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UpdateUpdates to the queue rules are posted from time to time here. Be sure to follow that thread if you want to stay up-to-date on normal guidelines and roles.

Normal Queue Rules
Adapted from Nexus, who stole them from N, who borrowed them from Tierce


  • Normal games must adhere to the Normal Game Rules. Those rules are (mostly) re-stated here, but it's recommended to be familiar with those rules if you're planning to play, or especially moderate, a normal game.
  • The queue is divided in two parts:
    • Mini Normals can have a maximum of 13 players.
    • Large Normals have a minimum of 14 players.
  • All flavour in Normals must be public and entirely original. Flavour based on any sort of source material is considered a Theme game.
  • Roles must use standard names, and Role PMs should not contain flavour.
  • Mini normal games must have exactly one anti-town group of at least two players, and no other anti-town factions. Large normal games must contain at least one anti-town group of at least two players, and may contain up to two such groups. They may also contain up to one serial killer.
  • There must be at least one Vanilla Townie, and a sample Vanilla Townie role PM must be made public.
  • All roles and modifiers must be on the normal role whitelist, which can be found on the wiki page.
  • This queue is only for games currently in signups. If you have a question about a currently running game (which is any game once I have declared it full), please PM me. If you wish to pre-in for a game not yet in signups, PM that game's Moderator.
  • I will announce when games go into sign ups. Until there is an active game, any /in to sign up will be ignored.
  • Mini thread numbers are shared with the Mini Theme Queue. Through the use of ancient traditional sorcery, the two will never conflict.

  • Please post in this thread to be added to the game currently in signups. When there are two games taking signups at the same time, please specify which game you are signing up for (e.g., "/in mith's game" or "/in for the Large game"). In those occasions, non-specific signups such as "/in" or "/in for next" or "/mod" will be ignored.
  • If you change your mind after signing up for a game (but before it begins), please create a new post saying so (e.g., "/out"). Do not edit your older post, because I may not see the change.
  • There is no experience requirement to sign up for a Normal game. However, playing through a Newbie game is recommended.
  • Each player can only be active in a total of four Mini games (Normal and/or Theme) at a time. Hydras and alt accounts count toward this limit. If a player dies in an ongoing game, that player is considered released and is free to sign up for another.
  • There is no limit on how many Large games you can be active in.
  • All pre-ins need to be confirmed in thread within 48 hours of the game being announced.
  • Hydras are not allowed in Normal games.

  • To sign up to moderate a Mini Normal, you must have been active on the site for at least 3 months and have completed at least one Mafia game.
  • To sign up to moderate a Large Normal, you must have been active on the site for at least 3 months, have completed at least one Mafia game, and have moderated one game to completion. First time Large mods are limited to a maximum of 21 players (this may be waived by the listmod on a case-by-case basis).
  • You may run a game that qualifies as a Micro in the Mini Normal queue, but you must have the prerequisite experience to run a Micro and it will only count as running a Micro for experience.
  • Please post in this thread to be added to the moderator queues ("/in to mod a Mini", "/in to mod a Large", etc.).
  • You may either use your own setup, or use a setup designed by the Normal Review Group (NRG). If you wish to use your own setup, please send it to me when you /in to mod, and it will be reviewed by the NRG. If you wish to use a pre-designed setup, simply specify it ("/in to mod a pre-designed mini", "/in to mod a pre-designed large").
  • If you opt to design your own setup, you are expected to have it ready for review when you sign up to mod a game. This should include the number of players, the list of roles (including role PMs), and the opening post (including rules).
  • First time mods are encouraged (though not required) to use pre-designed setups, as they are designed by players familiar with the site's meta.
  • If you opt to use a pre-designed setup, you will be asked what size you wish to use when the game before yours enters signups. When your game enters signups, the setup will be sent to you so you can familiarize yourself with it. If desired, you may ask who designed the available setups, if you'd prefer to run a setup designed by a particular NRG member.
  • To moderate a Large game, you need a co- or backup moderator (must be eligible to run a Large Normal).
  • Only one Mini Normal game will be in signups at a time.
  • Only one Large Normal game will be in signups at a time
  • Games that do not fill within four weeks may be pulled from the queue, up to my discretion based on how fast they are filling and the size of the queue.
  • Potential moderators can only be in a single Mini/Open moderator queue (Mini Normal, Mini Theme, Open) at a time.
  • Potential moderators can only be in a single Large moderator queue (Large Normal, Large Theme) at a time.
  • Moderators must wait until the game they are moderating is completed before joining the queue again.
  • If you have moderated two games to completion, you can run a Large Normal concurrently with one other Non-Large game.
  • Please respond promptly to all PMs I send you. If you do not, you may be removed from the list when it becomes your turn, as I will assume you are no longer on the site.
  • You have 72 hours from when your game is announced to begin your game or it will be given to someone else.
  • Your game number should either be in your thread title or in the first post. This is extremely helpful for archiving purposes.
  • It is also very helpful if your first post stays up to date (even after the game is completed) with players who are dead and alive. It helps keep track of limits for players, and we like to have a record of how games have finished.
  • Moderators have the right to reject players from their player lists, if they feel that player will be detrimental to the game. The moderator should ask the List Mod as well, who will then communicate the information to the player. Please do not abuse this.

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Now taking signups...

Correct up to post

Mini Normal:
Moderator: DkKoba
Note: reviewed by mastina and Ircher

  1. Andresvbm
  2. geraintm
  3. MonkeyMan576
  4. Roden
  5. Jacket
  6. Meuh
  7. Scorpious

Large Normal:

Moderator queue

Mini Normal
  • _-shirou
  • >DkKoba
  • Umlaut
  • PookyTheMagicalBear
  • NorwegianBoyEE

Large Normal
  • _Akarin
  • ^Gypyx
  • ^schadd_

^ Set up received
* Currently in review
- Approved for normalcy and balance
+ Approved; next to enter signups
> Currently in signups
= Using a pre-designed setup
_ Moderator not currently available; signups delayed until available

Pre-Designed Setup Status
Available, in sizes:


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Current Mini Games

Spoiler: List
Mini Normal 1996
Moderator: northsidegal
Current Update: Game Over [Awaiting Archiving]
Player List:
  1. SaskeIsMyYaoiKismesis replaced Kookoobird replaced Cedrick, Vanilla Townie, survived
  2. Tchill13, Vanilla Townie, killed night 3
  3. Creature, Town Roleblocker, survived
  4. Ausuka, Vanilla Townie, lynched day 3
  5. Gamma Emerald, Town Doctor, survived
  6. Hopkirk replaced brassherald, Vanilla Townie, survived
  7. Havo, Town Watcher, survived
  8. Srceenplay replaced Mumble, Mafia 1-Shot Tracker, lynched day 5
  9. Killthestory, Vanilla Townie, killed night 1
  10. Flavor Leaf replaced katherine, Mafia 1-Shot Ninja, lynched day 4
  11. MariaR, Vanilla Townie, killed night 2
  12. Luca Blight, Town Commuter, lynched day 2
  13. implosion, Mafia 1-Shot Strongman, lynched day 1

Mini Normal 1999
Moderator: Boonskiies
Current Update: Day 4
Player List:
  1. Lovebird, Town Vanilla Cop, killed night 2
  2. Srceenplay, Town Ascetic Roleblocker, lynched day 2
  3. Twoinamillion
  4. Tchill13
  5. Heyoka, Vanilla Townie, lynched day 1
  6. Eddie Cane replaced Kookoobird
  7. Dunkerdoodles replaced eth0s, Vanilla Townie, killed night 3
  8. rb, Mafia Goon, lynched day 4
  9. Mortfeld
  10. pisskop, Town Bodyguard, lynched day 3
  11. Lexa, Town Loyal Tracker, killed night 1
  12. Not Known 15
  13. Mohab500

Mini Normal 2002
Moderator: UC Voyager
Current Update:
Player List:
  1. Flavor Leaf
  2. Saudade
  3. WhyMafia
  4. Floosh
  5. GreyIce
  6. MagnaOfIllusion
  7. Gamma Emerald
  8. implosion
  9. Hoopla
  10. Cheetory6
  11. StefanB
  12. Erika Furudo
  13. CultofAthena

Mini Normal 2003
Moderator: Nero Cain and Espeonage
Current Update:
Player List:
  1. Not_Mafia
  2. Srceenplay
  3. CheekyTeeky
  4. ImBad14
  5. ArcAngel9
  6. The Worst replaced Fumuki[
  7. Lovebird
  8. AliceRaider45
  9. Tchill13
  10. Hopkirk

Archived Mini Games

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Current Large Games

Large Normal 211
Moderator: Assemblerotws
Current Update: Day 2
Player List:
  1. northsidegal
  2. Flavor Leaf, Town Neighbor, killed night 1
  3. texcat replaced PeregrineV
  4. Egg
  5. TwoInAMillion
  6. Mulch replaced UC Voyager
  7. Archwing
  8. Nictis
  9. Beefster
  10. Ausuka replaced Luca Blight
  11. profii
  12. Theta Alpine
  13. Pine
  14. Gamma Emerald
  15. Mordin Solus replaced Lil Uzi Vert, Mafia Neighbor, lynched day 1
  16. Flubbernugget
  17. Nosferatu, Mafia Rolecop, killed night 1
  18. Inferno390
  19. Firebringer
  20. RedFlavor

Archived Large Games

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Hello and welcome to the new Normal Queue thread!

This queue is steeped in a lot of history, and I hope to both further that history for the better, and to be just one of many in a series of horrifically tyrannical dictators. With that out of the way:

Currently taking signups:

Mini Normal:
Moderator: Inferno390

  1. UnaBombaH
  2. Gustavo
  3. Ircher
  4. Morality
  5. Beefster

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Trans rights are human rights.

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/in minio
Also, what is Not_Mafia doing? This is some of the worst play I’ve ever seen.
I will SEARCH for games with you and N_M to help you policy him.
I can't remember the last N_M post that wasn't bland, unimaginative and lame. Some shitposters are at least somewhat funny. You are the epitomy of the type of poster that nobody would miss if you were to suddenly disappear. You never add anything of value.

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congrats implo :)

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"Cry havoc, and let slip the wombat of war!"
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haha ego
ah yes, beeboy style reads;
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congrats impoe ^^
I bet Maria is scum this game~Firebringer Na Maria isn't towny enough to be scum this game~Charloux
MariaR goes for the uwu owo tsundere-dere look but you never know if she has a knife behind her back.~Bitmap
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/in to mod a Mini Normal.
Trans rights are human rights.

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ego :]
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"just got my hands in cooking! feel free to give me suggestions. So far completed: noodle in soup, noodle stuffed clam over noodle, red white and bluedle american noodle, hot brown noodle"

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grats implosion!
Mini Normal 2010 is now live! PM me to either spectate or join a replacement queue!

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I see my /in has been counted. Thank you

Eddie Cane
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"Ima need to buy at least Josh a fucking tarot card reading because this dude is scary at picking up on scum before they even post what the fuck type of Ms. Cleo ass psychic ass mothafucka did yall allow to sign up for this site"

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/in ferno

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Players I admire: Thor665, Lapsa, RC

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In post 18, HeWhoSwims wrote:/in ferno

"Do I have permission to....refute some of the bs that Inferno just spewed out?"--TywinL
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/in for inferno.

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<(") | (")>

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/in to mod mini
<(") | (")>

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