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The Game of the Year, unlike other Scummies, is voted on by everyone! Unlike the other categories, you only have to pick your favorite game. Here are your finalists:
American Presidents Mafia - Modded by brassherald
skitter30 wrote:I kinda want to nom American Presidents. It was basically a themed mini normal, but brass was a fantastic mod and the player list gelled incredibly well for both alignments. It was a tough game to solve thanks to the worst and errantoarabola's antics, but town's cohesion pulled through; enough players were just obvtown enough that scum were stuck in the poe, which prompted them to pull a spectacularly successful distancing/bussing play that catapulted ep straight to mylo. If the order of the nks had been a little different, or nauci had slightly different targets at night, i think this was a scum win quite a lot of the time, but town just kinda *clicked* together, enabling us to solve it in the end. It was a really close game, and that made it that much more fun and exciting.

Obviously I'm a little biased because I was in it, and this game wasn't as complex or intricately-designed as some of the other games mentioned on this page, but when I look back at all the games I played or spectated this year, I think this was hands-down my favorite thanks to the amazing player list and brassherald's awesome modding.

It was just a great, fun game, and if someone walked up to me and asked me what my favorite game was this year, I would point to this one: non-toxic, great pl, mechanics weren't overly complicated, and competitive, great play from both alignments

Gunner Mafia - Moderated by Mulch
northsidegal wrote:Gunner Mafia was a spectacular display of perhaps the best town in a large theme game I've ever seen – if there were a best town award, I believe they would certainly be in the running for it. The game was over after night two with all five scum dead and only a single townie dead.

The setup was very creative and involved a lot of unique mechanics: resurrection, anti-claim mechanics, not to mention the titular "Town Gunner" and "Mafia Gunner" accounts that the setup was based around.

There was very good activity from nearly every player in the game – despite what one may expect from a 177 page large theme game, the game very infrequently stalled. Finally, even in this stunningly fast large theme game, thanks to an automated vote counter and active moderation, there was no shortage of votecounts.

Large Normal 213 - Moderated by Ircher
Krazy wrote:This unexpected quasi-mountainous setup precipitated a large emphasis on dayplay and conventional scumhunting.


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