The fine art of balancing civility vs. free speech

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This is a frequently debated topic on most Mafia sites and having the right balance between them, contributes the highest overall player enjoyment.

Err too far in the direction of free speech, where pretty much anything goes, and you have a highly toxic extremely unpleasant environment for the vast majority of players. OTOH, err too far in the direction of civility, can lead to players losing interest, due to feeling overcontrolled and walking on eggshells.

Hate speech for example, is frequently disallowed and obviously prevents that specific type of toxicity without making most players feel overcontrolled.

I think that attacking play or an idea, is always fine and while it’s certainly easy to argue against insults of any kind, the somewhat hostile, bullying or inflammatory aspect to someone’s play, can make that a slippery slope. Obviously, because it’s kind of naive to think someone isn’t going to negatively react to that but then insults can then arguably also make the game toxic. So, where should you draw the line?
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lynch and WOTC the toxic players

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