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This is the general information thread for Team Mafia 2021.

Here is what is in this thread:

1. Team list and playerlists for games
2. Rules
3. Information regarding scoring for this event
4. Replacements will be announced in this thread
5. The list of designated replacements.

Team List

1. Quick Attack: Alisae, chennisden, Mistyx, MURDERCAT
2. Class of 2175: Gypyx, innocentvillager, Iconeum, sirius9121
3. Mask Your Worries: JacksonVirgo, JohnnyFarrar, TheGoldenParadox, Noraa
4. Pa-Ni-Nis: xRECKONERx, thestatusquo, Cheetory6, AGar
5. Team 'Team 'Team' Team' Team: Hopkirk, Hectic, Flopz, Zaiden
6. Loyal Servants: Xtoxm, Auro, Pink Ball, Flavor Leaf
7. Whatever Farm Animal of War: Jingle, Dannflor, Pine, Aristophanes
8. Daylight Savings Time: lillith2013, something_smart, Datisi, the worst
9. The Four Seasons: Infinity 324, Ydrasse, Uncrowned, Kanna
10. Mana Crypt: MariaR, beeboy, Ampharos, unwnd
11. Onlyregfans: petapan, staypositivefriend, Super, hercule
12. Suicide Squad: PookyTheMagicalBear, DKKoba, OkaPoka, Nancy Drew 39
13. The Fakeclaim Processing Department: Ramcius, SirCakez, Creature, DrippingGoofball
14. All your Scummies belong to us: Albert B. Rampage, NorwegianboyEE, Firebringer, clidd
15. Maybe the Real Mods...: xofelf, zoraster, PrivateI, Cephrir
16. Half a Good Team Plus Two: DeasVail, Ythan, BBmolla, Jake The Wolfie
17. Basterd Modding: Gamma Emerald, Dr Easy Bake, Almost50, The Bulge
18. Perfect Grammar: Dunnstral, Akarin, Adorable, midwaybear

Spoiler: Game playerlists
Team Mafia 2021 Game Assignments

Large ThemeMURDERCAT - Quick Attack
Gypyx - Class of 2175
noraa - Mask Your Worries
Zaiden - Team 'Team 'Team' Team' Team
Pink Ball - Loyal Servants
Jingle - Whatever Farm Animal of War
Something_Smart - Daylight Savings Time
Kanna - The Four Seasons
MariaR - Mana Crypt
PookyTheMagicalBear - Suicide Squad
SirCakez - The Fakeclaim Processing Department
clidd - All your Scummies belong to us
PrivateI - Maybe the Real Mods...
Jake The Wolfie - Half a Good Team Plus Two
Gamma Emerald - Basterd Modding
midwaybear - Perfect Grammar
staypositivefriend - Onlyregfans
Cheetory6 - Pa-Ni-Nis

Large Normal:Alisae - Quick Attack
innocentvillager - Class of 2175
JacksonVirgo - Mask Your Worries
AGar - Pa-Ni-Nis
Hopkirk - Team 'Team 'Team' Team' Team
Xtoxm - Loyal Servants
Dannflor - Whatever Farm Animal of War
the worst - Daylight Savings Time
Uncrowned - The Four Seasons
unwnd - Mana Crypt
hercule - Onlyregfans
OkaPoka - Suicide Squad
DrippingGoofball - The Fakeclaim Processing Department
Albert B. Rampage - All your Scummies belong to us
Cephrir - Maybe the Real Mods...
Ythan - Half a Good Team Plus Two
Almost50 - Basterd Modding
Dunnstral - Perfect Grammar

Black Flag:chennisden - Quick Attack
JohnnyFarrar - Mask Your Worries
Flopz - Team 'Team 'Team' Team' Team
Auro - Loyal Servants
Lilith2013 - Daylight Savings Time
Infinity 324 - The Four Seasons
Ampharos - Mana Crypt
Super - Onlyregfans
Firebringer - All your Scummies belong to us
DkKoba - Suicide Squad

Mini ThemeMistyx - Quick Attack
Iconeum - Class of 2175
TheGoldenParadox - Mask Your Worries
Nancy Drew 39 - Suicide Squad
Flavor Leaf - Loyal Servants
Pine - Whatever Farm Animal of War
thestatusquo - Pa-Ni-Nis
Ramcius - The Fakeclaim Processing Department
NorwegianboyEE - All your Scummies belong to us
zoraster - Maybe the Real Mods...
BBMolla - Half a Good Team Plus Two
Dr Easy Bake - Basterd Modding
Akarin - Perfect Grammar

Mini NormalSirius9121 - Class of 2175
Hectic - Team 'Team 'Team' Team' Team
Aristophanes - Whatever Farm Animal of War
Datisi - Daylight Savings Time
Ydrasse - The Four Seasons
Creature - The Fakeclaim Processing Department
xofelf - Maybe the Real Mods...
DeasVail - Half a Good Team Plus Two
The Bulge - Basterd Modding
Adorable - Perfect Grammar
petapan - Onlyregfans
xRECKONERx - Pa-Ni-Nis
beeboy - Mana Crypt
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I reserve the right to append these rules should it become necessary. If this happens, all players will be notified
If you have any doubt about whether something is against the rules or not, pm your mod and me, and ask.

Team Communication

1. Each team will be provided a Private Topic (PT).
2. Each team will be provided a Discord Channel (DC).
3. Players may copy and paste whatever they want into their PT/DC. They may not copy and paste text OUT of their PT/DC into game threads.
4. Players may continue to communicate with their team after in-game death in their provided PT/DC.
5. There are no restrictions for what players can post in their PT/DC's outside of not breaking site rules.
6. Team PT/DC's will only be made public after the game if all players on the team consent to their release.
7. All Game PT's including all scum PT's will automatically be released after Team Mafia.

8. There will not be Spectator/Dead PT's.
9. You will convey your role and alignment to your teammates.
9a. You will be aware of the roles and alignments of your teammates.
10. You will convey all moderator-given information to your teammates (ex. cop results)

Talking About Other Games

1. There are no restrictions for what players can post in their PT/DC's outside of not breaking site rules. The rules for this section refer to what players can talk about in their ongoing games and ongoing game PT's.
2. Players are only allowed to talk about mod-confirmed things from other ongoing Team Mafia games.

Examples of things that ARE allowed
  • Stating who is on what team.
  • Stating what Day or Night another game is in.
  • Stating how many players are left alive on a team.
  • Stating how many town or scum are alive in another game.
  • Stating whether a dead player in another game has flipped town or scum.

3. Any public speculation about other ongoing games is prohibited.
4. Any attempt to publically signal players from other ongoing games, pass messages to players from other games, or otherwise communicate through the use of cryptography is prohibited.
5. Do not try to loophole these rules. If anyone has questions at any point about what is allowed or not allowed please message me (Untrod Tripod).
6. To repeat: If you have any doubt about whether something is against the rules or not, PM your mod and me, and ask.

Your Teammates are Always Innocent Until Proven Guilty

1. You may at no time say, indicate, insinuate, etc. in a game or game-related PT that your Team Mafia teammates are or might be anything other than town.
2. Exception: You may talk about your teammates being scum if they have flipped scum in another game (i.e. are dead).
3. If a player is NOT on your team and is still alive in another game, you must follow the rules in the Talking About Other Games thread.


1. It is your job to replace team members who are not active. You are allowed to ask anyone who has not previously been involved in this event. We have a list of people in this thread who have already signaled a willingness to replace in, if you cannot find someone. If you (the team) do not find a replacement in either of these two ways and I have to do it for you, there will be a tiebreak penalty.
2. To replace a team member, you must PM Untrod Tripod AND the moderator of your game. We have a list of replacements that you will be able to choose from.
3. You may replace with anyone who is not currently on a Team Mafia team, has not previously been on a different Team Mafia team, is and has not been part of the Team Mafia Organizing team (Moderators, Balance-checkers, players in tiebreak game), and is eligible to play in mafia games. However, only 4 people may be involved in the PT at any time. A replaced team member may not participate in any way unless they are replaced back in.
4. The mod will force replace any player who has not posted within 3 days (Prodded after 2 days, no response for 1 more) of their last post (not including Night). This will come at a penalty to the team.
5. If a player must be replaced due to mod errors or another outside influence (such as gaining information that they should not be able to have), the mods may assist in finding a replacement without assessing a penalty.
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Team Mafia 2021 is, chiefly, a competition between teams. Therefore, there is a scoring system.

1. Each team will be rewarded 1 point for being on the winning side of a finished game, even if they died before the game ended.
2. The team with the most points wins.

At the end of each game and at the end of the whole event, there will be a survey distributed to the teams. For the games the survey will require each player to vote, on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the least important 10 being the most important, how important a player was in their side winning the game. For the Team Survey, each player will be required to vote how deserving each team is of winning the event on a scale from 1 to 10.

In the event of a tie, there is a tiebreaker. In order of importance:

1. Being on the winning side of the Large Theme.
1a. Being on the winning side of the Large Normal
2. Having the best average score in the Game Survey.
3. Having the best score in the Team Survey.
4. The TM2020 Mods vote on a winner.
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List of folks who are willing to replace into a game:

1. LoneMarkhor
2. NotAJumbleOfNumbers
3. mastina
4. CheekyTeeky
5. RCEnigma

This list is not in any kind of order that will affect how one might be grabbed to replace onto a team. If I've missed you having in'd for this, please PM me. If you are interested in being added to this list, please PM me.
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I decided that it would be fun to break site rules during this event. Will this have consequences for me outside of the event?
A: Yes! Moderator actions taken during this event have the potential to affect your ability to play in games outside of this event.

Q: I decided that it would be fun to break site rules outside of this event. Will this have consequences for me inside this event?
A: Very possibly! Best to be on the safe side and not break site rules if you want to play this event start to finish.

Q: I thought it would be a fun thing to not know any of my teammate's roles or alignments. Is this okay?
A: It is not okay! The nature of this event is the ability to collaborate as a team in reading and reacting to games. Trying to have less information than your teammates to gain some kind of an edge is not allowed.

Q: Okay, so I have to know that my teammate drew scum in a game. But is it okay if my teammate doesn't tell any of us who their scum buddies are so we can read the game as if we're town and thus gain some kind of edge?
A: No. You will have all of the information that your teammates do.

Q: I have to replace out of this event for personal reasons. Will this affect my team's ability to win in a tiebreaker?
A: If your team finds a replacement either on their own or grabs one from the pool, it will not affect their ability to win in a tiebreaker.

Q: Am I allowed to post my role PM into my Discord Channel and/or PT?
A: Yes. You are encouraged to do so.
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