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For large social games such as Survivor where the primary mechanic is social interaction.
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So those who know me know that I love a good spreadsheet!

I have created a Mod Spreadsheet for running Survivor games, the main idea behind the spreadsheet is to help make things easier when modding a game, especially at deadlines, if prepared properly the spreadsheet will have everything organised and thus make transitions much quicker. Below are some of the features that the spreadsheet can do, if you have ideas for things you'd want for me to add then feel free to suggest them.

1) Tribe Swaps: All in one place you have links to each players edit profile sections along with their new avatar along with links for mass swaps.
2) App Sorter: Easily see who you're accepting and rejecting from the game and sort them into their tribes.
3) Acceptance PMs: Simple copy/paste messages auto-generated, you can also personalize them for your game.
4) TC Posts: Automated TC and Results Posts, you order the votes how you want.
5) Deadline converter: Pick up to 5 different timezones, input a deadline and then you'll be given a countdown and a table of deadlines in different timezones.
6) Table Maker: Just put what you want in the spreadsheet cells and it'll give you the code for the table.
7) Wiki tables: Auto generate some tables to put into your wiki post game
8) Listmod Anon character spreadsheet: There's a sheet for listmods to quickly update the anon spreadsheet after the game.

The feedback I’ve had so far on this spreadsheet is that it’s made a lot of things much quicker, we’ve managed to do large tribe swaps in arounds 15 mins as a 2 person mod team.

If you're still reading then I assume you're interested in seeing it so, low and behold here is the spreadsheet:
This spreadsheet is a blank copy: ... sp=sharing
This spreadsheet is an example based on the Zelda game: ... sp=sharing

To make a copy click: File->Make a Copy

If you have any issues then PM me, discord is the best place to reach me CreativeMod1#3798 Obviously if I'm in your game then I can't take a look at your spreadsheet but I can try to do some troubleshooting using the template as a guide.

The spreadsheet is being tested in the next game, there might be some changes after this testing, if you are planning on using this sheet, make sure you ego post this thread as I'll be posting in here for any updates made to the spreadsheet

Everything from this point is an explanation on how to setup and use the spreadsheet, some things in the setup need to be done in a certain order and thus please follow this step by step.

IMPORTANT! The spreadsheet is colour-coded.
-GREEN Cells are to be filled in, only type in these cells! NEVER drag cells from 1 place to another, this can break the formulas.
-ORANGE Cells are to be copied and then pasted in your forum
-RED Cells are to be hidden (right click on the row/column to hide, do not delete, the spreadsheet will give you a warning when doing this, this is the only time you can ignore this warning)
-BLUE Cells are links to be clicked on
The spreadsheet will give you a warning if you try typing in something you shouldn’t be

All the Red Tabs are for setup, once your game has started you can hide these. There is a tab called Board Codes, do not edit anything in this tab, it should already be hidden.

Spoiler: SETTINGS!
This tab is used for organising tribes and tribal council stuff

Tribe Stuff:

Tribe Name: List all of your tribes in the whole game.
You will also need the following “tribes”: Replacement, Eliminated and Jury (As well as any redemption based tribes). These "Tribes" can be themed named such as RC from Zelda.

Swap Number: This is to sort out which tribes are active at the same time, all starting tribes should be set as 1, the second set of tribes at 2
Replacements should be set as Replacement, Any “tribes” which signifies an eliminated player (Eliminated, Jury, Redemption) should be set as Final

Tribe Colour: This is just a colour name associated with the tribe, IF 2 tribes have the same colour then make sure they’re spelt the same here (this is used for sorting avatars)

Tribe Banner: Copy and Paste the image link for your tribe banner here

Tribe Number: This is the number associated with this tribes permission group on your forum. You will find it in any URL associated with your tribe
E.g: https://powervcouragevwisdom.freeforums ... /30/manage This is the Power Tribe from Zelda, the number here would be 30

Forum Settings:

Website: Copy and Paste your forum website (must be the home page)

Board Type: Are you using Proboards or SimpleMachines (If you’re using a different board then it might still be possible to use this template, please contact me)

TC/Results Posts:

This section is purely for flavour of your TC’s and your Results, to fill in these sections you need to create a template of your TC’s/Results and then copy the sections into the spreadsheet (if using proboards copy the BBCode) They will need to follow the below format, the flavour text is what you’ll need to put into the spreadsheet columns.
Each cell of the column will be a fresh new line.
If you want to create an empty line between 2 other lines, you must put a space in the cell (the formula is set to ignore empty cells)

Your TCs/Results will follow the below templates:

-Flavour Text (Column X)
-Avatars of voting players
-Flavour Text (Column Y)

-Flavour Text (Column Z)
-Items being played
-Flavour Text (Column AA)

This tab is used for inputting all usernames/passwords

Usernames and passwords for Players/Replacements must be placed into the spreadsheet before sorting through applications, I recommend doing the same for specs but it is not a requirement.

Username/Password: Simply input the usernames and passwords into these columns

Player number: This is similar to the tribe numbers in setup, head to that accounts profile and take the number from the URL
E.g: This is Ancient Oven in Zelda, I would use the number 18 here

Starting Tribe: Assign starting tribes to accounts before the game begins (and thus do the permissions for the starting tribes pre-game) The spreadsheet will assign a player with the same starting tribe as this account when doing the app sorting.

MS Username and Character: Do not fill these in, the spreadsheet will assign these players to the accounts you have created, you can check back here to make sure that these have been assigned correctly.

Other: These usernames/passwords are for all of your Spectators, just simply input the usernames/passwords to the columns and the spreadsheet will assign spectators to them.

Mods: This is purely optional but it might be handy to keep record of the mods usernames/passwords, data inputted here doesn’t get used anywhere else on the spreadsheet

I’m gonna skip ahead a couple of tabs now as there’s a few things that should be filled in before you start your game/send out applications, but we’ll be using those tabs later too.

Spoiler: TC
For now, you need to input all your items here.
Scroll down to the bottom of this sheet to find the items section. Each row is for a new item and pre-game you must fill in the following columns for each item.

Item name: Pretty simple, what’s the name of the item.

Player/Played on/Vote used are all filled in during the game, ignore them for now.

Image: Input the image of the item

Message when used: What you put in this box will be what is displayed when an item is used at TC, the Template for these posts will be:
-Item Picture
-[Player] has used [Item name] on [Player]
-Message when used (e.g for an idol you might want to say: This player is immune, any votes cast for them will not count)

Message when found: This is what will be displayed when you post the item into a players confessional, the template for these posts will be:
-Item Picture
-Item Name
-Message when found (this could be the item description if it’s not in the picture or just simply a congratulations message)

Where to find: This box is purely for you as moderators to help you keep track of where items are found

For the Countdowns to work you need to install the right plugin/package depending on what board you’re using.
Proboards: Install this plugin to your forum.
SimpleMachines: ... p?mod=1952 Install this package to your forum.
If you need help on how to install these then please contact me.

If you're not able to install the above plugin/package then the Cell that says Countdown? change the option to No, this will mean that you just simply have a table rather than both the table and the countdown.

Before the game starts you must fill in the table of timezones you wish to use during this game. I highly recommend that you double check all timezones in google and check for daylight savings, different countries have daylight savings at different times and most will have a different timezone name based on savings (e.g UK uses GMT in Winter but BST in summer).

When filling in the table there’s 3 columns:
Name of timezone: Make sure this is accurate e.g using BST/GMT
Hours from UTC: Again google this to make sure it’s accurate based on daylight savings, UTC is not the same as the time in the UK (UTC=GMT but not BST)
Minutes from UTC: For most timezones this’ll be 0, but some timezones such as ACST (Australian Central) there is a half hour timezone, for this just simply put 30 in this column

Spoiler: SWAPS
For now all you need to do is hide the columns you won’t be using, the columns you won’t need will be filled red (this is based on the type of board you are using)

Once you have completed the above sections you are ready to send out Applications!

Spoiler: APPS
This is where your applications will fill up, to make changes/view the application as a whole click on Form (at the top) and then Edit Form

Feel free to change this application in any way you’d like, there is a fairly standard template for the application if you wish to use that.

If you change the application! Make sure that in the 'Apps' tab, Column B is for MafiaScum Usernames and Column C is for whether they are applying to be a player or spectator.

This is where you’ll input whether a player has been cast or not.

If you’ve changed the application itself you must double check that the code is still correct:
Cell A1: must contain the formula: =QUERY(Apps!B1:B)
Cell B1: must contain the formula: =QUERY(Apps!C1:C)

Cast?: Here there are 5 options:
Player: Select this if you’re 100% casting this player
Replacement: Select this if you’d like this person to be a replacement
Unsuccessful player: Select this if you’re 100% not going to cast this person and you’re going to make them a spectator
Spectator: Select this if this person has applied to be a spectator (Do not give this to someone who has applied to be a player but didn't get cast, unless they themselves have changed their application)
Maybe: This option is purely to help you visualise who you’re still undecided about and has no use in the spreadsheet itself (Make sure you've changed all maybes to either cast or unsuccessful before sending out PMs)
(upon selecting an option the players name will colour to help you visualise who is doing what)

Tribe: If they are a player you must assign them to a starting tribe, once you’ve done this you can see in the account setup tab that it’ll have assigned them a username/password
-If a player is being a replacement, assign them to the replacement tribe.
-You’ll see on the right the players will fill up the tribes so you can visualise who is with who.

Character: Input characters here (for both players and spectators)

Spoiler: PMS
Here you will find all an easy C/P for sending out account details for players.

On the right you can personalise each type of PM for Players, Replacements, Unsuccessful Players and Spectators. You can even add a message for players who haven’t played in a LSG onsite before (either to give them advice if they’re playing or to give them support and encouragement to stay in the community if they didn’t get cast)
Like with the TC Templates, each column has its own purpose, with each new cell being a new line in your message. All messages follow the same template:

-Dear MSusername
-Flavour (pre-user/pass column)
-Username/Password/Link to forum
-Flavour (post-user/pass column)
-Forum opening time
-Noob info

Opening time: At the top of the sheet just simply input what date/time your forum is due to open, make sure you check the ‘Deadlines’ tab to input the timezones you wish to use for this game.

Once everything is ready to be sent out, all you need to do is Copy the Orange cell next to each player and paste it into a PM to that player. Everything should be formatted based on the above template. I recommend previewing the first few messages to make sure they look how you want them to look.
If a player is new then just tick the box next to their username under the ‘New?’ Column

Once PMs have been sent out, DO NOT edit any of the red tabs, mainly changing any accounts already set up or changing a player from playing to spectating. If any players are being replaced before the game starts please follow replacement instructions that are posted later.
You can now hide all red tabs as you won't be using them

You are pretty much ready to start the game but there's a few things from the remaining tabs that you'll need to do before you open your forum for all to see. See the below spoilers for explanation on how to do certain things.

Avatars: Fill in each players starting tribe avatars in the grid

Tribes: Input each player's opening tribes into the first tribe column (this includes replacements), you can also hide any red columns here as you won’t be needing them. (After you’ve filled in your tribes on the settings tab)

TC: Hide any red rows as you won’t be needing them

Swaps: On the right side of this page under New Tribe Post, select a starting tribe and copy the orange cell. Paste the orange cell into that tribes board. You can also make 1 big post with all starting tribes in your announcement board.

Congratulations, you are now ready to start your survivor game. Use the below tools to help you with running your game

Spoiler: AVATARS
This tab is very simple, for each character put the image URL into the cell for the correct colour (you can create all avatars at the start or just add them in when you need them, just make sure that they are put into the correct cell)
The cells will be already filled in saying what picture should appear in that cell e.g Red Kass for an Avatar of Kass on a Red tribe.

There's nothing stopping you from filling in the whole grid here and creating everyones avatar for every colour, or you may update this grid before a tribe swap happens and thus not need to make avatars that won't get used. If you do fill in the whole grid, you can hide this tab.

You will need to input a characters eliminated/jury avatars before posting TC Results in a round in which they're eliminated as their eliminated avatar will show in the TC Results post

Spoiler: TRIBES (use this tab for swapping a replacement player into the game)
Replacing a player: To replace a player into the game, simply change the rows of the replacing player to match the tribes of the player they are replacing and then change the player who is leaving and remove all of their tribes.

Tribe Swap: At a tribe swap change all of the next columns into being the upcoming tribes, you can even do this before you post TC results (I’ll explain more later)

Eliminating a player: Either through sending them to the Jury, sending them home or sending them to Redemption, to eliminate a player all you need to do is change the LAST column to match their elimination status. You MUST do this before trying to post TC Results.
If the player is fully eliminated from the game, put in their position number in the final column, please put just the number (e.g use 21 rather than 21st)

Spoiler: TC
This tab is where you’ll generate your copy/pastes for both TC and Results. You’ll also find your items here too.

Scroll down underneath your list of players to find TC Options and a section for Items.

TC: To generate the TC post do the following things:
1) In the voting column, number each player who is voting (the order of the numbers will be the order in which their avatars are shown in the post)
2) Scroll down to under your player list
3) Fill in the TC Questions(each line being a new question)
4) Fill in the green boxes under TC Post, including immunity winners (if you have one) and the deadline for this TC
5) Copy the TC post Orange Box and Paste it into your forum.

During the vote, next to the player who is voting put down who they are voting for in the current votes column.
If you have 2 different votes in 1 round, use a different column for each tribe

Results: To generate the Results post do the following things:
1) Go to tribes tab and change the final tribe for the eliminated player. (If you are having a tribe swap after the votes, you can input each players next tribes too)
2) In the voting column, number the players in the order you wish to reveal their votes
3) Name this vote at the top of the column (e.g vote 4 or Power 4) These names will be used when putting your game onto the wiki.
4) Scroll down to the results post options, input which vote it is (matching the name at the top) and who is eliminated this round.
5) If it is a tie then change the options under results post to ‘yes’ next to ‘Tie?’ and then write in who the tie is between. Also change the deadline under TC to reflect the new deadline.
5b) After a tie, start a new column for the tie-breaker votes. Make sure you name the header of this column something different (e.g Vote 4.2 or Vote 4.Tie)
6) If a player is playing an item then in the Items section write in who they are playing it on and change the vote column to this vote (Only do this if the item gets revealed at the Results)
6b) If a player is playing a full idol then in the voting column put in the number 0 next to any votes cast for that player, this will make the vote come up as (does not count)
7) Next to dead flavour, write in what you wish to display after a players dead avatar shows up e.g 'You have been voted off of the tribe' or 'You are the first member of the Jury'
8) If an extra vote is being played then at the top where all the votes are displayed, simply add the vote in an empty row and number the voting column as you would normally.
9) Copy the Orange cell from the results section and paste it into your forum (you may need to edit some things based on items being played)

The swaps tab is different based on which board you're using

Okay so swapping tribes on proboards is a little bit complex in some ways but simple in others.
If you’re not 100% familiar with permissions on proboards the way it works is based on member groups. You create a member group for each tribe, assigning that group with the colours and permissions to view certain boards. When you add a player to a certain member group they will then be able to access the board however their display group will not show their newest group, it will show the first group they joined.
There is a work around from this and it’s 3 easy steps:
Remove a player from their old display group (the previous tribe they were on)
Add the player to their new display group (their new tribe/eliminated/jury ect)
Add the player back to their old tribe so they can still have permissions to see their old tribe

Now that you know that, here’s how you use the spreadsheet:
Before you do anything, make sure you change the players tribe in the ‘Tribes’ Tab

For proboards you can either change individual permissions 1 player at a time or a whole tribes permissions. On the Left side of the spreadsheet is everything for changing individual players and on the Right side is everything for whole tribes.


Membergroups: Click the first blue cell (under Membergroups Link) this will take you straight to that players groups editing page. Here just simply remove old tribe, add new tribe, readd old tribe.

Avatars: Click the second blue cell (under Avatar Link) this will take you straight to that players avatar editing page. Copy the orange cell and paste it onto this page. (Clicking on the upload/link button)

Mass Tribe Swap:

At the very right side of the page it’ll say swap number, change that to match which swap this is (The first tribes will count as swap 1)
The 3 sections (Remove old/Add new/Re-add old) should change to match the tribe swap.

Underneath the swap number there’ll be the New tribe post, if you select a tribe, the orange cell will give you a copy that you can paste into your forum with that tribe's banner and player avatars.

When you want to do the swap itself, do each section 1 by 1, DO NOT move onto the next section until you have finished the previous one otherwise the display groups will not show up properly.

Section 1 Remove Old Tribe:
Click on each Blue Cell
On the forum, checkmark every player you are swapping
Click Actions
Click Remove from group
(During the first swap the replacement group will also show up here, you can ignore it if you’re not taking anyone out of replacement)

Section 2 Add New Tribe:
Click on each Blue Cell
On the forum, scroll down to Group Members
Type in each player who is being added to this tribe
(All final tribes will always show up, you can ignore them if you’re not eliminating anyone at this time)

Section 3 Re-add Old Tribe:
Exactly the same as section 2, except this is for re-adding players to their old tribes.

If you need an easy reminder as to who is on what tribe, change the settings in the player list and it’ll give you a list of everyone in a certain tribe.

If you need to edit or move any boards around, click on the blue box next to boards.

There is a small bit of setup here to start with.
On your forum, go to each confessional board and take the number in the URL for that board, put the number in the Confessional Number Column, once these are all filled in you can hide this column.

Changing a players permissions: Click the first blue cell (under Membergroups Link)
-Change the Primary Membergroup to match what tribe they’re now on
-Add the new tribe to the Secondary Membergroup list

Changing Avatars: Click the second blue cell (under Avatar Link)
-Copy the first Orange Cell (under Avatar)
-Paste it onto the forum in the personalised picture box

Changing Confessional Pics: Click the third blue cell (under Confessional Link)
-Copy the second Orange Cell (under Confessional Avatar)
-Paste it onto the forum in the description box

On the right of this sheet, there is a section for New Tribe Post, input a tribe name and the Orange Cell will give you a copy/paste for a Tribe Post which’ll include the tribe banner and all the avatars of players in that tribe. Use this for posting in their tribe areas and for announcing tribe swaps.

If you need to edit or move any boards around, click on the blue box next to boards.

Just simply input the time you wish to set the deadline to in the 3rd row and then copy the Orange Cell B5 and paste it where you wish to put the deadline (e.g in a challenge post). The Mod Timezone is the timezone in which you’re inputting the deadline at. The Board Timezone is for if your board is set to a particular timezone (I think this is only applicable for SimpleMachines)

If using SimpleMachines you can also change the heading to display your countdown, use the SimpleMachines Countdown box for this, input a message into the Green Cell, Copy the Orange Cell, Click the Blue Cell and post the Orange Cell in there.

If using Proboards, you can also change the headings but this is a bit more complex, follow the instructions from the plugin for this.

This tab is more of just a silly thing that I thought could be useful, there were many times in which I wanted to make a table for some reason and couldn’t be bothered with making it on the board.

For this just simply input what you want in the green cells and then copy the orange cell and you’ll have an easy made table to be pasted into your forum.

Congratulations, you can now run your game! But the spreadsheet fun isn't over yet, check back here after the game for even more tools!!!
To find these hidden tools click on the 4 lines in the bottom left corner of the spreadsheet, this will bring up all sheets. Open the 2 orange sheets (Wiki and Listmod Use)

Spoiler: Wiki
This sheet is used to generate some tables quickly for your wikipedia page.

Tribes (on the left side):
Hexcode: For each tribe input the hexcode for the background colour for the cells for this tribe.
Text Colour: This'll be the text colour in the cells for that tribe. (feel free to play around with this and test what works best when put onto the wiki)

Final: This is personal notes you wish to be displayed, so could be used to state any special things that happened to said player.

At the top of this area simply give a name for your table and then copy the orange cell into the wiki edit area and it'll give you your entire table.

Votes (on the right side):
Tick the boxes for the votes you wish to be displayed in said table (you might want to split the game in half for pre-merge and post-merge votes in case it's too large)

Name your table at the top and use the orange cell to copy it into the wiki

Spoiler: Listmod Use
As the name suggests, this area is to be used by the listmods, they can use this to copy the players and characters into the Anon character database quickly and easily
Please present this sheet to your listmod after the game so they can update this spreadsheet

How to update the Anon character database:
-On the Mod spreadsheet, copy all of the cells from A2 down to the the bottom of the player list
-On Anon spreadsheet, open up the mod sheet (in the hidden sheets)
-Click onto the cell underneath 'Player' for this game and paste there
-Rename the 'Game Name' Cell
-Hide the mod sheet
-Go to the 'Players' sheet
-Open the hidden columns at the end of the sheet
-Hide the columns that are empty
-Do the same on 'Spectators' sheet
-Do the same on 'Character Placings' sheet
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<3 <3 <3 So happy to see this.
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Absolutely amazing to have this in the open! This is great, thanks.
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