Boundaries of Reality - [17/17]

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Mafia Scum
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Nancy Drew 39
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Can we reserve this last spot for Purrocet?

*crosses fingers*

Thing with Nancy is we just need to tread carefully because if you slip up around her as scum she notices and will tear your spine out and slap you to death with it.

(I'm slightly scared of Nancy)
~ the worst

Kokichi Oma
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Nerf this
How do you expect to find the culprit when you're all worried about each other's feelings? If you're planning to expose a liar, then you have to corner them psychologically.

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Post Post #28  (ISO)  » Sat Oct 06, 2018 1:19 am

Waiting to see if anyone wants to WotO.

Role PMs will be sent tomorrow.
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