a different form of mafia-type game?

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since i've become hopelessly addicted to mafia, and can only involve myself in so many games at once before they all melt together in my head, i was thinking about the possibilities of another logic+strategy+human nature sort of game to play here or the brunchma forums.

i was thinking something along the lines of stock trading or monopoly, but can't think of ways to make it work. help?

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Diplomacy? It's played on the GL.
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Yes, on the GL there's a visitor submitted games forum. There are a lot of games to do there.
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Diplomacy was actually tried once on Brunchma and promptly fell apart for lack of players (though this may have been before vergeot's time), and I don't know how well it would fit here. Vergeot, you may want to have a look at VG; just think of it as BCS with a more cerebral slant and different people. :)
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One could run a Monopoly game, but it'd last verrrry long!

And about that lack of players for Dip, there won't be any lack. Although i'm experiencing lack of interest in one Romanian game i just started some other place...

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There is a site devoted to gang wars:

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If you really want to play diplomacy online, you go to www.diplom.org
It is the self pro-claimed official online Diplomacy site, but it has good reason to. Almost all the games are run by electronic judges, supervised by a moderator, so that games run very smoothly and quickly. When people dropout, they are promptly replaced (within a week). "Dedication points" keep people who drop out from playing again. Again, if you want to play online Diplomacy, play on diplom.

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