If the person who used this item voted for two different people in a round where a Steal A Vote was used on them, the person they listed FIRST in their final voting decision would be voted for.

Safety Without Power
If you get this power, you may use it by telling the mod in the public game thread that you are leaving that Tribal Council. This power may only be used by the holder, and it must be used before six hours have elapsed in the Tribal Council it’s used in (you may also conditionally use it prior to the Tribal Council beginning).. When this occurs, the player is removed from the Tribal Council and cannot vote and cannot be voted for. They also may not communicate with other players until the relevant Tribal Council ends. If applicable, a deadline extension may be granted if any players require it.

Communication Device
This allows the finder to give a walkie-talkie to one other player on their tribe. It must be given to someone by the end of TC. If swapped, it allows them to continue to communicate with each other using a channel the moderators will set up on the game’s Discord server. Once two players are connected, it cannot be given to anyone else. This lasts until a second swap (in other words, two players are connected then a swap occurs and the two can communicate. Once the next swap occurs, they may no longer communicate using the communication device).

Avoidance Advantage
Don’t want to be on the next tribe with someone? You don’t have to! Tell the mod in your decision booth who you don’t want to be swapped with next swap. You may pick anyone still in the game. You may change your pick as many times as you want until 1 hour before the final TC’s deadline before a swap. If you don’t pick anyone, your advantage will go away on a swap, so it’s your best interest to pick someone as soon as you get the advantage.

Majority Advantage
You may choose to use this by playing it in your decision booth. On the next swap, if your current tribe makes up the majority of any of the new tribes, you will be placed in that tribe. If neither new tribe has a majority from your current tribe, you will be placed in the tribe with the most current tribe members. If all tribes have a majority from your current tribe, this advantage will have no effect. If there is equality among all new tribes, this advantage will have no effect.

Final Tribal Council

  • This game will use a Final 3 Final Tribal Council (FTC).
  • The winner of the Final Immunity Challenge at Final 4 will automatically go to FTC.
  • If there is a tie in votes at F4, there is a known firemaking challenge (see later)
  • The FTC will take place entirely in this thread. No discussion in Discord is allowed except between the three finalists (good natured banter!)
  • Players in FTC will have 24 hours to write an opening statement.
  • The winner of the Final Immunity Challenge will choose the order for the players to give their Opening Statements. Players will post their opening statements in a Private Topic provided by the moderators, and the moderator will post it for them.
  • Jurors will then get 48 hours to both ask questions AND vote.
  • There will be no official closing statement, but players may obviously post their final post at any time during the 48 hour question and voting session.
  • Each FTC participant will cast a vote during this time too. In the event of a tie, the person with the fewest votes will cast their vote to break a tie. For example, in the event of a 4-4-0 or 3-3-2 jury vote, the person with the 0 and 2 votes respectively will cast the decisive vote as a tie breaker.

Jury Questions
Each of the 8 jury members will get THREE posts in the Tribal Council. These posts can be as long or as short as you wish. FTC contestants may make as many posts as they wish.

Firemaking Challenge (Important!)

At the start of the game, the firemaking channel will be open. The channel will have a 2 hour time control. Every midnight-to-midnight EDT period if you post in the channel, you earn a point. You do not get any additional points for posting more than once. If you are eliminated, you may (it is not mandatory) "will" your points to another player still alive in the game (not necessarily in your tribe). The player will not be told that you willed them your points. You will will any points that you received as well, even though you don't know you have those. If there is a tie at the Final 4 tribal council, the tied player with the most points (their own points + any willed points) will win the firemaking challenge and be the third player in the FTC.

Spectators, Production Assistants and Ponderosa

Spectators (also known as Viewers) are people watching the game for entertainment. By default they have access to:
  • Spectator Chat, along with the mods. This is the primary place they’ll chat with each other about the ongoing game. There will generally be new channels created as the game goes on so that it’s easier to search after the game.
  • Edgic/Summaries (View Only).
  • Confessionals. They have both read and write access to confessionals by default. Players MAY opt-out of this by informing the mod/hosts.
  • Tribe Chat (View Only).
  • Ponderosas (View Only).
  • Voice Chats (Listen Only)
  • Reading Votes Voice (Listen Only)

Notably, they do not have access to Player DMs or Decision Booths

Production Assistants
Production Assistants have access to all of the things Spectators do plus they help monitor ProductionBot, write summaries, etc. Players again MAY opt-out of having Production Assistants in their confessionals just like Spectators.

Pre-jury members will get access to all the things Spectators do EXCEPT they will not have access to Confessionals.

Jury Members
Jury Members will not have access to anything except their own Confessional, Decision Booths, and a Jury Member Ponderosa Channel. They will retain View Only access to the firemaking challenge andthe Merge Tribe channel, irrespective of whether they made the merge. They will have Listen Only access to the Tribal Council Voice channel.

Other Things You Know About the Game
  • Jury begins at 11. The merge may be at 11 or before or after the jury starts.
  • There will be at least 3 “rounds” after each swap (a round is an immunity challenge and a tribal council)
  • There are few, if any, live challenges (a live challenge is where everyone has to be on at the same time to play a game)
  • Most challenges will take an hour or less to play, but there will be exceptions to this.
  • The first tribes will be sorted non-randomly. There are a number of ways the game may be cast, but it is possible that the game will be cast on the basis of experience (a “Fans vs. Favorites” type of arrangement). However, with the exception of possible advantages that are listed before (i.e. Majority Advantage and Avoidance Advantage) any swaps will be made randomly.
  • Don’t read too much into this information (or even what constitutes a “puzzle”), but just to give you a vague grasp on what to expect the challenge landscape to look like: expect roughly half of challenges to be puzzles of various types and half to be other types of challenges. Again, this is not necessarily exact but will be roughly the case both before and after the merge.

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General Survivor Rules For This Game

{01} This is a game. The main objective is to have fun; so no excessive flaming, spamming, or otherwise being a jerk.

{02} This is a game. The secondary objective is to win.

{03} We are not infallible, so if we make a moderating mistake, please point it out and we will correct it if needed.

{04} We have worked extensively to produce a game that is enjoyed by all involved. As such, we promise to offer each player respect but invite you to show us the same in return.

{05} Exercise common sense. If you are unsure as to whether an action conflicts with the rules, ask. Yes, this is a competition, but do not attempt to undermine challenges or game mechanics for your own gain. This violates the spirit of the game and will make me sad.

{06} Private communication with players outside of your tribe or eliminated players is strictly prohibited. Any player found in violation of this rule will be penalized however the mods see fit, up to and including their elimination from the game.

{07} The posting of messages between players (whether via text (paraphrasing is fine) or via image) in a public forum is explicitly disallowed. You are also prohibited from taking a screenshot of private messages and showing them to other players. Forwarding is not allowed. Basically, just don't share images of messages, and don't straight copy/paste whole message logs. Once again, if you have any questions about whether something conflicts with the rules, just hit one of the moderators up.

{08} You ARE allowed to create group chats among the players you're allowed to talk to. Go nuts. Have fun. Just remember to invite ProductionBot to these!

{09} The moderators may discipline any player that breaks the rules however we see fit, depending on the specific situation. We also reserve the right to implement new rules if needed.

{10} Failure to submit entirely in a challenge (when a player is supposed to participate) will earn a player a strike. Failure to submit a vote during a Tribal Council a player is attending will earn a player a strike (and a public self-vote, as detailed below). Getting two strikes in a row may result in a player being modkilled. Getting three strikes during the game may result in a player being modkilled. A player getting modkilled during Tribal Council will nullify the results of that Tribal Council, at the moderators' discretion.

{11} While it is important to remember that this is an extended commitment that you are signing up for, if worse comes to worst and you simply have to quit the game, contact a moderator posthaste so we can discuss the options available. In the event that no satisfactory solution can be identified, you can quit the game and be removed. The moderators will make the decision on how to handle this unexpected event.

Immunity Challenges

{01} Every round will possess an Immunity Challenge. Winners of the Immunity Challenge will be safe from elimination that round and cannot be voted out at the Tribal Council. The number of Immunity Challenge winners can vary.

{01a} Immunity necklaces MAY be transferred to someone else during Tribal Council but ONLY if done conditionally in your Decision Booth at least an hour before the challenge is complete. To do so post in your decision booth:

Code: Select all
@S:KYE Moderators/Hosts Give X my necklace if I win immunity

If you win immunity, the challenge result post will show you give the necklace to the player you have selected.

Each immunity necklace can only be passed to someone on the same tribe, and it cannot be refused by the recipient. Immunity necklaces may each only be passed once per round.

Time will not be added to the Tribal Council.

{02} The outcomes of all Challenges are final. That said, however, be sure to keep Rule 03 of General Rules in mind.

{03} We appreciate the fact that prospective contestants will enter this game with a range of skills. With this in mind, understand that we as mods can't cater to all players' needs, strengths, and time constraints in challenges.

{04} It is against the rules to lie about having started or finished a challenge. You can lie about how you did, etc. but lying about completing is cheating because often players will reveal how they did in response to learning you’re done.

Tribal Council

{01} Tribal Council is where players are eliminated. Before the merge, generally, only the losing tribe or tribes will visit TC, and will vote one player off. After the merge, all remaining players will go to TC, including immunity challenge winners.

{02} Tribal Councils will generally last 24 hours from the scheduled end of the challenge, but will last 48 hours in the case of the game start, a swap, the merge or other events. If a player fails to submit a vote within the given time frame, they will receive a selfvote. This vote will be publicly revealed, and the player who failed to submit will receive a strike. In the event that a player knows he or she will be unable to vote by deadline, that player may notify the moderators and cast a conditional vote to avoid penalization. All votes will be submitted via your discord decision booth.

{03} The results of Tribal Councils will never be posted before the deadline. We will always err on being late rather than early.

{04} The modification of votes after they have been submitted is allowed by posting a new discord message. PLEASE DO NOT EDIT YOUR VOTES. Just submit a new message! Players are able to change their votes as many times as they want until the Tribal Council is posted. I recommend placing a place-holder vote at the start of every tribal council and then just changing your vote as you get closer. That way you’ll never self-vote.

{05} The outcomes of Tribal Councils are final.

{06} Questions concerning ties in the Tribal Council may be found below:

Breaking Ties

I. In the event of an initial tie, a revote shall take place. Contestants may only vote for one of the tied players, and all tied individuals may not vote. Reward items may not be used in this revote, but any reward items that have already been played will remain in play.

II. If a majority (or unique plurality) is not met in the revote, all tied players and immune players become instantly immune and the remaining players will draw rocks for elimination.

III. Please keep in mind a Revote Idol, if held, is played automatically if a player is one of the people who has a tied vote on them.

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Newer Players Quick and Dirty Guide

So you’re new to Survivor. Or Online Reality Games. Or Mafiascum. This is for you.

First, this is not intended to be the be-all and end-all guide to playing Online Survivor. The game changes with the players too much to be able to confidently say with any certainty that if you do X then Y will happen. People are unpredictable, and ultimately that’s what you’re playing against. However, hopefully I can set a baseline that might help avoid some common problems. BUT this is just one guy's musings on Survivor here. If you disagree with any of the advice, reject it!

New to Survivor
Start binging! This guide’s purpose is not to familiarize you with Survivor as a process. As someone who played his first game without having watched any Survivor, I can tell you that it’s extremely difficult without some basics from the show, and really only watching the show can teach you that.

New to Online Reality Games
If you haven’t played online reality games, this guide is really for you.
  • Activity. Activity. Activity. You joined the game thinking you’d kind of step into it and say hello and it’d just sort of fall into place. No. Your goal is to talk to people and talk to them a LOT. If you’ve only had a brief conversation with everyone in your tribe once before your first Tribal, you’re likely to be the first boot. Inactivity stops being a reason to get rid of people later, but the first boot is often about the easy vote because no one wants to risk anything Day 1.
  • This activity starts BEFORE tribal council. If you’re ever talking to someone once Tribal Council started, you’re behind the ball. It doesn’t even mean you need to talk game (different people will want to talk more or less about personal life stuff). People are naturally less trustful of someone that just shows up when they’re at risk.
  • If this isn’t natural for you, use Improv’s “Yes, and…” approach to conversations. Never answer a question with “yeah” or “nope” and let it drop. Your goal is to say something that makes them respond with something. That can be a question or just something interesting enough you expect they’ll follow up.
  • Err on the side of aggression. Overplaying can be a real thing in Survivor, but typically I see new players fail because they played passively for too long. Get involved. Ask people to ally with you. Make final 3s. Worry about consequences later. If you go out because you overplayed, you’re going to find your experience with the game much more enriching than if you go out because you did nothing the whole game. Plus, it’s going to give you far more experience for your next game than if you did nothing.
  • You can avoid a lot of trouble if you say who you LIKE rather than who you DISLIKE. There can be reasons to pick fights with other people, but that can be a complicated play.
  • Be as effusive as you think you can be while still being genuine. You like someone? This isn’t the time to be squirrely about it. Tell them! Tell them you want to work with them! Even if they don’t really reciprocate, they are now WAY less likely to want to put you up.
  • There’s a tendency with new players to focus on challenge results. Yes, having a good challenge player can be good for your tribe. And even more so having a bad challenge player can result in going to Tribal Council a whole bunch. You can use that as something to spur conversation, but if you ever find yourself arguing ad nauseum about how bad a player is at a challenge, reel yourself back and start to use different tactics to target them.
  • This may be more geared toward more “strategic” players, but use your confessional as much as you can to think things through, talk about things that happened, etc. It can be clarifying, it can make you a more purposeful player, it can help you see relationships that you would have missed before, and it can help you review what’s happened in the game. It also tends to be helpful in making the game entertaining for spectators!
  • This game is ultimately about individual relationships. Alliances can be valuable tools, but if you don’t put in the individual relationship work on a daily basis, you’re going to have trouble.
  • With that in mind, remember that someone is likely on the bottom of every alliance. That becomes more true the more people are in the alliance. Maybe it’s you and you need to shake things up. Maybe it’s someone else and you need to work hard to make them feel like they aren’t or else they are going to shake things up. But always look around and think about who is on the bottom or feels they are on the bottom.
  • Assume anyone but your absolute closest ally is going to tell other people what you said. They need to bond with other people too, and giving information is one way to get information. So while gossiping can be a good way to bond, be careful!

New to Mafiascum

This portion is really more about differences you might expect in a game on this site.

  • Players on mafiascum often know each other very well. This can color their interactions with those players, but typically friends on this site are fairly competitive and often are just as likely to gun for each other as they are to automatically ally with each other.
  • Mafiascum games tend (though you’re free to do differently!) be more text based. Sending messages via text DMs, for example, rather than engaging in long video calls.
  • Players are often a wide age group. This is written before casting, but past games have had those in their 40s.
  • Most games on Mafiascum are played anonymously (aka “alias” games) where players play on a forum with a hidden identity. Before this one, there have only been two non-anonymous long form games since 2016. This game is not anonymous.
  • Survivormeets: There have been three semi-official real-world games where people from Mafiascum have played survivor over the course of a long weekend. Depending on the players in this game (this guide is written before applications much less casting) there may be those who have played in these games. These may or may not end up being relevant, but just so you know the lingo.

General Information for Players

This is a Standard Game
To find out what this means, you can find the rubric the list moderators use to categorize a game here:

Spoiler: Categorization Information
Complex or Bastard Game: 17+ points
Advanced Game: 11-16 points
Standard Game: 6-11 points
Vanilla Game: 0-5

4 points each
Idols & Items: Idols and unique items/powers are heavily prevalent in the game and exceed previous qualifiers.
Communication Methods: The way communication occurs significantly changes the foundation of how the game will be played.
Swaps & Game Shakeups: The game is in a fairly constant state of flux, or there are extreme methods of game shakeups.
Eliminations: Multiple elimination rounds will be common, and/or players will be expected to be voted out in non-traditional methods.
Mechanics & Twists (count double): The game will feature multiple unique/themed mechanics that are mostly or entirely secretive and players should expect to be surprised by design.

2 points each
Idols & Items: Idols could be re-hidden, or there could be more than one idol per tribe / Items & powers in this game are fairly standard.
Communication Methods: PM communication exists, but there are incidents of cross-tribal communication, or unusual communication methods/restrictions.
Swaps & Game Shakeups: Tribe swaps occur frequently, or there are non-traditional game shakeups.
Eliminations: Players should expect that there will be occurrences of multiple eliminations in a round, or players being voted out in a non-traditional methods.
Mechanics & Twists (count double): Mechanics/twists in this game should be expected, but they will be partially explained ahead of time to allow players to play around them.

1 point each
Idols & Items: One idol per tribe, maximum, with no re-hiding of idols. / One or two items exist
Communication Methods: Communication is mostly limited to PMs, and is strictly on tribal lines (not including potential challenge smack talk).
Swaps & Game Shakeups: Tribe swaps occur with more frequency, but there are no more than 2 swaps {16-20 players} or 3 swaps {20+ player}.
Eliminations: There's a potential for more than one player to be eliminated per round, based on who is voted out.
Mechanics & Twists (count double): Mechanics/twists only include twists/mechanics from the TV show, and/or any new mechanics/twists are fully explained ahead of time.

0 points each
Idols & Items: There are little-to-no hidden items or idols in this game, with no re-hiding of idols. / No items are present.
Communication Methods: Communication in this game is strictly limited to PMs.
Swaps & Game Shakeups: There is only one (or none) tribe swap in the game.
Eliminations: Players will be eliminated once per round, based only on who is voted out.
Mechanics & Twists: Nothing in this game would be surprising to see on the first few seasons of Survivor (TV).

Advice for Challenges
  • For timed challenges, open and fill out the form for both the Start AND Finish before starting.
  • Get comfortable with an image sharing site like imgur and figure out how to post from it as quickly as possible. Make sure the site is working before starting your challenge as technical difficulties will not be taken into consideration.
  • Ask questions before you begin the challenge. Each challenge is written by either Zoraster or Monty and you’ll be told who to ask first.


New Player’s Guide. This is a more robust guide to playing as a new player. It focuses a little more on forum-based anonymous games and is a little dated, but many of the suggestions still hold true. Particularly helpful is the second post.
Mafiascum Survivor Wiki. This is a wiki of all the survivor games that have played on Mafiascum.
Other Social Games. While these aren’t survivor games, they often have major elements of survivor.
Survivor Elo Rating. These are the mafiascum ratings for anonymous games. But that can still be helpful in figuring out whether a person has been successful or not. Remember that in Survivor people who are threats are often taken out and those that are perceived as easy to beat can make it far.
Character Database. If you want to actually read games of a player you’re playing with, you’ll need to know who they were as an anonymous player. This link shows who was who.
TRTWIUAA. This is the game link to the last non-anonymous game that was played on site. This game is different in a number of ways (32 players vs. 24, Discord “optional” vs. required and heavily utilized, this game has a lot more known information, etc.), but to a large degree it’s your best look at what this game is going to be like.

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Saved for Clarifications, etc.

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This game is classified as a Standard game.
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Thanks for the feedback everyone! While a number of potential complaints were raised, by far the biggest one was the firemaking challenge. Because I am nothing if not responsive to my players' desires (and because I agree with some of the criticisms) we are changing the challenge as so:

Summary: Old-style firemaking as tie breaker rather than new-style. No longer spam based but rather "check in" based. Still retains "willing."

Details: At the start of the game, the firemaking channel will be open. The channel will have a 2 hour time control. Every midnight-to-midnight EDT period if you post in the channel, you earn a point. You do not get any additional points for posting more than once. If you are eliminated, you may (it is not mandatory) "will" your points to another player still alive in the game (not necessarily in your tribe). The player will not be told that you willed them your points. You will will any points that you received as well, even though you don't know you have those. If there is a tie at the Final 4 tribal council, the tied player with the most points (their own points + any willed points) will win the firemaking challenge and be the third player in the FTC.

I am on vacation at the moment, so it may take me a bit to catch all references to the previous firemaking challenge in the rules.

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Just a reminder to get those applications in as the deadline is in just over two hours!!

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Casting notices will be sent out by Monty today I believe. If they aren't, they'll be sent tomorrow. I am driving cross-country all of today and much of tomorrow, so I'll be very slow to respond to any PMs or DMs.

The game will begin at 6pm EDT on Monday!

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All applications have been responded to, however, if you want to spectate, just reach out to myself or Zoraster!

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Tribes will be announced at around 17:00 EDT. At this point, I'll start to add tribe permissions to players so that everyone has access right at 18:00. You may, of course, strategize with yourself in your confessional but do not DM anyone until the game begins at 18:00 EDT. Do not post anything in tribe chats. Do not join Voice chats.

The game begins at 18:00 EDT tonight when you'll get your first challenge! Hype!

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Here are the tribes! We will be putting people into their discord groups shortly, but DO NOT START THE GAME (Do not DM, do not chat in the groups, etc.) The game will only begin at 18:00 EDT


The game has not begun! You may of course talk about it in your confessional, but don't start to DM tribe mates and so forth.

For anyone looking on, don't hesitate to PM or DM me to get spectator access.

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You May Now Begin to DM, Voice Chat, Post in Your Tribe Channels, and in the Firemaking Channel!

Challenge incoming next!

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Challenge #1, Search Your Heart (And the Web)Challenge Number: 1
Challenge Name: Search Your Heart (And The Web)
Contact First for Questions: Monty
Rules for Discussing with Others on Tribe: You are encouraged to discuss which tribe member will take on which subject, but discussion about the specific questions used in this challenge is strictly prohibited.
Link to Form: This is the form
Winner Determined by: The tribe that gets the most questions correct first will win immunity.
What needs to be submitted to win: The correct answer to a question which will be provided when you start the form. You ARE allowed to Google during this challenge.
Time limit or Max Time if Applicable: This challenge should not take longer than a few minutes for each person to complete. However, the max time will be one hour.
Description: This is a very simple challenge so you can get to know each other. We have made eight questions on eight different subjects. The subjects are listed below. You will assign one person to each subject. Each person can only answer one subject, so be careful to coordinate, as each person may only complete the form once. You ARE allowed to use Google to look up the answers to your question. You are NOT allowed to discuss the specific questions used in the challenge while the challenge is ongoing.

Each question will be assessed individually, and the FASTEST correct response will earn a point for that player’s tribe. The tribe with the most points will win immunity, and the other TWO tribes will attend Tribal Council. In the event of a tie for the most points, the fastest average response for point-earning answers across the tribe will win immunity.

If multiple people complete the same subject question, only the first response will be taken, regardless of its accuracy. If one person completes the form twice, only their first submission will be used.

Here are your subjects: Science, Social Studies, Speeches, Sports, Stories, Sundries, Suppers, and Survivor.

Deadline: September 1 @ 18:00 EDT

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To clarify some quick points from folks--there is ONE question in each of the eight categories, not eight questions each. Sorry for the confusion there.

Additionally, when I say "fastest correct response", I mean the time between you initially submitting the form and submitting your answer. You receive no advantage from completing this challenge earlier, just make sure you've finished prior to the deadline.

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Challenge One Results

While you were bonding and doing the challenge, the spectators were also hard at work. A ragtag team of eight spectators individually completed the questions.

After reviewing the results, I'm intrigued to note that...the spectators crushed you. They had a resounding 4/8 question plurality. With that in mind, your performances collectively were...shameful, frankly. Because of that, all three tribes will be going to Tribal Council.

Oh. Um, Zoraster is telling me that I'm not allowed to do that. So let's get to the results. You all successfully got each and every question correct! That means that every question will come down to time.

Spoiler: Science
Lichtenberg figures, or keraunographic marks, or lightning flowers, are haunting marks left on the skins of lightning strike victims. Today, they could be a haunting image for one or more tribes at Tribal Council. T-Bone completed this question for Alexandria, VashtaNeurotic completed this question for Bangkok, and tris completed this question for Casablanca.

T-Bone finished in...01:18.

Vash finished in...3:06.

Tris finished in...1:44.

Alexandria gets a point!


Spoiler: Social Studies
Elephants, hyenas, zebras, and giraffes were all featured in an embassy sent by Emperor Lalibela. Similarly, some of you will be dealing with a menagerie of personalities at an extended Tribal Council. Aristophanes, D3f3nd3r, and Haschel completed this question.

Aristophanes finished in...04:05.

D3f3nd3r finished in...0:40.

Haschel finished in...0:59.

Bangkok gets a point!


Spoiler: Speeches
The military-industrial complex caused a lot of problems for Dwight Eisenhower. What coalitions will post problems for you? Awoo, Animorpherv, and Aronis completed this question.

Awoo finished in...0:40.

Animorpherv finished in...01:21.

Aronis finished in...0:33.

Casablanca gets a point! We're all tied up!


Spoiler: Sports
Larisa Latynina has earned the second-most Olympic medals. Like her and Michael Phelps, two of you will have your own distinct honour this round--being the first people voted out of Survivor: Know Your Enemies. Kdowns, grody, and SleepyKrew completed this question.

Kdowns finished in...0:26.

Grody finished in...02:33.

SleepyKrew finished in...00:17.

Casablanca gets another point!


Spoiler: Stories
Godfrey Cass was reviled around town in Silas Marner. Will you avoid suffering the same fate? Summerinwonderland, Pine, and Cheery Dog completed this question.

Summerinwonderland finished in...03:00.

Pine finished in...01:07.

Cheery Dog finished in...01:04.

Casablanca wins another point! With the way points are distributed up to now, one more point will secure Casablanca's victory!


Spoiler: Sundries
Charlie Brown's father was a barber in the popular comic strip Peanuts. Which one of you will have to survive a close shave? Rahladahla, Mist7676, and Gamma completed this question.

Rahladahla finished in...0:33.

Mist7676 finished in...0:21.

Gamma finished in...0:57.

Bangkok wins a point!


Spoiler: Suppers
Cookie Monster has consumed a lot of rice cakes over the years. Which of you will be consumed by this game? DeasVail, DK, and Espeonage completed this question.

DeasVail finished in...0:53.

DK finished in...0:40.

Espeonage finished in...02:02.

Bangkok gets a point!


Alexandria, that means you ARE going to Tribal Council. If Bangkok or Casablanca get the next point, they win outright. If Alexandria gets it, we go to a tie.

Spoiler: Survivor
Ross Clarke-Jones was eliminated from Australian Survivor through a tragic accident at a challenge. Two of you, however, will be eliminated through the normal course of this game, at Tribal Council. Let's find out who it is. Creativemod1, Malkon, and Reundo completed this question.

Creativemod1 finished in...01:18.8.

Malkon finished in...01:18.7.

It all comes down to this.

Spoiler: Results
Reundo finished in...0:41! Casablanca gets a point AND immunity!

Bangkok and Alexandria, it's time for Tribal Council.

The two tribes going to Tribal have FORTY-EIGHT hours, in accordance with the rules, for their first Tribal.

You have until (expired on 2020-09-03 16:00:00) to submit votes in your decisions channel in the Discord server.

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T-Bone from Alexandria and grody from Bangkok were voted out

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Challenge #2, Sliding PuzzleChallenge Number: 2
Challenge Name: Sliding Puzzle
Contact First for Questions: Zoraster
Rules for Discussing with Others on Tribe: As long as you do not directly help another player with their puzzle or share any information about the specific puzzle such as what the image is of or a screen shot of the finished puzzle, you may discuss the puzzle including how you felt you did, which one you selected and so forth.
Link to Form: This is a link to the form. (Remember: timer starts with the "Start" form and ends with the "Finish" form. You'll submit two forms)
Winner Determined by: Taking only the seven SLOWEST members from each tribe, the tribe that has the fastest mean time among these players. Note that players will NOT see the individual results of each player.
What needs to be submitted to win: You must screen shot the entire browser that contains the solved puzzle.
Time limit or Max Time if Applicable: 60 minutes
Description: Each player may choose whether to do a 4x4 sliding puzzle or a 5x5 sliding puzzle. The tribes that win immunity will be the two tribes whose seven SLOWEST players have the fastest mean time. Players will NOT see any results other than which tribes are going to TC.

Why in the world would you pick to do a 5x5 puzzle, you ask? Because there's an...

The fastest time (whether 4x4 or 5x5) in EACH tribe will get a Class B idol good for 3 attended tribal councils OR until the merge, whichever is first IF and ONLY IF the player with the fastest 5x5 overall is not in their tribe (see next).

The fastest 5x5 OVERALL will instead get their pick from: (1) a Class A idol good until the merge; or (2) a Class B idol good until Final 7. The selection must be made by one hour before the TC2 deadline. They receive this choice ONLY if their time is at or below the mean AND median time for all players (including those doing the 4x4s). If they do not meet that requirement, they will only receive a Revote Idol good until the Merge unless they are somehow the fastest solver in their tribe (in which case they get the previously mentioned Class B idol good for 3 attended TCs or merge, whichever is first). If a 5x5 puzzler gets the fastest time overall (including 4x4s) they instead receive a Class A idol good until Final 7.

This means: Two tribes will have someone who receives a Class B idol good for 3 attended tribals or merge (whichever is first). One tribe will have someone who receives either (a) the previously mentioned Class B for 3 attended tribals/until merge; (b) A Class A idol good until the merge; (c) a Class B idol good until Final 7; (d) A Class A idol good until Final 7 or (e) a Revote Idol. In total, then, 3 idols will be awarded by this.

Yes this is kind of complicated, so I encourage any questions about this in your confessional or decision booth.

You may practice puzzles by going here: https://puzzel.org/en/slidingpuzzle/create just upload your own image and set it for either 4x4 or 5x5. When I played, I found this article helpful on how to solve a sliding puzzle: https://www.wikihow.com/Solve-Slide-Puzzles

Deadline: September 4 @ 18:00 EDT

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Clarification: 2 tribes get immunity!

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Challenge #2: Sliding Puzzle Results

Bangkok and Casablanca earn immunity!

Alexandria, you'll see me at Tribal Council tomorrow.

I'll post in idol winners' decision booths with their win in the next few minutes. If you don't have one in the next 5-10 minutes, you can assume you did not receive one.

Vote Deadline: September 5th @ 20:00 EDT
Note the later time

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Post Post #21  (ISO)  » Sat Sep 05, 2020 7:03 pm

TC2 Result: Rahladala on Alexandria has been voted out.

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Challenge #3, Word WebChallenge Number: 3
Challenge Name: Word Web
Contact First for Questions: Monty
Rules for Discussing with Others on Tribe: You may not discuss this challenge with your tribemates.
Link to Form: This is the form.
Winner Determined by: The two tribes with the fastest average time will win immunity.
What needs to be submitted to win: A screenshot of the puzzle, with the word highlighted or circled.
Time limit or Max Time if Applicable: The max time for this challenge is one hour.
Description: We have created a grid of letters that are connected by lines. Your goal is simple--find the one place in this grid where a specific word can be spelled by connecting grid lines and not repeating letters. Here is an example from a previous iteration of this challenge, where the task was to identify the word “lyricism”.


You’ll find the one place in the grid where the given word can be found by connecting letters, and circle or highlight or otherwise indicate the letters in the word. The two tribes with the fastest average time will win immunity!

You will need some form of editing software (paint, photoshop, etc.) for this challenge.

Deadline: September 6th @ 18:00 EDT

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Clarification: Yes, you will be given the word you need to find at the same time as you're given the puzzle.

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Challenge #3 Results!
Post 1

Before I begin, a quick reminder: please pay attention to the rules for discussing the challenges. We're using a variety of different levels of communication you can do. Challenge 2 allowed for a ton of communication, but this one was NO communication. When that happens, please take it seriously and don't discuss the challenge, including your result (e.g. "I did really badly").


Why don't we reveal these one at a time?

Let's start with Bangkok!

animorpherv1 with 1:00:00
D3f3nd3r with 0:04:15.9
DK with 0:10:05.7
Malkon05 with 0:17:01.7
mist7676 with 0:01:27.2
Pine with 0:20:28.2
VashtaNeurotic with 0:05:42.5

Bangkok has an average time of.... 0:17:00.2

[ + ]

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