Proving Private Communications

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Proving Private Communications

Given the evolution of mafia on our site over the past few years, we believe it's time to revisit the following mafia rule:
In post 0, mith wrote:Do not quote communications with the moderator (in particular, your role PM). Paraphrasing is usually ok.

This rule is being expanded to apply to all private game communications, including but not limited to the following:
  • private communications with the game moderator, including your role PM
  • PTs with other players, such as neighborhoods
  • your notes PT
  • hydra PTs
  • discord communications acting as PTs for any of the above

This rule also now restricts any form of disclosure that proves or attempts to prove the veracity of the communication occurring. Providing quotes, screenshots, timestamps, post links or numbers, or descriptions of formatting/styling/wording in order to prove the existence of the communication are not permitted.

This rule now reads:
Do not take any action that attempts to prove the existence of private game communications. You are allowed to claim that these communications exist as long as you do not attempt to provide evidence.

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