The Scummie for Best Setup [Winner Announced!]

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The Winner of the Best Setup in a Mafia Game (Rube Goldberg) is:
Nahdia for Civilization Mafia

"Civilization Mafia had game mechanics/roles which absolutely PERFECTLY fit the theme of the source material, and furthermore, the idea behind the game was brilliant: the game would slowly, and progressively, reveal more and more, and give both town and scum more and more, which would lead to basically an arms race where both sides would vie for extra power.

The wonder and resolutions the game were absolutely brilliant, and the game was amazingly balanced. Though the game was by its nature swingy, no side was at an inherent disadvantage. Nahdia had plans for literally everything and had laid out every possibility, showing incredible variety in how the game could have played out.

Though a closed game, this same game could easily be run as an open in the future in my opinion, because it started out with every player as vanilla and allowed them to progressively select powers and game mechanics they wanted to see. You have to go to the mod topic/postgame to see the full list of what could have been there, but the full list is amazing."

Link to the game

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Wowzers. Thanks very much, guys, I truly did not expect this. I really enjoyed taking the time to piece this setup together so it's nice to see others appreciated it as well. Big thanks to my reviewers who were uh... (wow this was so long ago I had to go look it up) Varsoon, Frozen Angel, inspectorscout, and Firebringer, yall we're really great [=
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gratz, it was definitely a prominent game last year, I still cannot stop hearing about it haha. Must have been lots of work to make a game that big. Some good finalists as well.
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Congrats! Proud to have been a part of the setup review for this, it was awesome to see it shape into what it became. Nahdia nailed it and I felt super jealous of all the people on the playerlist for getting to play it.

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Congratulations, Nahdia!
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Post Post #6  (ISO)  » Tue Apr 17, 2018 2:33 am

Proud to have been a part of it even though I felt like I had to post well over 100 times a day to be able to do my job as scum.
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A well deserved victory, congratulations Nahdia!
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Congrats Nahdia!
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congratulations, Nahdia. you deserve this win.

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