On Accusations of Cheating

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I am glad that users take cheating as seriously as we do. Please contact a listmod if you have a suspicion that someone is cheating, even if it's a gut reaction. If it's more than that, please don't hesitate to give details to the listmod about why you think the person is cheating. We take every suspicion seriously and will investigate it. Doing this makes listmod's job easier, and it helps them to work in partnership with players.

Listmods and admins have tools at our disposal to help us try to catch cheaters. They aren't perfect and sometimes they take a while to work, but they are more effective at figuring out who is cheating.

However, cheating accusations from players should not be made in public. They should not be shared as if they are gossip, and "call outs" (where one user accuses another of cheating to their face) should definitely not occur. It is impossible to take back an accusation, it causes others to have suspicions of players that are unwarranted, and it can drive legitimate players away from the site. It creates an atmosphere on the site where everyone is potentially cheating, and given that this is a game that is at its heart based on trust, we cannot have our players engaging in vigilante witch hunts.

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Good update, Zor! :)

And good call on blacklisting callouts!
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