How strong could a SK be?

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Yosarian2 wrote:
Alduskkel wrote:
Mr. Flay wrote:
charter wrote:Well, if I tried to kill, I lost my NK immune and investigation immune. Perhaps something similar for SKs?
I actually love this modification on the traditional NK-immune power. It's a little like holing up in your Safe Room, vs. walking around in a Bulletproof Vest that magically covers your head, neck, feet, and elbows as well.
I would never kill if those were the benefits to not killing.

Really? I would almost never hide just to make myself nightkill immune, unless I had reason to think the scum or the vig was about to kill me that night; the kill is just way too important to the SK's chances of winning.
Notice that charter also mentioned investigation immunity.
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I just lost a game being an SK. I lost it mainly due to being flavour copped, only having a 2-shot commuter, no good fake claim.
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