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Hello all!

It is that time of year again. Please PM this account if you would like to help with the Scummies this year. You can help out with any of the following:

These are the people that judge the nominees and they vote to decide the winners are. Its pretty self explanatory, but its also involves reading through a bunch of games and a lot of work.

As always, there will be a pretty large chunk of writing to be done; this writing could be anything from a fake commercial to helping get together award blocks to a fake primary election to an ultimate showdown-esque scenario between scummers to anything. If you're not comfortable with the actual writing part and instead to contribute with ideas (overarching plot, side plots, ideas for a small skit), then that's perfectly okay.

Would like to work more beautiful graphics into the ceremony; this includes pictures of scenes, this includes opening credits, it includes things like the IN MEMORIAM graphic, it will include countdown timers. If you are not good at making beautiful graphics and instead are good at making shitty graphics that make people chuckle, you're just as welcome as the actual gifted people are.

We need normal editors to make sure that there aren't any glaringly obvious mistakes by the time the ceremony goes out, we need people offering feedback on ideas, we need people who are willing to be a second pair of eyes on anything written and who are willing to offer honest feedback. We need people who have a good sense of making things pretty via formatting, we need people who can figure out whether we're going too far/not far enough.

To help with the scummies, pm this account and specify what you want to help with!
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