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In post 16, Elsa Jay wrote:This actually happened in Overkill with NicoRobin where I basically convinced half the list to sign to replace the lurking slot so we could actually get game relevant information and it worked out well. It kinda helped that it was their second prod already, but still. Almost handled it well.

We basically sped up the process so the Moderator could make the game more enjoyable. It was like a fast-night request, only with a replacement. So I don't bash this idea considering I lead the charge for it as a Survivor of all things.

But giving that power particularly to get rid of someone you don't like? That's a no-go. If a player is that toxic in the game it's fully the Moderators desicion and theirs alone to save the game.

So where I stand on the matter is this is basically a fast-night version way to get rid of an established lurker doing more harm then good for the game.


Thing with Nancy is we just need to tread carefully because if you slip up around her as scum she notices and will tear your spine out and slap you to death with it.

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