A Gentle Reminder about Replacement Rules

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A Reminder of Replacement Rules:

Due to a recent uptick in reports regarding public discussion of replacements coupled with an influx of returning members, we would like to provide a brief reminder about the rule change as of April 2019 that we have made regarding replacements.

6. Replacements are an unavoidable out-of-game influence. To minimize the impact of replacements on game integrity, do not tell other players to replace out. Do not publicly consider or publicly announce a choice to replace out. PM your game moderator if you are considering replacing out or have concerns and believe another player should be replaced. Once you have requested to replace out, you are no longer a player in that game.

We have been lenient with reminders/notifications instead of official warnings over the previous year as the site adjusted to these changes. This PSA serves as a public notification that we will not be lenient moving forward. To simplify things:

1. All replacement requests (replacing in or replacing out) must be done via PM with your moderator. Once the moderator has acknowledged (publicly or privately) that your replace out request has been received, you may not rescind the request. There are no exceptions to this rule.
2. Telling other players to replace out is strictly prohibited.
3. Publicly threatening to replace out of a game is strictly prohibited.
4. After you have sent the replacement request to the mod, or the mod notifies you that you are being replaced, you may not post in the game thread.

This is not an attempt to prohibit replacing out of games. The purpose of this rule is to eliminate metagaming, whether it is by making threats of replacing out to create the impression of emotional distress or by telling someone to leave the game to do the same. As we have stated in other public announcements, mafia functions on a social contract. Faking out-of-game emotional reactions to manipulate other players is similar to faking out-of-game personal crises for the purpose of manipulation. We expect our players to treat each other with basic decency. Everyone is here to play a game. Social manipulation will take place within the context of the game. There is enough ugliness in the world already, let's not create more in this space for the purpose of a minor edge within a game at the expense of other's emotional well-being.

If a game moderator wishes to deviate from these rules, it must be approved by the list moderator and must be explicitly stated in their rule set. Implications of a rule change do not count.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What if the game moderator force-replaces me but I want to replace back into the slot?
A: You must PM the moderator.

Q: What if it's in their rule set that I am allowed to replace back in if a replacement hasn't been found yet?
A: Unless their rule set explicitly states that you may post in the thread after you have been notified that you are being force-replaced, you may not post in the thread.

Q: What if someone is causing me real emotional distress?
A: If someone is creating a hostile environment in game, outside of the normal bounds of mafia, report their posts.
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