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Posts in this thread WILL count toward nominations
Feel free to submit ALL nominations in thread, just make sure you fill out the form linked above.

Hello!~ And welcome to the 2019 Scummies Nomination thread! Here, you can discuss other nominations with other scummers alike. The awards themselves are handed out during the Winter season of the next year during a ceremony, where we celebrate mafia for the year of 2019!
During 2018, the SSC did a lot of planing on introducing new awards, and here are what these new awards are.
Before that, here is how you can read the chart.

All awards other then Community Contributor are organized in the following way.
Banner | Award Name | Award Purpose | Body of Work or Individual Game | Group/Individual/Moderator Award.

The Banner: With a reward comes a banner, and here is a preview of what the banner looks like!
Award Name: Usually they're will be some fancy award for the name. Some names for awards might change, but this is what the award is called for the most part or how its refered to.
Award Purpose: This is what the award is awarding.
BoW or Individual Game: Awards that are listed individual game will require a link to 1 game. Those that require a body of work will require 3 games to be submitted.
Group/Individual/Moderator Award: There are 3 types of awards. An individual award, which is rewarded to 1 player, a group award, which is rewarded to 2-5 players, and a moderator award, which rewards either the moderator themselves and/or their co-mod, assuming said co-mod took part in all parts of design of the game and execution of the game itself.

In addition to submitting a nomination, you can also submit an anti-nomination, speaking against a nomination. These will not be listed publicly, but forwarded to the judges who decide to judge.
See the post below on how to nominate someone for a scummy or submit an anti-nom!

The Awards
♩   ♫   ♪
Townplay Awards
ImageParagon of Mafia HuntersBest Mafia CatcherBody of WorkIndividual AwardThis award is awarded to the single town player who, across all of their games for the year, exhibited the best ability for nailing those dirty scumbags and bringing the bad guys to justice while playing as a pro-town role. The person who wins this award should have demonstrated the best townplay during the year.
ImageMoment of BrillianceBest Town PerformanceIndividual GameIndividual or Group AwardThis award is awarded to a group of individuals in a town or a single individual in a town that carried their game and performed the best. These players are the reason why they won their game, and without these players, the game would have played out drastically differently.
ImageMaster StrategistBest Mechanical PlayIndividual GameIndividual AwardThis award is awarded to the individual with the most impressive mechanical play. If they submitted 1 night action that singlehandedly changed the course of the game or broke a setup mechanically in a way that won them the game (and not due to poor game design), then this award awards that play.
Scumplay Awards
ImageDon CorleoneMost Cunning ManipulatorBody of workIndividual AwardThis award is awarded to a single scum player who, across all of their games for the year, exhbited the best ability to manipulate the town into losing. The person who wins this award should have demonstrated the best scumplay during the year.
ImageGoodfellasBest Mafia TeamIndividual GameGroup AwardThis award is awarded to 2 or more individuals in a scum team that performed well and were key to winning their game, worked together extremely well, and because of that, performed the best. The players who win this award should have demonstrated the best team scumplay overall.
Moderator Awards
ImageThe ModfatherExcellent ModerationBody of WorkModerator AwardThis award is given to the moderator who, over the past year, exemplified the best qualities in the past year of moderation. Accuracy and timeliness of moderating is important, of course, but setup and game mechanics are important, too! This is the moderator who, when looking back over the history of the site, stood out as that year's premiere moderator. Who will people remember when the dust settles? Who runs games that you have to RUSH to signup for or else miss out on a potentially all-time great experience?
ImageRube GoldbergBest SetupIndividual GameModerator AwardThis award should be awarded to a mod or setup designer that designed the best setup. Judges may consider the roles involved in a game, how those roles interacted, how balanced a setup was, whether it furthered any particular theme, how the setup interacts with a mechanic, or any other factors the judges deem relevant. How this award differs from the Mad Scientist (Best Mechanic) award, is that this focuses on the individual roles and/or abilities and how well they worked together, not how the game of mafia itself was changed.
ImageMad ScientistBest New MechanicIndividual GameModerator AwardThis award should be awarded to a mod or setup designer that designed the most compelling way to change the basic mechanics of the game of mafia, and/or created the most compelling new role or adaptation to increase player enjoyment. Judges shall consider both the basic idea behind the game as well as how well it was executed, and the uniqueness and quality of the role/adaptation. How this award differs from the Rupe Goldberg (Best Setup) award, is that this is about how the game of mafia was changed, not how well the individual roles and/or abilities worked together.
ImagePaperback WriterBest FlavorIndividual GameModerator AwardGiven to the moderator who wrote had the best flavor for their game, telling a compelling story in a mafia game, whether that flavor made you laugh or cry. Aspects of this may include presentation of moderator posts (VCs, day starts, OPs, role PMs) and how that presentation affected the mood of the game. Where appropriate, Judges may consider how well the flavor works with the announced theme.
Miscellaneous Play Awards
ImageRising StarBest Up-And-ComerBody of WorkIndividual AwardThis award is given to the player that is a rising star in the game of mafia, showing great promise to join the elite echelon of mafia players. This award replaces both the Best Newbie award and Most Improved Player awards, and judges may consider elements of both those previous awards in deciding this award. This award is generally awarded to someone who has shown great improvement over the year or a new face to the new that just started playing on site.
ImageWhite KnightBest ReplacementIndividual GameIndividual AwardThis award is awarded to a player who replaced into a game and was able to make a sizable contribution to the game after replacing in. This may include turning around a slot that was previously doomed, jumping in and nailing the mafia team, pulling off a big play to save a scumteam, or maybe just coming in and taking a game from miserable to enjoyable. If someone put in the work to replace into a game and you feel it warrants notice, this is where you nominate them.
ImageHannibal LecterBest Third PartyIndividual GameIndividual AwardThis award is awarded to the player or players that performed the most impressively in winning their game as a third party. Perhaps it was a serial killer masterfully floating under the radar, or a wacky new third-party role that required some serious chops to pull off. If they aren't town or scum, but you think they deserve recognition, then this is the award for them.
ImageKodak MomentBest MomentIndividual GameIndividual Award or Group AwardThis award is awarded to the player or players who were involved in the most memorable event in a game of mafia. Fake claims, funny claims, awesome exchanges, etc. may all be considered for this award.
Site Awards
ImagePlayer's ChoiceGame of the YearIndividual GameIndividual AwardThis award is given to the moderator of a game. It is given in recognition of the overall excellence of a game. The Game of the Year award is a "catch all" award for the best overall game throughout the entire year, considering all aspects of the game from moderator quality, to the excellent design and composition of the game, to the performance and cohesion of the playerlist. A Game of the Year is meant to be the game that we can all point to later and say "This game was the best game the site could offer that year in terms of Design, Playerlist, and moderating capability." This is a PUBLIC VOTE.
ImagePost of the YearBest PostIndividual PostIndividual AwardThis award is awarded to a person that made a post. But not just any post, this post is important! This is the post... that on any part of the the site... had the biggest impact on site culture. It made you laugh. Maybe it made you cry. Maybe it just made you blow air out your nose. In any case, this post belongs in a shrine to great forum posts. This is a PUBLIC VOTE.
ImageCommunity ContributorBest Site ContributorOOC ThreadIndividual AwardThis award is awarded to the player who did the most to contribute to the overall health of the site. Maybe this person arranged an in-person meetup to foster community, or maybe they really evolved mafia theory discussion to a new level with their MD articles. Perhaps it's a user who goes out of their way to put on fun contests or events for the site, or maybe someone worked on a cool mafia tool in their spare time. Whatever they did, if they worked to improve the site outside of the Mish Mash or Mafia forums, this is where they belong.
ImageSpeedrunnerBest MarathonIndividual GameIndividual AwardThis award is given to the moderator of the most enjoyable marathon game. What leads to player or spectator enjoyment can be any number of things, such as: was it fun? Was it entertaining? Did it introduce cool mechanics? Did the mod run it well? This is a PUBLIC VOTE.
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Submitting a Nomination

Please use the following formatting. There's more you can do after you filled out the form if you want to be nice to me (Alisae) and make my (Alisae) life easier, so keep reading.

Award Name
dateNominator [This is your name]Nominee [The person you want to nominate]Full Name of the game ["Large Normal 20143: BLah blah blah" for example. Make sure you use [url][/url] codes to make sure that clicking on the name of the game takes to the game thread or post.]Description on why this person should win this award.

You can also just copy paste the formatting below
Code: Select all
[table][header=5]Award Name[/header]
[cell][url=game link]Full Name of the game[/url][/cell]
[cell]-insert your description here-[/cell][/row]

If you want to be extremely helpful, you can color the table and text so that its associated with its award category (Town, Scum, Moderator, Misc, or Site). I will leave a key below, but the key thing to remember is that when coloring a table background, you do not need to put a # character in, where as with text color, you are required to put in a # character at the beginning of the hexcolor.
for example table=1d232d and color=#d0e4f8
These are the corresponding colors to each category
Town Awards
Background: #232D1D
Text Color: #e4f8d0
Scum Awards
Background: #2D1D23
Text Color: #F8D0E4
Moderator Awards
Background: #1F1D2D
Text Color: #D0D0F8
Misc Awards
Background: #2D271D
Text Color: #F8E4D0
Site Awards
Background: #1d232d
Text Color: #d0e4f8

Submitting an Anti-Nomination
Simply just PM Alisae and title the PM "Anti-nomination for [username]'s [Award] nomination for [Game]"
Make sure to include a link to the game, then describe why you feel like this user does not deserve the nomination.
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Date AddedNominatorNominatedGame & LinkDescription
skitter30Skitter is a player who is already known for being strong as both alignments, but she's turned the dial up significantly for her townplay this year. Despite her ability to play scum to a fairly high level, she's able to become obvtown in a lot of her games; even in games where she isn't obvtown, she is remarkably difficult to mislynch to a stage where she will eventually become obvtown. She consistently is able to have a markedly positive impact on her games with her style of engagement and pressing people for their thoughts, so it's very hard to call her death crippling for town when she gets nightkilled since her style creates enough workable information for everybody else to follow in her footsteps. As for reads? Well,

First, she eventually reached a solve of five slots, of which four were the scumteam, on day one before any of the townsidedness of the swing in the setup happened.
Second, she replaced in with her only two scumreads being the scumteam, and consistently held them as scumreads up until the end of Day 1, where one of them claimed Jailkeeper and the other was jailkept by her for the rest of the game.
Third. skitter had 2/4 scum in her PoE, but the two scum she had in her PoE were slots she was explicitly scumreading, one of which being her top lynch by a mile. Then, later in the game, she correctly lynched the two scum outside of it while helping keep town sane while the game was crumbling around them.
Fourth, the only thing keeping skitter from hardcarrying the game was the unfortunate lynch of the only town within her PoE, which boosted her paranoia enough for it to have an ultimately negative impact. However, I will note that a significant reason that paranoia existed in the first place because of how her slot was treated by that slot. I expect the vast majority of town would have reacted similarly and it's hard to call that a knock against her read strength.

It's quite clear just from these games that her reads trend towards well above average when she is allowed any room to maneuver and build her reads the way that she goes about it. I've only ever seen her lose as town when other slots make the game nearly impossible for anybody to play or carry in (or she ends up dying very early in the game), and she consistently has a strong positive impact in games where that never comes to pass. She is also incredibly difficult to lynch, and has the ability to maintain enough pressure on the scumteam that they have to play around her and her ability to prompt the other town, which helps create enough workable information to be able to solve the game with or without her presence. I have not seen a single other player on the site demonstrate all these traits consistently throughout the year, so I think it's clear and deserving that skitter30 is a contender of Paragon for 2019.
+nancy drew 39
RadiantCowbellsMini 2106 - Magia Record Fate Weave Semi-U-Pick |
Magical Girls UPick - Heart of Shadow | Micro 882: Public Cop 9P | Baton Pass
Before I get into the game, I need to talk about RC and his "character". When you think of typical Paragon players, you imagine those charismatic scum hunters who are able to charm the rest of town into lynching scum. And sure, RC a few years ago might have started out like that. But no, that's not RC or at least where he is now.

When you first play against RC as scum, you assume he's just another player and your scum pt is more focused around how you'll play around town. A few pages in you and your whole scum team gets caught but you shrug it off thinking nothing will come out of it. Well, you're wrong. RC then grabs town and forcibly tells them how to vote causing town to just lynch scum after scum until they're all gone.

For the more experienced scum players who have to deal with town RC, they don't really talk about how to manipulate town. They talk about how the hell do we get RC out of this game and fast.

In Magical Girls U Pick, RC had all the scum correctly pegged on Day 1.

In Magia Record, RC nailed all the scum players within Day 1 and 2. It was pretty brutal and he forced all of town and managed to get them to sheep him.

RC isn't your typical Paragon player but he is definitely a Paragon tier player. He doesn't serenade town, he dictates the lynches. And he has amazing accuracy doing so. His white seal butt asserts dominance in every mafia game. He's probably the most deserving of Paragon this year.

In Baton Pass, RC correctly found all scum on Day 1 and Day 2. The only reason he did not lynch all the scum is because of a trust tell committed by one of the scum members and having his attention diverted by his hydra partner. When RC is alone and has full ability to play how he wants to play, he is devastating to play against as scum. While RC is not without his faults (he is quite an emotional Player), he deserves to be inconsideration for Paragon this year.

In Public Cop, RC found both scum literally within 3 pages of the game starting. I don’t think I have ever played with a person who is that good at catching scum. RC is so good that there have been times when people thought he was cheating because of how accurate he is. His consistency across YEARS let alone the games this year shows he is deserving of a Paragon nomination. It isn’t our fault he can tap into the collective consciousness of the universe and figure out who is scum that way.

In short, ban RC to Ubers.
12/31/19Flavor LeafSkitter30micro 889:good jams mafia | large normal 220: jazz mafia | mystery box of silverI linked a small sample size, but everyone is aware of Skitter’s town presence. It’s incredibly difficult as scum to get anyone to even consider the possibility that she could ever roll scum, which no doubt is awesome for her scum game. Throughout the year, Skitter was one of the most consistently town read players I played with, where no matter what, her alignment always came off. Jazz Mafia, I believe it was, Skitter was an IC, and getting hard pushed by me for playing off, but then she flipped Innocent Child, Day 1, and by the end of the day, she made a 5 scum pool that had 4 scum in it. This helped Saudade carry on getting innocents throughout the rest of the game off of Skitter’s reads, because she obviously was nightkilled.

In Mafia a la modé she successfully nailed 2 of 3 scum members Day 1, and I was one of them. I was barely able to escape Day 1 alive, and we were forced to kill her Night 1, something that she has grown completely accustomed to.

In good jams mafia, she was playing a 2d3 setup as a jailkeeper, counterclaimed a scum fake claim, then successfully jailed the other scum.

There are plenty more over the course of the year, and Ankamius has already said a lot, so I’ll keep it short. Her town dominance is insane, and I will always kill her when I am scum, even at the expense of keeping PR’s alive in return.
12/31/19AlisaeAnkamiusGrey Flag Nightless | Vengeful Ghosts
Guns & Roses
is vry gud player. 5/7. most influencial&impactful player 2019. vry good :]
1/1/2020mastinaAnkamiusAnkamius might swear that 2019 has been a terrible year for her, but I steadfastly disagree with that as her multitude of games where she ended up being nightkilled can attest to--you don't earn the mafia nightkill consistently in almost every towngame you play if you've been playing poorly.

To put just a few of the games highlighting this, she was in Tatsuya's Anime UPick for only the shortest of times, and yet she was immediately nightkilled for being one of the only voices of reason in that game who had almost the exact right train of thought necessary to get the correct game solve, and it was only through a misrepresentation of her thoughts that her contributions were diminished; had they been shown in full, then the game would have been a town win far far easier.

In Undertale Mafia, her hydra died N1 and while their reads may not have been the best, they earned that nightkill through sheer force of their obvtownness and the threat they represented due to how reasonable and rational they were, even while incorrect in their conclusions.

Ankamius's performance in the non-reviewed game was also fairly good from my viewpoint as a spectator and her death was one of the things which let the scum win.

In Madness At Port Arthur, she was a key player in securing the town win, working well with the other members of the town.

While she had a notable confrontation with skitter's hydra in MBoS5, she still was one of the most threatening players in the game with solid plays, good observations, and an overall net-positive direction for the thread.

Her hydra was the MVP player in this game who the scumteam, TWICE, tried to kill and the scum multiple times tried to get the town to kill them, but failed, in part because of her efforts because the players involved were that critical to the town's chances at winning.

And in Alisae versus Pine, she managed to identify the deepscum who was Pine's intended lategame carry...on D1. In the dead thread, you could follow along with her thoughts as she, with zero spoilers, managed to reason with and identify multiple town players, point out their errors, and hone in on the majority of the scumteam; she was one of the best players in the game, in spite of having died at the beginning of the game, and her early death was one of the main reasons the town couldn't win.

Plus she also was very close to the correct solve in this game, too.

There are probably a lot more games of hers in the last year which I'm missing (she's played on numerous different accounts including a ton of hydras and I only searched for posts made on Ank and Blake), but suffice to say, she is hands-down one of the best town players on-site and usually basically a policy-kill. She might not think much of her own talents, but I most decidedly do because she is just a better player than just about everyone else as town.
1/1/2020mastinaKrazyKrazy is one of the only players who I say rivals Ankamius in being an utter monster of a town player, and it shows on his numerous accounts. (I only searched Krazy and Wagonomics in spite of knowing he's played on about a dozen different accounts this year, so there's plenty more than these not listed!)
He was one of the best players in No Deadlines who earned his nightkill handedly.
He was the N1 nightkill in Any Non-Dead Player because of the pure sheer threat he represented to the scumteam, more or less having them dead to rights on D1.

He was again the N1 nightkill in a Large Normal because of the threat he posed.

He was one of the key players in Anime UPick and basically one of the MVPs who helped contribute to the town win by a hair's breadth, always once of the most reasonable players in the game.

I mentioned this in the Ankamius nomination but he was a key member of the Team RWBY hydra that ate a N1 Nightkill in Undertale Mafia.

He was one of the key players in the perfect town win from Everything Is Completely Normal.

As mentioned in the Ankamius nomination, his hydra was a key member of the town in MBoS5.

And as mentioned in the Ankamius nomination, Arkham Asylum was one of the best players in Vengeful Ghost, and Krazy was a part of that hydra.

I realize there is a fair amount of overlap in Krazy's clutch towngames and Ankamius's clutch towngames due to them sharing them via being in the same hydra, but that's for damn good reason, too; the two are the two town players I respect the most right now and it is something they most definitely have earned. (I'm sure I've missed more Krazy games, too.)
1/1/2020mastinaskitter30Skitter might've been well-known for her scumplay last year, but this year what has really shined is exemplary townplay.
She was one of the strongest town players in Starcraft Mafia.
She was THE clutch player in securing the town win in the original Mystery Box of Silver game--on the last day, on lylo, she was able to, through careful analysis and logic, perfectly deduce completely and entirely 100% accurately the entirety of the scumteam's plan, start to finish, purely through her own skill at analysis. She NAILED not only who was scum, but WHY they were scum. What the scum did, why they did it, it was THE game to demonstrate why skitter is a monster as town and not to be underestimated. We picked her to be the BP tracker because we thought she was the best of the bad options available; she on the last day was able to figure this out and prove that in the end she was the absolute worst pick we could have made because picking her to be bulletproof made her be able to win the game.

She did fairly well in this game.

Her hydra was one of the better players in MBoS5.

She was even the N1 nightkill in this game.

Overall, even if she didn't win games and even if she made mistakes and even if she thought that her play in a game wasn't the best, she has shown herself to have consistently good analysis, consistently good reasoning, is usually fairly obviously town, is fairly charismatic, and is just a big huge PRESENCE as town.
1/1/2020mastinajjh927jjh might've been known for solid townplay in 2018 as well but that does nothing to diminish that he has been putting on INCREDIBLY solid performances in 2019 as well and his past excellence should do nothing to discourage me from nominating him for his current excellence as well.

The main game which comes to mind is his performance in Alisae vs. Pine where he was one of THE biggest threats to Pine and his early death via scum nightkill is all the proof in the world of that to how much of a threat he posed.

But he was also basically the star town player of this game,
where start to finish he showed excellent logic, was fairly good at explaining why he was town, giving reasonable reads, good logic, and an overall solid performance.
Moment of Brilliance
Date AddedNominatorNominatedGame & LinkDescription
5/16/19Liger_ZeroIconeumStarcraft Mafia: Legacy of the VoidHe played extraordinarily well, had perfect reads and was able to help a disorganized, apathetic town, in order to get them together to avoid mislynches and push 2 scum lynches in order for town to win the game.
6/17/19Flavor LeafSaudadeLarge Normal 220: Jazz MafiaSaudade had near perfect reads and through his Loyal Neighborizer role was able to create a masonry which POE'd the game out. While this was a town sided setup, the confidence and elongated discussion, he was able to become the main player who helped lynch 4 scum back to back. Despite Flavor Leaf being a damn boonskiies playing devil's advocate, and everyone arguing against his reads, he was able to create actual discussion and eventually was able to convince every single player to eventually join in on his preferred lynches, which caused a near perfect town game. I debated nominating the majority of players, as I truly believe every single town player in this game was somehow part of helping lead to a town victory. Everyone played a part in this, but Saudade lead town, and thus, the nom is to him.
8/12/19Nancy Drew 39Mastina
Vengeful GhostsThe dead thread was being mind numbingly stupid and GOATS/town
VPs Mastina and Pine, pretty much solved the game with their correct logic and brilliant sane solve.
12/20/19Nancy Drew 39eth0sMicro 903: Reverse Jester Nightless!eth0s knew that our best shot at winning was to get me lynched before him. Unfortunately the other townie, Chenn wrongly sr me, so he successfully tried to force a tie vote over scum!Dunn’s vehement objections. Chenn eventually hammered me though but it might not have happened without eth0s’ ingenious tie vote strategy.
1/1/2020mastinaskitter30, Pink Ball, Slaxx, Nibbui (maybe also the worst and pobodoboq, but those four for sure)mystery box of silverThis game was almost a perfect town win. The town had the scumteam nailed dead to rights on D1. This in of itself would've been impressive, but it was made moreso by the fact that I was one of the scum players in question. There was basically no wiggle room to be had. Everyone had the right idea involved. The town worked excellently together and they never really had any way to lose due to their smart play all-around. While the scumteam did manage to get a couple of mislynches in, this does nothing to diminish just how thoroughly we got STOMPED.
1/1/2020mastinaBasically the entire town (u r a person2, pisskop, singletonking, Alchemist21, Nero and the 39 Volxens, DJ, Something_Smart, Chara, Almost50, RCEnigma, Katyusha; maybe more? Just...NOT me because I did fuckall that game.)Everything is Completely NormalTake a look at that game--notice something? Yeah...every single lynch was a scum lynch. The town never mislynched, not once. It was a complete and total town stomp. The town massacred the scumteam that game, in a large game. Now, say what you will about the setup (it was townsided), and it is unmistakeable that the scumteam due to a misunderstanding made a severe critical error in their night actions, but the scumteam had zero control over the game and the town utterly decimated them. Made more impressive--see how we have a Don Corelone nominee in the form of Flavor Leaf? You know why he doesn't have a pretty much perfect scumgame record for this year? It's because this town creamed him.
6/17/19 - 1/2/20Flavor Leaf - AnkamiusSkitter30, Saudade, CreatureLarge Normal 220: Jazz MafiaThis game was a complete and utter stomp, but the game was significantly shifted due to the performance of these three specific players.

First of all, Skitter30 leveraged her IC role to bait one of the scum into essentially outing themselves to her, and later on was able to get a nearly perfect reads list, only having a single incorrect read. Notably, this was all on the very first day of a game with 16 other players present, and the subsequent pressure of her phenomenal reads combined with her confirmed town status put the scumteam in such an unfavorable position that multiple scum succumbed to it and effectively outed themselves entirely within the game thread. This basically secured the win by itself, although how long it would take would be up for debate after her predictable demise on N1.

Secondly, after the first two scum were killed, Creature managed to hit a guilty with his Disloyal Fruit Vendor role on the third. That scum was on the chopping block on day three, but was able to pull out a claim that had enough members of the town hesitant to lynch them that it wasn't assuredly going to happen that day. Without outing his role or giving any indication that he had a guilty at all, Creature helped swing the momentum back towards lynching that scum, allowing for the third scum lynch in a row while also allowing him the possibility of keeping the guilty train going. With a role that loses all effectiveness when it is known, this is strong PR play that takes advantage of the dwindling PoE to allow town to have an even bigger stranglehold on the game with a role that is relatively weak compared to the rest of the ones town were given in this setup.

Finally, the nail in the coffin that allowed town to have the game completely won was Saudade's Loyal Neighborizer. Despite a significantly dwindling PoE and a role that benefits greatly from confirming as many town as possible, he didn't miss a single recruit across the three nights that were available. Although it's hardly impressive to have successfully recruited an outed mason, both his other recruits were slots that were under the microscope in the shortening list of suspects. He was able to keep himself alive and protected despite his strong obvtown status and consistently strong reads, and his influence despite his role played a significant part in ensuring that the scum lynches that happened did happen.

Overall, despite the setup already being in town's favor, the consistently strong PR play by key town members pushed this setup to looking unacceptably broken from the scum side. The sheer amount of confirmed town gained from the Loyal Neighborizer, the timely guilty from the Disloyal Fruit Vendor, and the pressure gained from Skitter gaining the IC role sealed the coffin on the scumteam far beyond what would have been necessary to win convincingly. It's very rare to see a stomp of this magnitude come from this level of PR play across so many different players, so it's appropriate for the players with the most impressive PR performances to be nominated.
Master Strategist
Date AddedNominatorNominatedGame & LinkDescription
6/19/19Irrelephant11insomniaGreatest Idea VIIIIn a Greatest Idea game where town's loss seemed inevitable (FOUR TOWN DEATHS NIGHT 1???), and the only question in the dead thread was "which scumteam will win?" (among two 2-man scumteams, a small cult, and two serial killers), insomnia changed everything in lategame. As town psychiatrist, he correctly identified and targeted both serial killers, converting them both to townies on N3 and N4, winning the game for town on N4. Though I tried my best to get him to target me (a werewolf), I failed, and instead of a continued town slaughter, the game ended abruptly when the last serial killer shot me and converted to town all at once. Nice aim, insomnia :].
12/31/19RadiantCowbellsNorthsidegal (Brown Eyes)Undertale MafiaShe got a role in the planning stage that, if town fell sufficiently far behind as represented by the mercy bar, gave her several dayvigs to make up for that. She correctly scumread 3/4 scum from the very early stages of the game despite misreading Papyrus and she managed to stay under the radar enough with all her correct reads that when mislynched enough consecutively to give her her 3 vig shots, she hit 2 out of 3 scum and avoided hitting either of the scum with bulletproof modifiers. It was a very delicate path to walk not eating the nightkill with several correct reads and I believe that if she had tried to play more forcefully, town would have simply ignored her reads and mislynched anyway and she would have ended up nightkilled, so I think that she played this role masterfully.
1/1/2020mastinanorthsidegal (Brown Eyes)For this clutch moment in the gameWhile the town had more or less half of the scumteam in their sights, they couldn't actually get any scum dead, so the game was looking an awful lot like it could have been a scum stomp--until Brown Eyes came along with this clutch triple-vig which while it did take out one town, landed on two of the scumteam's strongest members, giving the town much-needed information, much-needed direction, much-needed leeway to reverse their ill fortunes and turn the game around, which it did precisely that!

I said it at the time, and I'll say it again: the Something_Smart mislynch--what unlocked the aforementioned vig and permitted it to happen--is what ended up winning the town the game, because without Brown Eyes eliminating half the scumteam, the town would have never stood a chance.
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Don Corleone
Date AddedNominatorNominatedGame & LinkDescription
Flavor LeafTHE AMOUNT OF FL SCUM VICTORIES IS TOO DAMN HIGH!Yes. That is correct. That is 10. TEN. Scum victories (across various accounts) for Flavor Leaf. I do not think anyone else on the site has as many scum victories as Flavor Leaf. In each of those games, Flavor Leaf is not a quiet, lurker scum. He is not coasting by on the laurels of his town game (heh, have fun getting BoP'd, bud). He is actively involving himself in each game. Through a combination of breaking his own scum meta and a chaotic playstyle, Flavor Leaf has been able to pull the wool over many townies' eyes this year. Even when Flavor Leaf isn't as active in the game, he is still active in the mafia chat. He is teaching his partners on how to approach situations, identifying power roles, and even coming up with No Kill gambits. When it comes to scum, Flavor Leaf is not a one trick pony. He has finesse over every mafioso tool. Love him or hate him, Flavor Leaf as scum is a potent threat and deserves to be considered for this Scummie.
12/13/19OversoulpopsofctownPops of c townpopsofctown has been having a quietly successful year as scum. While she will tell you she is far from good at mafia, her body of work speaks for itself. She has shown great scumplay in numerous games this year, most notably in GIF's Deathlist game (under the "c" link) where pops was the defacto town leader and barely any townies even considered her as scum. pops nearly carried her scum team to a victory in the Starry Night dance game and even fooled a former paragon who happened to be spectating the game. pops has shown that she is fully capable of mimicking her town meta to the untrained eye, which makes her a deceptively difficult mafioso to catch. While not all of the games I linked are scum wins, they do show the depth of pops' skill as mafia.
+the worst
flavor leafkrazy's anime upick | pokemon fusion upick | large normal 223play a game with flavor leaf, and he'll tell you that he's one of the best scum players on site, and that you wouldn't ever be scumreading him if he were actually scum.
his record this year demonstrates that this is actually pretty true.

flavor leaf utilizes several scum-skills to great effect, which has enabled him to win a ridiculous number of scumgames this year. for example, he's capable of changing his meta on a dime, and manipulating it to the point that he can always find something from a previous game that demonstrates why he ought to be townread; for most players, it's incredibly hard to tell if he's portraying his meta accurately. he's the ultimate bs'er, and repeatedly manages to talk his way out of lynches and pushes for far longer than he should. he pulls insane gambits that shouldn't work but somehow do. he understands gamestates and playerlists and is able to utilize both of these things to his advantage; he knows who he needs to nk when, and pushes where he needs to in order to get key mislynches. he is capable of dominating in all sorts of setups, from mini normals to large themes to micros-with-funky-mechanics.

some key scumgames:

- krazy's anime upick
this game features one of his signature gambits, with flavor leaf claiming a rolecop guilty on his traitor partner. town!mastina thought he was town faking a guilty on scum, and pushed that heavily. when flavor's partner flipped traitor, mastina lost pretty much all of her influence and became an easy mislynch. by day7, both of flavor's partners had been guiltied in different ways, but he managed to convince town to lynch other players, allowing scum to win the game with all 3 original scum still alive.

- pokemon fusion upick
in this game, he bussed the avengers mega-hydra early, and used that as a launchpad to dominate the game going forward. he was able to talk his way out of getting scum-read by nearly every player, to the point that he eventually became lock-town. he even majorly scum-slipped at one point, and managed to talk himself out of it without anyone really noticing.
his play was so impressive that one of his fellow-players said about him that game: so this is what it's like to be BOON'd. i'm not even that mad

- large normal 223
another game where flavor gambited, here by claiming doctor. he managed to prevent both his teammates from getting lynched on two different days, and was considered lock-town from day2 until the game ended.

additionally, he is a great mentor to newer scum players. i remember way back when in one of my first scumgames on site, he coached me and did his best to help me avoid that inevitable mislynch. that mentorship has continued. for example, this year, he helped vorkuta and aaronfrost get their first scum wins, respectively. he does his best to avoid bussing if possible, and his long-term gameplans are designed to play to his teammates' strengths and to buoy their weaknesses. he is a great-team player, and is always proud to see one of his boon babes (tm) grow and develop as a player.

to summarize, flavor leaf has put together a hell of a scum-run over the course of this year, and serves as a model of examplary scum play on site. i think he is a forerunner for this year's don corleone.
Volpe14/Buki/FumukiLet's Talk About An Ongoing Game | Mini Normal 2070 | Baton PassRegarding some other respected scum players, how I would sum up FL is that people scumread him and then he uses his charisma to make them vote town anyway. How I would sum up myself/Pine playstyles is that we get scumread but we are already executing a strategy that is already several phases in and by the time we're getting scumread it was already part of ~the plan~. I would classify Buki as being more similar to MariaR in playstyle than any of us, where they simply... do not get scumread as scum no matter what they do. And unlike many players who are capable of being very towny as scum but are completely incapable of pushing scum wincondition at the same time, Buki is fully capable of pushing town in the wrong direction while being so townread that it is essentially impossible to get townies to lynch them. While yes they did benefit from Shoshin's antics in Baton Pass I don't think their success in that game was solely based on that because I was in the exact same situation with them in 2070. I was mechanically confirmed town and telling everyone that yes everyone else was town so Buki is definitely scum and I despite screaming for day phases to lynch him couldn't get anyone to vote him. Town players were literally considering that I was falsely confirmed town rather than that they were just wrong on that slot. So yes, 2070 was a loss because of bad scum nightkill choices and that ruins his perfect record. However, I was the only townie who caught him both in that game and in Baton Pass and given that they have no other scum defeats to speak of besides this 1 game where no one including GuyInFreezer, a very strong town player, agreed to lynch them until I mechanically confirmed him as scum after killing their partners, I think that his sole defeat is if anything testament to the kind of advantage town needs to scrape a win against them. DC nom for sure.
1/1/2020mastinajjh927"...jjh as DON CORELONE?!? Really?!?" Yes, really.
When people think of jjh, they think of his excellent townplay. He could very easily be nominated for Paragon this year, or maybe even Rising Star due to his site culture presence and strong performance as both alignments--the reason why I am deciding on Don Corelone specifically for him as the nomination though rather than those two is that he was around before and noted for his strong townplay in 2018. Everyone knew he was good back then as town, and everyone knew that as scum he was incredibly Creaturesque in how he was a lurksack when being a scumfuck, someone whose skills were rather...lacking in the scumplay department.

The thing is.

This year, that changed.
While his performance in this game was not changed from the lurksack description and he did end up lynched, jjh was a key contributor to his scumteam the entire time he was alive and his scumteam could not have won without his input for them.

In Krazy's Anime UPick, he had one of the best traitor performances of all time, perfectly handling that role and managing to directly set up his scumteam for the win with how he divided the town and in his death gave the scumteam the leverage they needed to power through the rest of the town.

In Vengeful Ghosts, he pulled off the absolute most clutch scum performance of all, both having fooled most of the living players into thinking he was town and when the dead vigged him, he pulled a key gambit that caused the town who was in an autowin situation, to no longer be in an autowin. He took the game to lylo with his gambit on a "scumslip" that was faked, when his team was previously nailed dead to rights and he almost won as a direct consequence of this.

He did his best to drown out the pleas of the town players who were dead that could change the final vig as well; his interference almost caused the town to misvig in mylo and kill town instead of the last scum.

Over the course of the year he's gone from being one of the easiest scum players to kill, to being one of the most nightmarish scum players to face who whenever he is in a game as scum, his team is in a good position to win as a direct result of his efforts. And that is why he is a master manipulator worthy of the title of Don Corelone.
Alchemist21Starcraft 2 Mafia: viewtopic.php?f=56&t=78296 -- he endgames as scum
Pokemon Fusion U-Pick: viewtopic.php?f=56&t=80240 -- he endgames as scum
Krazy's Anime U-Pick: viewtopic.php?f=56&t=79782 -- he endgames as scum

Alchemist21 knows how to endgame as scum, helping to seal victories in the clutch. If you were looking to learn fundamentals in scum play to showcase to a new player, which is what this award is largely for, Alchemist21 might be the first player I thought of to use as an example of how to play scum.
1/1/2020XtoxmPersivulPersivul has had a strong year playing scum, and picked up a number of wins. He tends not to be the most tr player, but his strength is in fakeclaiming well and at the right time, and making it through to the end without being the most widely suspected player, and making good nk decisions (for example, using his neighborhood in Prey mafia to identify lovers and kill them on n1).
Here are 4 games in which he endgamed as scum: Prey, Colors, World Architecture, Room Odds
Date AddedNominatorNominatedGame & LinkDescription
3/26/19JingleTsuchinoko (Alisae & Singletonking)
Despair Galaxy (Brassherald & JunkoChan)
Keyser Söze
Stellaris MafiaThis game got off to a rocky start with a page one quickhammer in a large, but every single member of the scumteam managed to be a hard townread for at least one town. Despite pulling off a lolhammer themselves, there was no real suspicion on any of them. The few people who did suspect them were largely marginalized. The Alisae head of Tsuchinoko and Eragon managed to completely pocket two of the strongest town voices and the scumkills were perfectly aimed to let them take advantage of the thread. Possibly most impressively, they didn't have to make the pushes themselves but convinced powerful town players to do so for them, ending in a Perfect sweep by the scum players where no scum player had ever had more than two votes on them. There's definitely an argument to be made that town played poorly, but I think that cheapens the success of the scumteam here. I think this was always going to be a scumwin.
3/26/19Flavor LeafNero Cain
BooneyToonz Extravaganza: LAST NIGHT TOMORROWThis was a town sided setup by mechanical play that both myself and co-mod The Worst thought town was likely to pull out the victory, but through scum’s play, the four of these guys after losing a scum member Day 1 had a lot of ground to cover. One by one, these guys were getting rung up, and they played in a way to set their team up for the victory, and got from the point where they seemingly had no victory path, to setting them up for a Day 10 Final 4, where Nero Cain was able to move on with a victory due to plays from the rest of the scum team. Truly felt like a battle between Town and Scum, with strong play on both sides.
Fire on a MountainThe team wasn't really beating the odds but the duo of ankamius & rc essentially spent like 6 day phases as consensus townreads while driving the game (both were post leaders, both lead lynches); by day 7 almost nobody was willing to consider either of them individually as wolves and they could have probably won a theoretical nightless game from that point on like twice over. though grapes was lynched day 1, they were double-bussed and earned the scum team several mislynches & allowed the team to control the next several days as such.
Chito and Nuko (Krazy + singletonking)
micro 879, mystery box of silver number 4: god is ALIVELike other Mystery Box of Silver games by Schadd, this setup required scum to gift night actions to members of the town. In this case, scum had to create 1 private topic for two players during each of the first three nights, the members of which would gain access to a 1-shot power role. Only one PT could include scum, which, though this information was hidden from town, had the effect of semi-clearing the townies who claimed they had been in the PTs each night. To counter this effect, the scum team created a stellar fake claim regarding a fourth PT that included them both. This, combined with nomnomnom's confident scum play and both team members' strong bussing play, allowed nomnomnom to win a 1v1 against mastina to win - which is no small feat in itself!
7/3/19KrazyFlavor Leaf
Elsa Jay
Krazy’s Anime UpickDay 7 the scum team is dealing with a scenario where an alignment cop and a loyal fruit vendor have two separate guilties on two separate members of the scum team, and the scum team manages to turn the lynch to the town cop. Throughout the rest of the game the scum team managed to correctly hunt the serial killer day 1, managed to avoid getting one of their members lynched despite the kill being blocked by a roleblocker, and joined with the survivor to win with all of the original three members of the mafia faction still alive in a 19 player game. The only groupscum lynched (jjh) was lynched through a bus led by the mafia goon (Flavor Leaf). Mostly nominating for day 7 though which was a wild ride.
+the worst
Gameshow MafiaThis team of four far exceeded expectations in Gameshow Mafia, a fun but decidedly townsided setup. Each member had to play at the absolute top range of their scumplay in order to avoid being caught mechanically by the setup. Fuscosco sacrificed himself as the D1 bus to give his team cred. Creature stepped far outside his formerly familiar meta as scum. Chennisden played out of his mind, top posting and surviving well into the game by looking proactive while allowing the town to in-fight and make sub-optimal decisions. RadiantCowbells was tasked with being the second-towniest slot in the game, until the very last. Endgame came down to the wire, with a LyLo that consisted of several vote changes, but RC managed to pull out the W for his team. While the town blamed their own issues and in-fighting for the loss, the scum team did an impressive job of circumventing the many traps the setup itself had laid out for them, as well as playing to their skill ceiling and remaining townie enough for the town to utterly self-destruct.
Baton PassWhat a game for scum. Baton Pass is a unique mechanic where there are essentially 3 lynches per day cycle and the most town player is BP. The first day the scumteam lost half of its players leaving just Something_Smart and Volpe14. Both correctly played well in context with their two buddies so that they were not the strongly considered scum and got two mislynches right off the bat. Something_Smart went down next, but played very well setting up false associative tells with a number of townies. Volpe14 is the star of this scumteam as he was able to outlast several lynches and win in 3p LyLo going against the most town read player in the game and a fairly universal town read. He played the field perfectly in LyLo by presenting himself as the calm and collected townie. Going into that LyLo he had to make a series of incredibly hard choices on who to push for lynch and who to nightkill. He played off one of the remaining town member's paranoia perfectly (it should be noted that this remaining town member is the hydra of formerly proficient RC and ND39, which is nothing to scoff at). All in all Volpe knew how to ride the waves that his fallen teammates created. This is truly a great scum game.
1/1/2020mastinathe worst, Keyser Soze, PerformerStarcraft MafiaThe scumteam, as mentioned, performed REMARKABLY well this game. At every stage, they were able to manipulate the town to their advantage and even when they were on the verge of defeat from the curveball of the third parties, they managed to manipulate the circumstances into orchestrating the town's ultimate loss in a series of actions that had they played out any differently could have led to the mafia losing.
1/1/2020mastinapinturrichio, jjh927, Alchemist21Starcraft Mafia 2Krazy's games have a bit of a curse of having a tremendously competent scumteam turn a setup which was otherwise fairly balanced into a scum win. They played this game tremendously well, basically stomping the entire town with excellent setup spec on their part, good pegging of the town roles, nice manipulation of players, making clutch fakeclaims, and overall managing to stomp the town. They played remarkably well as a cohesive unit where any of their members being absent would've not allowed the win to have materialized so cleanly.
1/2/2020mastinaPine, Lady Lambdadelta, PenguinPower, Pink Ball, Dannflor, Iconeum, Krazy, and CephrirAlisae versus PineIn every Pine versus the town game, Pine might have won in the end…
…But none of his victories were as decisive as this one. The scumteam TROUNCED the town. They immediately correctly identified just about every single town PR in the game and thoroughly wrecked the town every step of the way. Every member was vital to this success and any one of them could have carried the game to a win. While the town players had many scum in their sights, none had EVERY scum in their sights; the scumteam orchestrated a division in the town where any given town player who was scumreading one scum, would be townreading a different scum.

In prior games, it went to a 4/3p lylo--this one never came close, with almost every single scum player surviving to the end.

It was one of the best, most cohesive scumteams of the year, and it is no small coincidence that most members of the scumteam are nominated for other awards regarding their excellent plays throughout the year. The team was stacked, synergized incredibly well, and perfectly dismantled the town every step of the way. While the town threw the scumteam some curve balls, these proved to be only temporary setbacks to their inevitable victory. The universal consensus was that even if the town managed to get one, two, even three more scum lynches, the scumteam would have STILL prevailed due to their associatives leaving a massive trail of false evidence that left the town without a clear road to victory. Or any path resembling a chance at winning for that matter.
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Date AddedNominatorNominatedGame & LinkDescription
+Flavor Leaf
SkygazerThere are too many to countSkygazer is the perfect candidate for The Modfather Scummie. She has a large body of work this year showcasing her excellent moderation skills. Timely responses to inquiries, clear rules, accurate vote counts, and most importantly fun games. Skygazer consistently does it all. She is the pedigree of moderator that every mod should strive to be. It is only doing this nomination that I realize she may have site flaked, which is a tragedy. Skygazer stands out from the crowd for the sheer amount of quality run games she has over the competition.
12/13/19OversoulnorthsidegalOne, two, three .northsidegal may not have as large a body of work as Skygazer, but her quality of moderation is just as good, if not better. northsidegal is as consistent as they come when posting vote counts, clarity of her rules, answering players' questions, and OH MY GOD THE BEAUTIFUL PUBLIC COP ROLE PMS. I know there is not an award for best role pm, but through those role pms, northsidegal deserves to be in the conversation. Signing up for a northsidegal game you never have to worry about anything on the moderator side. I know northsidegal has not been as prolific as other moderators, but that should not diminish her accomplishments.
12/26/19MiccPlotinus13 Newbie games, Micro 898Game after game after game, Plotinus does exactly what you want from a moderator. He maintains a clear game state by providing prompt and consistent vote counts, prods and flips. He communicates effectively to his players, many whom are new to mafia or the site. While Plotinus's 2019 resume doesn't showcase skills as a setup designer, he makes up for it in sheer volume. Tackling more than a game per month is serious dedication, and Plotinus executes without making mistakes. I'm guilty of timing my /in's to the queue as a player to line up with his games, and I can't imagine I'm the only one.
+flavor leaf
FakegodPerfect Masquerade
Detective Penguin
Starry Night
I don't have too much that I feel I need to say since I feel like this nom stands on its own merits. FakeGod mods a lot of games, he mods them excellently, and when the games become shitshows as they unfortunately sometimes do it's never the fault of the game design. This obviously isn't the spiciest nomination but I absolutely think he is a contender.
12/31/19PineJingleVengeful Ghosts
Alisae V Pine
Thirteen other games, linked herein.
Jingle is a fantastic game moderator, and a fine example of the best MafiaScum has to offer. His games are impeccably well-run and moderated with a rare combination of class and humor. If I see a Jingle game in the queue, I know that even if it turns into a hilarious nightmare of a game, the moderation will be on point.

To the best of my knowledge, Jingle has run a breathtaking fifteen games this year, including three Marathon games, seven games in the Micro queue, including a three game series, an Open, two Newbies, an inventive Mini Theme, and the colossal undertaking which was Alisae V Pine.

I chose two only put these last two in the nomination box because I feel they really define Jingle's character as a game designer and moderator. While the other thirteen games speak for themselves as a body of work, these two games were clearly a labor of love. Jingle is a craftsman when it comes to his passion projects, and is incredibly original and patient in their design and execution. They don't always work out as well as intended (would anyone like a fruit?) but the creativity and willingness to experiment is what makes him one of my favorite moderators to grace us with their work.
1/1/2020mastinaschadd_schadd_ has some of the best modding in games for 2019 and designs excellent setups that he runs remarkably well, especially when it comes to themes, but he also does well elsewhere as well.
In the last year, his modding repertoire is incredibly long, including games like the original MBoS, MBoS 2, MBoS 3, Open 759, MBoS 4, the large versions MBoS 5, two large normals that he ran, as well as another mini normal, MBoS 6, and a newbie to boot.

His games, no matter how complicated the mechanics, are modded excellently, he has a charm about his moderation style with its unique quirks, and these serve to enhance his already-superior moderation which includes incredibly frequent votecounts, good answers to questions, and a level-headedness where he seems fairly chill but is still in spite of this aura incredibly professional.
1/1/2020mastinaKrazyKrazy has designed, then ran, some of the most complex games onsite in 2019 and done so consistently with incredibly good modding all-around, where he provided frequent votecounts that were well-formatted, gave good answers, and ran a smooth ship where he would resolve issues in-game swiftly and promptly and I always felt that he was doing an incredibly professional, tight, ship, one which every moderator on-site should strive for.

His accomplishments to his name include the original Starcraft Mafia, Starcraft Mafia 2, Starcraft: Legacy of the Void, and Krazy's Anime UPick. He also is known for running numerous marathon games of the game Conspiracy and overall is just one of the best moderators onsite and he absolutely deserves this award in recognition for his consistently top-notch moderation.
1/1/2020mastinaJingleThis award is mostly for Jingle being the mod of two of the best games of 2019, Vengeful Ghosts and Alisae versus Pine, both of which required top-notch modding in order to stay on top of them. If those two games are not in of themselves enough, I can list other games if need be that he moderated but those two alone should be sufficient proof of him having earned the award.

He designed incredibly complex games which he then ran while not absolutely flawlessly, pretty damn close to. He was as on-top of moderation as was humanly possible, constantly answering questions, providing the right information, for games that were incredibly complex and needed constant supervision. He was lighthearted, and yet still wholly professional, dishing out the necessary harsh words of mod when necessary and encouraging a positive, friendly atmosphere for games that were designed to be fun. And fun they were! He created fun games that were reasonably balanced, planned out things almost perfectly and the 'almost' comes from the need to in such complex games occasionally improvise on the fly due to every single possible variable not being possible to calculate (if there's literally thousands upon thousands of interactions, it's humanly impossible to get literally every single one of them defined in advance so you have to settle for preplanning a few hundred upon hundred of them and sorting the rest ingame and Jingle did both), and he handled those in-the-moment calls remarkably well. He is one of the best mods onsite at delivering consistently high-quality games and is absolutely a modfather.
1/1/2020mastinaSkygazerSkygazer might have fallen off the modding train in the later half of 2019 not modding many games past a point, but her efforts prior to then deserve recognition. In particular, I'd like to highlight her good moderation in Everything is Completely Normal (which in spite of its townsidedness was still really good fun), her ridiculously good Large Normal, and Pokemon Fusion UPick.
Rube Goldberg
Date AddedNominatorNominatedGame & LinkDescription
3/26/19JingleBoonskiiesBooneyToonz Extravaganza: LAST NIGHT TOMORROWBoon created a setup with 23 people, more private threads, and at least a single micro per night that managed to match up seamlessly. Both town and scum pushed back and forth and it was damn close until a 4p MYLO. The sheer scope of this game and the exciting mutations to mafia were a departure from the normal, but there was enough clarity that throughout the game everyone was able to discuss the setup on equal footing. There were pitfalls and traps for players to fall into and powerful abilities to use, but despite my best efforts the game still managed to be balanced between town and scum. If someone had shown me the setup before it was run, I would have laughed and told them they were insane for trying to make it happen, but having seen Boon in action not only did it work, it will remain in my memory as one of the best setups I've ever seen.
6/29/19Irrelephant11Schaddmicro 879, mystery box of silver number 4: god is ALIVE (Mod/dead thread)Schadd is already known for his creativity in setups, and this one is no exception. The setup as seen in the dead thread can speak for itself in a lot of ways, but a summary of some of my favorite things:

-Scum were forced to help town by giving them power, but had a lot of room to use this in a WIFOM-y fashion (Mystery Box of Silver(tm) theme song plays )
-Though the use of private topics semi-cleared townies who were a part of one, the mysterious aspect of a 1-on-1 private topic made everything that went on inside the PTs suspect
-Expectations, as per usual for Schadd, were upended in e.g. the informed-to-town macho modifier on a Mafioso in a game without doctors, which gave the informed townie false expectations
-At the same time, town were right to assume two scum could never share a private topic, and assumptions like these accurately helped town's PoE before scum fakeclaimed.

Ultimately I love that this setup encouraged all players to expect the unexpected, and though a lot happened each night, the only way either alignment could reasonably win was through strong dayplay. The best team won (and it was a blast to spectate, which doesn't hurt).
12/31/19RadiantCowbellsNorthsidegalNewsroom MafiaI thought that this was just a brilliant setup in a lot of ways. I loved how it executed the theme, I loved the roles, I thought that the communication gimmick was extremely well done and the roles did feel versatile and varied despite all being along the same lines. I think a lot of gimmick setups like this fall flat very hard but this one worked out very well thanks to NSG's great design work and I think that this is a serious contender for the best setup of the year.
1/1/2020mastinaKrazyStarcraft MafiaI could nominate any of the Starcraft Mafia games for this award but none are more special to me than the first. The game was incredibly complex, incredibly intricate, with utter insanity in terms of roles and their interactions with multiple third parties, and yet in spite of all the complexities in the game it was fairly well-balanced where any faction could easily have won for quite the majority of the game.
1/1/2020mastinaKrazyStarcraft Mafia 2This game is just as worthy as the first for how excellently it was crafted. Krazy took the lessons learned from the first game in stride to improve upon the minor flaws that the original game had to craft this masterpiece of a setup, and of all the Starcraft games Krazy ran, I believe that this one was the one with the absolute most highest positive praise all-around (though I could be mistaken, would need to double-check).
1/1/2020mastinaRadiantCowbellsUndertale MafiaThe setup was remarkably well-crafted with the aforementioned innovative mechanic. The roles in the game did have multiple interactions with the mechanic, but not all of them revolved around it, so there were plenty of roles that were neat and inventive separate to the Mercy/Genocide requirements. The game was incredibly well-balanced and the roles excellently made with a beautiful, one of a kind, setup that I wish there were more games like in this day and age.
1/1/2020mastinaTatsuya KanameAnime U-Pick King-SizedThe game was one of the most complex games made of 2019, bar none, and yet was excellently crafted. Every single player received a role with multiple facets to it, multiple abilities, modifiers, etc. which progressively were unlocked as the game progressed. Everyone had the ability to gain a second, new, entirely different role...which would also have all of these things involved. In spite of this complexity, Tatsuya Kaname made the game work fairly smoothly and it was just a magnificently-crafted setup all-around; all the roles had abilities suited to the flavor involved, an impressive feat for a game of that size.
1/1/2020mastinaJingleVengeful GhostsNot only was the mechanic well-designed, but the setup was beautifully engineered as well. The game was pretty much right on the dot balance-wise, a tricky feat given that it was a flipless game (flipless games traditionally being incredibly scumsided due to the town lacking information). Each side had an equal chance at winning, and the roles, while subtle, did make very good use of the setup and ultimately made the difference in the game by the slimmest of margins. It was a beautiful setup and wonderfully designed all-around.
1/1/2020mastinaSkygazerPokemon Fusion UPickSkygazer crafted a very good setup that was pretty balanced overall and made use of the mechanics from the source material fairly well. It was really well-designed as a game and I didn't have any complaints about the balance of the setup as it was quite fine. It's an example of the excellent quality of work Skygazer usually produces (though as mentioned she can have slightly off-games).
1/1/2020mastinaJingleAlisae versus PineThe game was remarkably well-designed and featured the latest spin on the drafting mechanic between Pine and his opposition. All the roles were well-crafted and while Jingle designed them more for fun than for balance, they ended up fitting the game incredibly well. This was compounded by a happy accident of an unintentional chance in balance that made the self-admittedly-scumsided setup be less so, giving the town a little bit of an extra boost to help them out. The game was remarkably well-crafted all-around and the work which went into creating it is absolutely commendable, requiring considerable amounts of coordination and work to pull off an epic of this scale.
Mad Scientist
Date AddedNominatorNominatedGame & LinkDescription
6/19/19Irrelephant11northsidegalMicro 864: The Newsroomnorthsidegal created a unique role for Newsroom: Town Public Surveyor. This role allowed a player (in this case, skygazer) to recruit a single player from outside the game (in this case, the worst) to make a private thread with, for the purpose of helping to solve the game. In a game full of pts and "interviews", this fit the flavor amazingly well. But even more importantly, it was a brand new role (as far as I know) that was tons of fun for skygazer, and added something really new to the game of mafia. In a time where "players who aren't in the game can post in the game" is having something of a moment, this role seemed like an elegant and balanced way to have that sort of fun. Nice work, nsg :]
7/4/19VijaradaBulletNLynchProofGameshow MafiaI'm nominating this game not because it was balanced or amazingly well-executed, but I'm a sucker for mechanics like this. It's an understandable game mechanic with a crazy amount of flavour and variations, that works to fundamentally change the game to a different one, without changing the core idea.
12/16/19popsofctownSomething_SmartUndertale Semi-Open, Undertale Semi-Open 1.1The May Open Setup Design Contest was stacked with strong entries. Yet Something_Smart won the contest and it wasn't even close. The reason was because his setup was a truly innovative concept that added new angles to mafia without subverting the informed minority dynamic.
Undertale Semi-Open is both "vote for town" and "vote for scum", allowing players to dynamically swap between those choices, unlike other setups that have presented "vote for town" before. It also features a kill-immune neighborhood for "vote for town" nominees, which can have social deduction implications. The features of the game's endgame change based on how much "vote for town" and "vote for scum" was used. Undertale Semi-Open was put into practice twice, and the paradigm shifts and endless possibilities suggested by the concept were by and large realized.
The endgames are balanced enough that players frequently disagree which one is best. This can shift further when the gamestate favors a certain route due to the dayplay, or when the randomized PR incentivizes one of the routes. The first run featured scum!volxen making the case for pacifist being the best route for town while privately admitting otherwise, before going on to win the pacifist route. The second game featured PR!mastina making a post that seems intended to manipulate town into her PR's favored route
The spared neighborhood is a sort of build-your-own masonry, and it can hide information from scum and be powerful. In the first run of the setup Elements conjectured chennisden might be a viable mislynch, but found out later chennisden had pretty effectively cleared his own slot in the privacy of the spared PT. Again, this "masonry" has NK immunity, but town has to pick out actual townies to put in it themselves. The amount of town agency involved in building the spared PT is another fascinating feature, sparing chennisden is considered a reason town almost won the first run of the setup, and failing to spare him for similar play in the second run of the setup was believed by some to be a reason the game was almost lost.
Last, but definitely not least, presenting the opportunities to reach innocent verdicts or guilty verdicts side by side creates gameplay scenarios that I can't imagine paralleled in traditional mafia. The second run featured a death-lynch being lolhammered by a player who was very concerned about the accuracy of the heal-lynch and wanted to "counterwagon" it. Here are the pertinent posts: post 790 post 791 post 797
I became a first time mod after eleven years of staying away from it just because the concept behind this setup was so innovative and impressive. While I did some design work with regards to balance and did the modding here, I had absolutely no hand in the core innovation of sparing and endgame routes and there is no self-nom to this (note this is Mad Scientist, not Rube Goldberg).
1/1/2020mastinaschadd_mystery box of silverOver the course of 2019, schadd_ ran multiple games off of the MBOS theme, and each and every single one of them would've been worthy of this award, but I decided to nominate the original because it was the original. Every game pioneered new, inventive, creative twists on the game of mafia, usually involving the mafia being forced to give up something that they really wouldn't want to have given up, to knowingly give the town an advantage, while also occasionally giving the town a more town-controlled variant on the idea.
1/1/2020mastinaJingleVengeful GhostsThe idea of having the dead affect the living is certainly not a new one and has been done before--but none have done it as well as Jingle did. He nailed the balance between the living and dead in a way which was in my opinion absolutely unique and original, and it worked brilliantly. Truly a well-designed mechanic and one which I would love to see more of.
1/1/2020mastinaRadiantCowbellsUndertale MafiaWhile the idea of a self-balancing mechanic is not exactly new and the influence of Varsoon in the Mercy/Genocide mechanic was visible, the exact implementation of it was decidedly an innovation of RadiantCowbells. It was based around the idea of letting the town get back into the game if they were at a disadvantage, and vice-versa for the scumteam, where both sides had an in if they were getting crushed. It was incredibly well-crafted and really innovative.
1/1/2020mastinaKrazyStarcraft MafiaTo my knowledge, this was the first game Krazy ran which featured his signature contribution to the game of mafia where players could change their order in the playerlist, and that this would have some minor, but notable, effect on the roles in the game--this mechanic was something revolutionary that I had never seen before, and yet it has gone on to be featured in at least one other game mod's game, and I can tell you that a game *I* am planning on running is going to steal this very mechanic because it is such a damn good one and Krazy utterly owns it.
1/1/2020mastinaTatsuya KanameAnime U-Pick King-SizedThe new mechanic this nomination is for is the innovation of what amounts to a "draw and discard" option for a role--at one point in the game, every player had the option to discard their original role in favor of an unknown alternative role. This innovation went hand-in-hand with the innovation of the unlocking role aspects; almost every single role in the game, both original AND updated, had mechanics that unlocked or were specific to N1, N2, and N3.
02-01-2020MenalqueErrantparabolaAdded to the Group ChatI thought this was a really novel approach to micros, allowing for town to have noticeable extra power if able to exclude scum for a sufficiently long time, but also having to be aware that once scum get added any plotting was redundant. Combining the importance of the order of adds to the new PT (which could have worked as a highly effective scum hunting tool had town been more effective at locating each other and townblocing in the new thread) on top of standard play made for an interesting game that, while not perfect, is definitely worthy of consideration for this award.
Paperback Writer
Date AddedNominatorNominatedGame & LinkDescription
6/17/19Pink BallRadiantCowbells
Undertale MafiaThe game was perfect flavorwise, it really nailed how Undertale feels like. The roles were designed acordingly; the Mercy Bar mechanic, which is a main factor in Undertale, was outstanding, both on how it looked in every VC and its relevancy ingame (aka two scumplayers getting dunked on). Talking about VCs, they really looked fantastic; I got impressed when I first saw that design choice and it never got old. How RC used the Undertale's OST everytime someone got lynched and at daystarts was on point too: listening to "Reunited" when we got the last scum lynch was as rewarding as it was the end of a Pacifist run. In summary, as the Paperback Writer description says, the presentation absolutely affected the mood of the game. Undertale is a compelling game and making a mafia game to feel like it is a hard task; in this case, it was delivered wonderfully.
9/3/19Flavor LeafThe BakerMini Normal 2086 - Pastries!Normally, I wouldn’t think to put a Paperback Writer here for a Normal game, but mainly because theme games are generally the games people put a crazy amount of effort into story and whatnot, but Dr Easy Bake put a lot of effort to create a very flavorful experience in a Normal game. It also never crossed a line, and everything was literally about Pastries! He put a good amount of detail and personality into tons of different pastry related items, and it was a great experience, and proves Normal games can be just as colorful as Theme games.
ZaphkaelProject ARCHIn most games, I prefer minimalistic flavor. A dressing for a game of mafia. Zaphkael broke that preference. Project Arch featured wonderful flavor at every turn. The flavor in the role pms, day start posts, night start posts all added depth and robust complexity to the game. Advertised as bastard, the game featured some key information in the flavor. By including certain pieces of game information in the flavor, Zaphkael created a game within a game. But let's not overlook the flavor itself, which I think is integral to this scummy. The flavor set the game in a not-so distant, not so-unreal dystopian future after a war between national corporations. Zaph's story featured secret alliances, character development, and subtle world building that helped create an atmosphere different from many of the games recently run.
9/18/19AlisaeZaphkaelProject ARCHI'm kind of nthing Oversoul's nomination, but one thing I want to say about the flavor that I never see in any games is the day start pms. There was flavor in it. It was a little message that said "come to the meeting room" or something along those lines. Its such a small detail, but its something I have never seen a mod actually gone out of their way to do, and I really liked it.
AlisaeMicro 896: Furret’s Bizare AdventureThe amount of effort Ali put into this game's flavour was totally awesome. The whole game was told with an overarching stories of (surprisingly) furret's bizarre adventures; flips were done via disconnected scenes starring Captain the Furret, a conditionally-bulletproof town IC. the scenes were cute and funny but most like also the role pm formatting was just spectacular. look at this beautiful role pm featuring wooper!
11/15/19mastinapopsofctownUndertale Semi-Open 1.1 - Snowdin Snowdownpopsofctown took the time to write appropriate flavor for everything--and I do mean, EVERYTHING. Roles had flavor. The game's mechanics had flavor justifications. Daystarts had flavor. Every single Votecount (with Votecounts being given daily! We're not talking one vc every five pages, we're talking a Votecount almost every page!) had flavor. Nightstarts had flavor. Just about every single mod post, had flavor, and not just short flavor. Paragraphs upon paragraphs of flavor, all matching the source material and still managing to reflect the effects of the game. She went above and beyond the call of duty for the flavor and even apologized when her v/LA delayed her ability to provide it.

Best yet, this focus on flavor never detracted from the game. She didn't neglect VCS for flavor, delay things for flavor. She did all the duties expected of a moderator, AND, on top of those duties, provided some killer flavor. Exceptional writing and dedication to a narrative while not neglecting the game.
11/25/19DannflornorthsidegalOpen 749 | VengecopThe flavor in this game enhanced the atmosphere, meshed amazingly with the setup, and was just downright entertaining. Flavor text accompanied every flip, drawing out an epic narrative of cops vs. mafia just as the same actions were played out in game. Each flip felt like the players were affecting and contributing to the ongoing story based on their actions; northsidegal creating fun death scenes and characters for each player. The tense LyLo was capped off with flavor that had a fun, climactic, double-agent twist that brought the narrative so far of cops vs. criminals to a satisfying close. Overall, the flavor here was simple to the point of being easy to read and follow, fit the theme and setup, and was simply entertaining. It added a lot to my personal enjoyment of the game and stands as a solid piece of work on its own.
12/14/2019AlisaenorthsidegalMicro 864 | The NewsroomEvery role lived inside this setup and it was presented beautifully. While it doesn't tell a story, its an amazingly presented game.
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Rising Star
Date AddedNominatorNominatedGame & LinkDescription
4/3/19AlisaeDunnstralStellaris Mafia6-9 months ago, Dunnstral was someone who occasionally lurked out of games and was quite frankly a waste of space. He didn't really contribute much. He had no presence. This was his reputation.

This is slowly starting to change. As of recently, Dunn has been performing extremely well in just about everything he's played in. I'm going to talk about Stellaris the most, since quite frankly, thats the game where I noticed this the most. During the times he was actually able to post (aka mostly D3), he showed that he was able to step up as townleader extremely well. He had the best reads in the village. Without Dunnstral, the game would have been significantly easier for scum to sweep, since Dunnstral was the only person who was actually putting pressure on Keyser and trying to lynch that slot while everyone else practically ignored Keyser's existance.

He was able to get the village to work together better then anyone else could. He was able to unite people to work together. Not to mention his mechanical play was on point as well, and you could see that just by his selection of traits, which could have broken the setup if he was actually town and others came to the same conclusions he did.

You can even tell just by looking at this game, where even though it was restarted, Dunn is still showing these traits of becoming a really strong town player that should be respected, and also here where he was undoubtedly the town MVP.

He's starting to become one of the best players on site currently.
+the worst
MenalqueAlisae V Pine: An Epic Quest!Menalque is a splendid example of a Rising Star candidate. Although he is new to our community as of this summer, only a few months later he has already made a significant and favorable impression. I had the distinct pleasure of playing with him in two of his first games on Mafiascum - in Newbie 1934: Tundra as an opponent and in Pokemon Ruby as his mentor in scum tactics. He has the rare talent of both standing out as obvious Town when he is and blending into the background when he is scum, while still not giving ground on a meta front. On top of that, he is a pleasure to play with, both against and in concert, and has seamlessly joined our wider community. Finally, in Alisae V Pine, Menalque gamely stepped up to the plate against some of MafiaScum's most experienced players and acquitted himself adroitly and with class. Welcome, Menalque!
JameliaNewbie 1964Jamelia is a player to watch. New to the site in only the second half of this year, he's already demonstrated excellent play in the handful of newbie games he's completed. Newbie 1964 is his most recent game, and one of the most impressive. Replacing into a fairly widely scum read slot against a player list that contained experience in the likes of RadiantCowbells and BBmolla, Jamelia was not only able to turn his slot's favor around, but clinch the endgame victory for his scum team.

Newbie 1956 is another game in which Jamelia demonstrated his scumplay is not to be underestimated. He had most of the playerlist so convinced that he was town, he'd probably have won this game in LyLo if he was up against any other player but RadiantCowbells. Overall, still an impressive performance.

But Jamelia is not only a one trick pony, winning both town games in Newbie 1961 and Newbie 1953, and showing his capability to obv town regardless of the quality of his scum play.

Overall, a new player to the site who has shown excellent qualities and is the perfect candidate for rising star.
12/31/19Flavor LeafRCEnigmaMafia á la mode
Mini 2058
There are many games I could have grabbed, probably even more relevant games, but these ones popped into my head.

Been on site for about a year and a half now, and I feel like he’s pretty established on site. Rarely ever do you see him get angry, and starting from the beginning of the year, he was one of my biggest threats as scum. In mini 2058, I begged the scum team to let me kill him because he knew I was scum, and it wasn’t going to go away. In Mafia a la mode, Page 6, he nailed me as scum, which inevitably led to my death on Day 3, which is pretty rare that I am the first scum taken down. He was also the only one to bring up the potential of my partner and I bussing early on the game, which was what ended getting us the win.

He is a constant presence in any game he plays, is able to create valuable content, and has improved his game dramatically over the past year.

In Musicals, I hard tunneled him for days, and he was able to last and change my mind around Day 4, and was part of the 4p MYLO situation where we hit scum on the last day. He played the final 2 day phases great to avoid getting himself mislynched which helped town win the game. In games, he is always an extremely reliable pillar to keep the game moving and discussion tame whilst still progressing the game forward.

I have modded 9 or so games this year, and he has essentially played in every single one. While yet to have that standout scum game, at least to my knowledge, I believe he has every tool to become an elite player, if he isn’t already, with an incredibly different and unique style that doesn’t get the praise it deserves because it’s not an IN YOUR FACE flashy playstyle.

Scum should always be weary of RCEnigma, and town should always be weary that he likely will be able to pull off a Gambit Outta Nowhere. Eventually, he’s gonna have a breakout scum game, calling it now.
DatisiAutumnal Mafia
TL's Micro Normal
Newbie 1924
I offer this nomination in the same spirit of The Worst's win last year. She is not the best town player, but she wins a solid number of her town games. She is not the best scum player either, but she wins a decent number of her scum games as well. I think that she is a rising star candidate based on the fact that she has very quickly gone from "wait, who?" to someone whose name even people who don't play mafia anymore and don't know any new players who aren't a duckling will know. She plays mish mash games, she is very social in postgames, she has a high level of general exposure in the community and that to me makes her a strong candidate for Rising Star. She's still a good player, just that that isn't primarily what this nomination is based off of to me.
popsofctownPops is a very pleasant player, extremely wholesome, but also competent and convincing. pops is very active in the larger site discussions and GTKAS, pops has had a strong year on both sides of the equation.

In Alisae v Pine, she was basically the only town player to correctly infer Ankamius's crumb -- viewtopic.php?f=3&t=80863

In Large Normal 221, she boomed nomnomnom which gave town a very significant advantage going into endgame -- viewtopic.php?f=55&t=80012

She also won this scum game viewtopic.php?f=51&t=81421 and was a big player in some other games (Starry Night).

While pops has come and gone from the site from year to year, she had a great year and should be an example of positivity and wholesome behavior that the site desperately needs more of
1/1/2020mastinajjh927jjh has shown remarkably good performances this year and has continued to solidify his established presence onsite, becoming a notable contributor across the site. He has multiple strong games and continues to get stronger and stronger, being logical, active, and all-around invested.

here are some links to some of his strongest games.
1/1/2020mastinaPink Ball (/pinturicchio)When I first learned that Pink Ball was pinturicchio, I was fairly shocked--pint to my memory was not very remarkable as a player, and yet every single time I saw Pink Ball, he performed exceptionally well. In the last year, he's gone from someone who was barely around, barely known, and not really renown for his play as either alignment, to one of the best players onsite regardless of his alignment and he has gained incredible prominence around the site.

He had an incredibly strong performance in Starcraft Mafia 2, and a strong town performance in Fire and Ice.

He was one of the star players of the original Mystery Box of Silver.
He was one of the star town players in Tatsuya's Anime UPick.
His hydra, mostly due to him, was the N1 nightkill in Starcraft Legacy of the Void and for good reason.
He was a star player in Undertale Mafia and was half the reason the town won that game; without him, it would've been impossible.
He was a star player in Krazy's Anime Upick and was one of the only people throughout the whole game to consistently nail the scumteam and was THE largest thorn in their side the whole time he was alive.
He still did well in Pokemon Fusion UPick.
And he was one of the star scum players in Alisae versus Pine and a significant contributor to the scum win that game.

Noticing a trend?

He is, consistently, a star player for his team, regardless of what alignment that team is.
He is incredibly entertaining, he is rather jovial, funny, just an all-around standup guy who you love to be around and he's damn good at whatever he tries to do. Dude is a legend and given how he was basically an unknown prior to this year, I'd say he's grown into the Rising Star role really well.
1/1/2020mastinaMenalqueMenalque is literally this year's the worst in my eyes, in that by the time next year rolls around we'll be wondering why he's not received more recognition already. He'll have further grounded himself into the site culture, taken over jobs in months which took other scummers years to acquire. He has become incredibly active onsite and he has become incredibly prolific and more than that he is damn good at the game and continues to grow with each and every single game he plays.

Even when he loses, he takes the advice in good stride. An example I can think of which comes to mind is I Don't Remember the Name of This Game. There, he was rather obviously scum and he swore he shouldn't have been...but when TheFonz gave him a heart to heart talk in the postgame, Menalque listened, and actually DID take it to heart, improving from the experience and becoming a better player as a result.

He has also been putting forward remarkably good games particularly as town.

He was one of the best players in Pokemon Fusion UPick.

He was remarkably good in Make Me Regret This UPick.

And honestly he was one of the best town players in Alisae versus Pine.

And then the real kicker--look at his performance in this game.
What alignment would you think that was, given his scumgames earlier in the year?

...The answer is that was a scum game, NOT a town game--and THAT is the growth which demonstrates WHY Menalque is a rising star. He went from fairly obvious scum to a star scum player, because he listened to the honest feedback, took it to heart, and legitimately improved from it.
And here is another scumgame where he performed well.

He also has a good sense for balance and I can attest to his skills in that department.

He is all-around a pillar of the community in formation and he is everything that everyone new to the site that wants to stay around should strive for because he is just...REMARKABLY good at...well. Everything.
White Knight
Date AddedNominatorNominatedGame & LinkDescription
3/26/19Flavor LeafJingleBooneyToonz Extravaganza: LAST NIGHT TOMORROWHe came into Last Night Tomorrow and changed the game. Everyone, even the scum team, all the dead thread was blown away by his mechanical talk. He really was solving the game after his slot was basically an inactive slot. The way he used the BOONus Round mechanic to help mechanically clear the game, and the leader position he took on. He didn’t win, but his presence was felt right as he replaced in.
3/30/19XtoxmJingleBooneyToonz Extravaganza: LAST NIGHT TOMORROWJingle was the only player that attempted to make best use of the unique Boonus Rounds mechanic in the game, and did his best to make sure all town players were using their powers optimally through leadership and mechanical proficiency. Although he ended up losing, he made the game much harder for our scum team than it otherwise would have been, and was the town MVP. Had he played from the beginning, it's likely town would have won.
5/8/19themilkcartonkidnorthsidegalMini 2049: Innocent Evil PeopleThis player replaced into a game with a secret mechanic having figured out the mechanic entirely on her own. They then baited the mafia into revealing themselves in the last round, narrowly defeating mafia at the point when most of the town wrongly thought they were about to win. Without her replacing in, it's highly likely mafia would have won.
8/6/19JingleJjh927Vengeful Ghosts MafiaJJ doesn't like playing scum. He abhors it. But he replaced into scum in a spot that was frankly terrifying and managed to be fairly universally townread. He kept the game going, infiltrated a towncore very well and had the game well in hand until a vigshot from the dead thread killed him. Now, this sounds like the end of the story, but he then made the most fun of the game happen by manufacturing a slip and turning the game on it's head from the deadthread (players could continue communicating/voting on a vigshot after death) keeping the scum team afloat for a full two phases, nearly winning the game, and drawing even the most demoralized players into a round of nail biting that was easily the highlight of the game.
8/6/19JingleOSTENTATIOUSVengeful Ghosts MafiaOST replaced into what was mechanically the lynchpin of the setup, and managed to play two conflicting egos down to the point where town managed to win despite a crazy amount of infighting, no flips, a fake guilty on town in LYLO and a cunning scum gambit via solid play and selective claiming. Not only that, he made was was an otherwise frustrating game bearable for quite a few people and brought back a couple town powerhouses that were on the verge of replacing through sheer force of personality.
9/20/19AlisaegobbledygookMini Normal 2095>Replaces in after massclaim
>Gobble: Everyone we should massclaim
>Gobble: I’m a night 3 bodyguard. If my hunch is correct we have a certain number of other weak PRs possibly gated by a specific night. I think we can create great POE pools that makes this game super easy
>Suggets Iconeum, who had already claimed, to claim next
>Everyone just nods their heads with the claim
>He wins the game
1/1/2020mastinaLolWagons/SlaxxMystery Box of SilverSlaxx might not have been the most clutch player in that game for securing the town win, but he WAS half the reason the town could win so decisively in spite of that on one virtue alone--he replaced into a slot that was previously mislynchable and through his skill made it almost impossible to lynch and he was who the final scum was up against in lylo, a fight that he helped skitter win.
1/1/2020mastinaDannflorNo deadlines MafiaDannflor took a slot that was on the verge of being lynched for being an obvious scumfuck into being a slot that the serial killer nightkilled for being so town--literally, Dannflor didn't die because he was too scum; he died because he was too town. And that was the polar opposite of how the slot was when he first inherited it. That speaks miles to how well he was able to turn the slot around and in doing so he helped his team secure the win.
1/1/2020mastinajh927Starcraft Mafia 2jjh took a slot which was complete and utter deadweight to the scumteam and turned it around into a slot which helped his team secure the win. Sure, yes, he did still end up getting lynched eventually...but not before he was able to sew the seeds of discord necessary to allow his team to win. Him replacing into the game singlehandedly helped his team turn it around and due to his synergy with his scumteam, he was able to help them win at the cost of his own life.
1/1/2020mastinaSevera (RadiantCowbells)Tatsuya's Anime UPickThe reason I make this nomination is because RadiantCowbells was a significant swing in the direction of the game, overall a step in the right direction. He took a slot that was incredibly divisive and turned it into a fairly townread slot. While he didn't help the town gain coherence, his replacement did help take his slot in an overall positive direction for the game.
1/1/2020mastinaAnkamiusTatsuya's Anime UPickAnkamius was the opposite of Severa: whereas Severa (RC) didn't shift the divisiveness of the town, Ankamius didn't shift the perspective of her slot...because she was already seen as universally town, replacing into a widely-townread slot. Because her time in the game was short, she tried her hardest to make a positive impact on the nature of the game and in her limited time alive, she was incredibly successful at that endeavor.
1/1/2020mastinaPink BallTatsuya's Anime UPickPink Ball, however, wins the award of awards for doing BOTH--his slot was one that was at a severe risk of being mislynched on D1. There was a very real chance that his slot would've been the D1 mislynch if not for Pink Ball coming in and turning the slot around. From there, turning the slot into an obvtown, never-lynched slot, he was able to be a reasonably positive force for the game directing it in the overall right direction to move, a total turnaround from where it was before.
1/1/2020mastinathe worstUndertale Mafianomnomnom was, as a slot, not in the best of positions. While nom was not exactly a top-tier lynch candidate, nom was in no way, shape, or form a player in a good position. Enter the worst, who turned the slot around into a widely-townread slot, who was the last scum lynched for damn good reason: because he put in a REMARKABLY solid performance. While he didn't end up winning his team the game, without him they would have been handedly stomped easily.
1/1/2020mastinaSlaxxBallroom BlitzFrom the moment Slaxx replaced in, the game went from what looked like a town stomp to a scum stomp; he completely and totally turned the game around in its entirety. You can measure the game in terms of pre-Slaxx and post-Slaxx. Pre-Slaxx, NicoRobin (his slot) was a deadweight lurker on the verge of being policy-lynched and the entirety of the scumteam was in the sights of most town players; there was at least one or two players who had the EXACT solve, or close to, and were pushing it.

Post-Slaxx, the town fell apart because he was able to dismantle their cohesion and singlehandedly shift the momentum of the game away from lynching scum and onto town...and from there, the town which had the scum basically nailed dead to rights, fell apart and caved in on itself, accusing each other where before they were on the right track. If not for Slaxx, that game would have been a town win but because he replaced in, the scum won.
1/1/2020mastinaRhinoxMystery Box of Silver 5Rhinox took a slot that was on the verge of being lynched and turned it around into a slot that managed to endgame. That in of itself says it all. Before Rhinox, the town was on the right track to having the scumteam poe eliminated, but after Rhinox, the scumteam was able to stall out the lynch of scum, garner JUST enough defenders, and orchestrate town paranoia, town doubt, which caused the town to believe that players who should've been locktown, weren't, and that players who should've been lockscum, weren't. He might not have been incredibly 'obvtown' as scum, but he didn't need to be; he did exactly what he needed to do in order to win the game.
1/1/2020mastinapisskopMystery Box of Silver 5pisskop did similarly to Rhinox for his own slot. Fuscosco was on the verge of being mislynched, but once pisskop came in, his slot became much much much harder to lynch. He gave good reads, was fairly convincing, and while his presence wasn't enough to cinch a town win, it was good enough to get the town much closer to that win than they otherwise would have been.
1/1/2020mastinajjh927Vengeful Ghostsjjh replaced into a slot that, while not exactly a universal scumread, was looked upon very unfavorably as a whole. The whole town either thought of the slot negatively or more commonly, apathetically; nobody was really townreading ZZZX and the slot was contributing nothing to the game.
Enter jjh.
jjh managed to powertown and gain the favor of half of the town.
While the other half, the posthumous members with a vig, killed him, he didn't let that stop him from orchestrating the town's demise, a plan he almost pulled off flawlessly. He was clutch in the scum's planning, their mastermind of the game, and reversed the scumteam's fortunes from fucked to almost-winning.
1/1/2020mastinaOSTENTATIOUS (the worst)Vengeful GhostsThe only reason jjh didn't end up winning the scumteam the game is because the worst had a clutch performance of his own, replacing in at just the right time. He was able to do what no holder of the slot before him had done, bridging the gap between the living and dead successfully, communicating with them cleanly and managing to develop a game-winning plan, a gamebreaking plan which if followed would have left the scum in an autolose situation where the scumteam had a 0% chance of winning. jjh did manage to mess that plan up...but because of the worst holding back a key aspect of his role, jjh's plan didn't succeed. jjh's plan was to kill the worst after pulling the gambit and leave the town win no idea why the dead had deviated from the plan...but the worst having an ace up his sleeve he deliberately held back, allowed him to communicate what had gone wrong in the dead thread due to jjh, and this information was vital to the living being able to bounce back.
Hannibal Lecter
Date AddedNominatorNominatedGame & LinkDescription
5/17/19Flavor LeafxtoxmBooneyToonz X: Boonin’ It In The SlumsThe role was called "New Supportive Significant Other". The player was given a target, which was known to be one of the Lovers that were in the game, but not known which one. At night, they would target players, and if that player was a Lover they would go into the Private Thread with them. From there, they had to say "I Love You (target name here)", which would have them win and leave the game. The caveat here was the only hint they were given as to which Lover is their target was the Role PM saying you needed to save your target from their toxic, delinquent Lover. Beginning of the game, it seemed impossible to Xtoxm, but by the end, he was conf town to everyone, and he had protected the Lovers from dying long enough so that he could get in their and accomplish his wincon.
7/6/19Flavor LeafxtoxmKrazy's Anime UpickA survivor-esque role that won with scum on Day 9. Survivor getting to Day 9 is kind of insane to then win. He played it well, and outed himself at the right time. This marks his 2nd 3rd party win this year as well.
CreatureCalendar MafiaCreature has definitely played phenomenally well as someone who's usually transparent as scum to someone who managed to be more town than well... the rest of town. He was one of the most active posters and was a big reason that town didn't lose straight up and managed to embrace what good SK play is like, abusing town and scum to your win-con. The player list had some fairly strong players as well.
Kodak Moment
Date AddedNominatorNominatedGame & LinkDescription
3/26/19Flavor LeafDrewVa, BrightEyedFish, and ProfiiBooneyToonz Extravaganza: LAST NIGHT TOMORROWPrior to the page linked, everyone was tunneling on BrightEyedFish. This game was a hidden vote plurality lynch game, where every Day phase 4 players were chosen to choose when to end the day. Town was given information that Scum had a known Day Vig ability that would end the day, and game mechanics that caused for hidden votes and accepted twilight votes. While BrightEyedFish was getting tunneled, mainly by DrewVa, the hydra of Nancy Drew 39 and Krazy, who were at nearly 1700 posts, BrightEyedFish fake claimed Vengeful as town, as the day was coming to a close, the scum used their ability, but I wasn’t able to get there prior to the 4 players choosing to end the game, so the end of the day Vote Count came up, 10 people on BrightEyedFish, but DrewVa’s flip came up. Hilarity ensued in what was essentially a Governor shot causing the 1700 post tyranny of DrewVa. BrightEyedFish had even posted in his confessional thread “any magical abilities that can get me out of this?” Just prior.
6/17/19callforjudgmentElsa JayNon-Review GameElsa Jay, as scum with a fairly weak ability (1-shot neighbouriser), fakeclaimed it as Friendly Neighbour, a claim that should have been impossible to substantiate. He then managed to use the neighbourise shot into talking a townie into faking a Friendly Neighbour result on him, confirming him as town and pretty much winning scum the game. The spectators in the dead thread were confused at the original fakeclaim and pleasantly surprised when it actually ended up working.

Unfortunately, Elsa Jay ended up losing the game, but those were due to circumstances outside scum's control (the setup ended up very townsided – something that's entirely capable of happening by chance when the whole gimmick of the setup is that nobody has an opportunity to review it – and on top of that, a townie in the game was cheating and knew the entire scumteam). Elsa's play would have carried the game in any normal game, though, with all the (non-cheating) townies falling for it.
6/29/19Irrelephant11nomnomnommicro 879, mystery box of silver number 4: god is ALIVE (scum topic)Like other Mystery Box of Silver games by Schadd, this setup required scum to gift night actions to members of the town. In this case, scum had to create 1 private topic for two players during each of the first three nights, the members of which would gain access to a 1-shot power role. Only one PT could include scum, which, though this information was hidden from town, had the effect of semi-clearing the townies who claimed they had been in the PTs each night. As the town's PoE tightened around nomnomnom and her scummate, she thought of a stellar fake claim: that the two scum had been in a PT together, and that the PT revealed information about the setup to nomnomnom. When nomnomnom revealed this "setup information" to the town, town lost any grasp of setup spec. For every piece of information town had regarding the setup, it seemed nomnomnom had a "countering piece of information" which swung multiple players' reads in the wrong direction. Though nomnomnom made a nightkill on the last night which actually hurt her chances to win lylo, the lylo conftown could not wade through the fake information and setup expectations to see nomnomnom for her true alignment. Impressive creativity, nomnomnom :!:
7/3/19Flavor LeafEmperor flippyNipsKrazy’s Anime UpickDay 7, extremely low kill game, almost all claims are out, halfway through a day, flippynips had a Mafia guilty result. First, he claimed to have these results from different nights not realizing what day it was on, but the funniest part that had everybody stop playing the game to make a “LMAO” Post was when FlippyNips claimed that he had a result on Xtoxm from multiple nights ago, but he forgot what it was. He then comes out and states that he had an SK result from multiple nights before, but he just forgot about it. This was hilarious, and I accidentally did a spit take all over my iPad.
7/21/19nomnomnomEragonMini Normal 2066: Catloaves - Link to nominated postThe game was not going so well for scum Eragon: despite killing the most dangerous role of the setup night 1, one of his partners gets lynched day 1, and he is under a lot of scrutiny at the start of day 2. This is where he comes up with an extremely dangerous game plan. Having read on a guide how to test for scums by making a fake slip to catch them, he thought about making a fake scumslip, as scum, to try and fool people into thinking he was making a town play. On top of that, he asked his partner to point the slip to gain townpoints and create distance between the two scums, but also sealing his fate if the town did not buy into it. After dangerously approaching the hammer and getting to L-1, townies started believing this was a townie making a play, and making town lynch elsewhere for that day. While being extremely reckless and bonkers, this play bought a lot of much needed room for scums who turned that momentum into a mislynch and townpoints. It would have looked pretty miserable if this resulted in his lynch, but it worked and this takes a lot of guts to do this, and that's pretty much why this deserves a nomination. You're quite the adrenaline seeking demon :!:
8/6/19JingleThe entire dead thread. (jjh927, Dr Easy Bake, Chemist1422, Egix96, Binary Star, Dannflor, Flavor Leaf and OSTENTATIOUS)Vengeful Ghosts MafiaThis game was flipless, with the gimmick of the dead thread being able to communicate with the living through one slot and also fully controlling a vig shot. When 2/3 of the scum were dead and the third appeared to be on the chopping block, scum gambited to try for a hail mary pass by 'slipping' a night kill submission for an absent partner (who wasn't a partner at all. Town piled on, correctly caught on and tried to re stabilize onto the original lynch, but scum managed to quickhammer a minute before the night deadline. This happened on page 29 of the dead thread. Almost 50 pages and several phases later, scum nearly took the win off of the back of this play, which absolutely revitalized the game, the player's interest, and remained the main topic of discussion for the rest of the game. And so far, the post game.
+the worst
Flavor Leaf, RCEnigma and JibrilPokémon Fusion U-PickOn the morning of August 15th, 2019, I woke up fairly early to get ready for work. While I was eating breakfast, I decided to check up on my large theme: Pokémon Fusion U-Pick. I believe the first thread I clicked on was the Scum PT. Inside was a panicked series of messages from Flavor Leaf. "Lol, I slipped," he started. He went on to explain how he had made a post in his private topic with RCEnigma (an outted mason) that was meant for the scum PT. That post slipped himself as scum, laid out their entire game-plan for the night (including killing RCEnigma), and confirmed five players as town. "I fucked up hard," he plainly stated. Yes, Flavor, yes you had.

He went on to do some damage control by claiming that he was also in a neighborhood with Gamma Emerald (his scum buddy) and that his slip was actually meant for his neighborhood with Gamma. You see, in this frantically made-up neighborhood, Flavor had supposedly claimed himself to be a traitor aligned with Gamma as a sort of gambit. His "slip" was, in fact, actually just a continuation of that gambit posted in the wrong thread.

RCEnigma still hadn't seen the message yet. Flavor began telling his sleeping comrades that they need to quickhammer someone as soon as possible. itlepip was the prime candidate; he already had three votes (two town, one scum) on him, he would only need three more to achieve a lynch. Unfortunately, there were only three scum remaining at that point, and one of them was already voting for itle. At 4:08 AM (EST), Flavor laid down his vote for itlepip. A desperate cry rang out in the scum thread for his partners to log on. At 7:23 AM, Alchemist21 logged on and placed his vote for itlepip. Their only hope was for some town member to log-on and lolhammer before RCEnigma could access the thread and see the slip. At 7:25 AM, it appeared to be too late. RCEnigma had seen the slip, and hinted at it in the game thread: "FL if you flip scum I'd die laughing. Because I can 100% see you fake slipping as scum like that in a neighborhood with conf town."

As I was watching this unfold (now from work), I was left to wonder: how are they going to get out of this? RCEnigma had seen the slip, and surely he'll point it out in further detail rather soon... Even if faking a scum-slip was "within Flavor's town-range" (as Krazy put it), the WIFOM was sure to damn them in some manner once the slip was inevitably revealed in the game thread. Right? Right?! No. At 7:49 AM, Jibril placed the hammering vote on itlepip, suddenly and without any prior warning. I was stunned. I locked the thread, posted the flip after I got settled in at work, and felt giddy for the rest of the morning as I began to realize that "yes, that did just happen."

The scum team went on to win Pokémon Fusion U-Pick without losing any further members. Going back and looking at Flavor frantically try and salvage the situation is, frankly, extremely amusing. It was a beautifully hilarious moment to witness as a moderator and that is why I'm nominating it for Kodak Moment!
Lady LambdadeltaAnime uPick Heart of ShadowLady Lambdadelta rolled "Role-janitor", a very weak night action for a stacked role madness large theme. But she identified it to be at its strongest if a player were to soft or hard claim a role planning to rescind later, and went to use "every part of the buffalo", engaging in a gambit that would be riskier if she didn't also note her role had resilience to roleblocks.
She fakeclaimed masons with another player, identifying a townie that would be interested in a temporary relief from pressure, and the townie corroborated. Then she killed the corroborater (which did not in and of itself imply a desire to hide a lack of mason ability, since all players had multiple abilities) using the role-janitor. She was then "confirmed" town, which won her faction the game.
12/31/19gobbledygookLoserdudeOG, Uncrowned, Alexcellent, The Worst, Flavor LeafNewbie 1972After a heavy end of Day 1, LoserdudeOG and Flavor were vibing hard. You can see the build up to the moment linked of how duo’d up they were. Wishing they could be friends in real life. Then, after explaining that flavor and loserdude both used to live an hour north of SF, and then realizing their connection to BBmolla, and LDog stating that Bbmolla was his roommate, they figured out that they have known each other in real life for 5 years already. It makes it funnier that they haven’t really even seen each other in nearly 3 years either, and everyone’s reactions to that happening, alongside with Loser going from locktowning flavor to “oh, now that I know who he is, he’s scum.”
1/1/2020mastinajjh927For this clutch gambitTo give some context:
The dead in that game gained access to a vig kill to use every single night.
The game was flipless.
jjh, dead, in the dead thread, faked a scumslip which would "incriminate" his "scumbuddy", me, mastina. The town at the time had a game-winning, gamebreaking, lock solve with their planned vig/lynch order that would've led to a 100% guaranteed town win where scum could not have won--but with this gambit, jjh got enough players to vote to vig me, that he and DEB could coordinate a hammer of the vig on me, killing me instead of the player the town was originally going to vig, which gave the scumteam an opening back into the game to have a chance at winning it where none was there before.
1/1/2020mastinaFlavor LeafFor this absolutely huge scumslip that he talked his way out ofTo give some context to this situation: the link is to a neighborhood between Flavor Leaf (scum) and RCEnigma.
RCEnigma was a proven town mason at that point in time and there was plenty of time left in the day. It was posted during the day so the scumteam couldn't nightkill RCE and they couldn't lynch him. FL accidentally did a legitimate scumslip, outing the entire scumteam and their entire the confirmed town mason.

Yet he managed to talk his way out of it soon after, get a quicklynch, kill RCE, and from there, the scumteam went on to sweep the game.
02-01-2020MenalqueDannflor - Gay Dance Gone Wrong - OversoulBaton PassIn my opinion this was the funniest thing that happened in a mafia game throughout the entire year. Scum had played a sufficiently good game that by the time they arrived here, the immediate reaction of three of the remaining VTs was to self vote to try and get out of having to be in lylo with any of the others, and to then proceed to argue about who deserved to die the most. Featuring gems such as "I'VE BEEN WANTING TO DIE FOR TWO WHOLE PHASES"

"you selfish bastards" and "No no no
GDGW has been scumreading me all fam. He was correct. Kill me and town wins"

"I’m not the towniest I just claimed acum" I challenge anyone to read the pages after day restarted here and not be deeply amused.
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Game Of The Year
Date AddedNominatorNominatedGame & LinkDescription
3/26/19JingleBoonskiiesBooneyToonz Extravaganza: LAST NIGHT TOMORROWThis was a game with 23 players, 10 day phases and at least 15 micro games over the course of months. There were long back and forths on mechanics, on reads, on nothing at all, and I loved every minute of it. There was incredible play from a bunch of people, a D1 traitor claim retracted into a miller claim, a solid townblock, and multiple confirmations. And despite town working together incredibly well, scum took the victory. The average level of play in the game was well above what I expect from most games. The players had fun throughout. And the dead thread was just as lively as the live thread.

Perhaps most importantly in my mind, though, is that there was no real fighting throughout the game. Sure, we were arguing and trying to lynch each other, but despite that the mod and the other players kept it light and fun the whole time. If every mafia game I played could be this fun, I doubt I'd do anything else.
3/26/19DavesazBoonskiiesBooneyToonz Extravaganza: LAST NIGHT TOMORROWThis 23 player game had multiple mechanics I hadn't seen before, an exceptional cast of players, fun and engaging flavor, and numerous closely fought battles over a fun-filled and action packed 10 game days. The game show themed minigames that gave +1 charges and role modifiers as prizes resulted in a constantly shifting web of possibilities, both enhancing the town's opportunities to solve but also adding wifom for the scum to hide in. Extra twists like a governor shot / fake venge (see related Nom for Kodak) made it especially fun to play. Plus we all got along pretty well when we weren't trying to shoot each other. ;-)
3/30/19XtoxmBoonskiiesBooneyToonz Extravaganza: LAST NIGHT TOMORROWThis game lasted for over 4 months, and remained run throughout. It had several unique mechanics, and i'm still not sure that the setup was balanced, but when a game lasts for 10 game days and ends in a 4p mylo where anyone can still win, that's beside the point. Definitely one of the best mafia games i've played in, and all of the players were great to play with too. The mods were response and helpful to mechanical questions, which was very important for our scum team in this wild setup.
8/12/19Nancy Drew 39JingleShirley You JestIt was a triple jester game and we had a triple jester sweep in it. It was glorious. Most fun I’ve had playing any mafia game ever.
12/20/19DannflorRadiantCowbellsUndertale MafiaUndertale Mafia stands as a shining example of what a good game of mafia should be. A lot of time and care went into the flavor, aesthetic, and mechanics of the game; this dedication resulted in an unmatched atmosphere that brought the best elements of the theme to the game. The best example of this interweaving of mechanics and flavor is in the Mercy Bar mechanic, which lead to a comeback play by Brown Eyes that cut the scum team in half and left me with chills when I witnessed it. It was the perfect combination of the Undertale theme and the actual mechanics/gameplay of Mafia. Overall, the game had a great player list and was fun even in town's worst moments. A solidly played mafia game by both alignments, an interesting setup, a great atmosphere thanks to flavor, and a very fun game. This is what mafia games should strive to be.
+Flavor Leaf
JingleVengeful GhostsHonestly, I wasn't too invested in Vengeful Ghosts at first... And then I died. This game has the—perhaps unfair—advantage of being quite literally two games in one. On the surface, there was a normal (but flipless) mafia game happening with a strong town lead by Arkham Asylum. But underneath that, in the dead thread, a whole other mafia game was going on. Each night, the dead thread—the players of which still remained unconfirmed alignment wise—had to vote a player to kill. With only tentative links to the alive thread, this unique mechanic resulted in two simultaneous mafia games that worked towards a common overall goal. The added stress and investment these increased stakes contributed to the game resulted in a rollercoaster that was intensely fun from near-beginning to end. In combination with some desperate plays from a mostly dead scum team that would not have been possible in a normal game, as well as a gambit from town's only link between the alive and dead worlds of this game, Vengeful Ghosts was a close game with the kind of highs you can only get from the very best.
12/31/19AnkamiusFakeGodStarry NightStarry Night is an entry in FakeGod's Dance Game series, a set of games where players form partnerships that live and die together. However, thanks to a small mechanic added in that allows any player to forcibly remove themselves and their partner from the game, dance games tend to be total chaos with the game depending more on whether town can leave on their scum partners faster than they can fall apart and lose themselves the game.

However, Starry Night was different. The game, while chaotic as this setup tends to go, was a lot more grounded in playing like a mafia game rather than a typical dance game. It played at a breakneck speed and ballooned into a behemoth, hitting nearly 200 pages over its 10 day run. Only two pairings left the dance all game, both of which were in the second half. This by itself is impressive considering that most dance games played rarely ever make it to a lynch at all, but it really showed that even with how much tension there was in the game, the town faction was more focused on winning rather than forcing their own hand. This reflects in the fact that even the least active players was averaging more than 10 posts a day in their time within the game, with overall activity and interest across the entire playerlist being impressively high.

Throughout all of this, FakeGod was always there when he was needed, allowing the momentum to continue when otherwise it would have likely stopped and devolved into a standard leavefest that these setups tend to devolve into. He kept up with the chaos and gave updates, flips, and vote counts consistently when we needed them. FakeGod's modding quality isn't unknown on the site, but this performance isn't to be undervalued in how the game shaped up in the end.

This isn't necessarily scummy worthy by itself, however. The one final piece that makes it stand out in my mind is that despite the town faction having its most major disadvantage nullified, it was always anyone's game up until the very end. The final remaining scum played so well that the only real suspicion against them was paranoia, and even the dead thread was almost entirely convinced that they were town. The only reason they lost was because town held back from taking action until it was very obvious that one of the other pairings was an all town pairing.

Ultimately, I think this game is worthy of a scummy nomination by a combination of the relative activity and interest of the playerlist in the outcome of the game, the temptation and relative ease of being able to derail the game into a giant mess being denied, the game not having a clear winning side until the very end, and the quality of modding behind it.
1/1/2020mastinaschadd_mystery box of silverWhile this game might be a Micro, it is absolutely a contender for a game of the year. The players played absolutely exceptionally, the game was a ton of fun, it was ridiculously well-designed and it is an example of everything the site should strive for in terms of games.
1/1/2020mastinaKrazyStarcraft MafiaThis game was an amazing game all-around and was ridiculously fun to be a part of. More than that, it was either this game or its sequel which gave rise to the discord which would eventually become basically an official-unofficial mafiascum discord moreso than the actual mafiascum discord. It was fairly well-designed, and was a fight to the bitter end where anyone could have won given slightly different actions. The scumteam played remarkably well overall to cinch the win in the end, but the game was still rather entertaining.
1/1/2020mastinaTatsuya KanameAnime U-Pick King-SizedAs tilting as a huge section of the game was due to the MASSIVE amounts of TvT fighting involved which were utterly destructive, overall, the game more than qualifies for being a Game of the Year. The game was incredibly complex, with multiple unique mechanics in play (see my below nominations), and yet was fairly well-designed and overall reasonably balanced. The game was an utter slugfest, where in spite of a D1 scum lynch, half of the scumteam remained vastly under the radar and widely townread, even part of core townblocs, for the majority of the game. This made the game remarkably close and while multiple town players came close to having the right solve, until basically the end of the game nobody quite had it right. The game could have gone either way until near the end when the last scum got a damning result on them.
1/1/2020mastinaRadiantCowbellsUndertale MafiaThis game was absolutely one of the best games of the year. The setup was remarkably crafted to have a self-balancing mechanic, the roles were unique and inventive, and the setup was also really well-balanced. The mechanics were great, the setup was great, but the players were the best part of the game. The game was ridiculously fun to play in and the game was incredibly well-played, overall by both factions. Included was a clutch moment where the town took out half of the scumteam, but while that did swing momentum back into the town's favor, it still took a while for them to finally kill the last scum due to how well they were playing overall.
1/1/2020mastinaxyzzyAny non-dead person can post in this gameThis was one of the longest minis of all time, a record-breaking game, and for good reason. The game featured a self-explanatory mechanic and also featured numerous roles which were based in part around the central mechanic of getting key scummers to post, with roles revolved around various things such as admins posting, number of players who had posted, people posting from certain threads onsite, etc. The game was ridiculously fun and was fairly close, with the town having performed reasonably well but ultimately losing to a scumteam that made a clutch recruit in picking up RC (formerly not a player) into the game to manipulate the town into crossvoting in mylo. An all-around great game.
1/1/2020mastinaJingleVengeful GhostsVengeful Ghosts was a remarkably innovative game featuring excellent mechanics and one in particular rather neat role. The basic idea of the game was simple enough; the dead get to influence the living. The implementation of it was brilliant, crafted in such a way that there was really two games going on instead of one. While that second game did garner some frustration from those in the first unaware of this second level because this aspect of the game was not fully disclosed to them and they had no way of influencing it, it was still brilliant overall.

Beyond the setup, the play in the game was incredibly good on both sides. The town immediately lynched a scum on the first day, and the graveyard town managed to vig a second scum not long after, even when the living town wouldn't. From there, the game looked like the town would stomp...until the absolutely brilliantly mad call from jjh that turned the game around and gave the scumteam a massive edge. This edge was dampened by a town outplay, where jjh's gambit ran afoul of the worst's own gambit.

This brought the game to a clutch lylo where in a fit of paranoia, it looked like the town might make the wrong call on the vig...until what amounted to the literally last minutes of the game where the town was able to lock in the vig of the last scum member for the win. It was an utter blast start to finish and one of my favorite games of the year, showing off everything good to have in the game.
1/1/2020mastinaJingleAlisae versus PinePretty much every single "town versus Pine" game has been at the very least an honorable mention in past scummies if not winning at least one if not more scummies as a result of the game and this game is no different. It is absolutely one of the best games of the year, even if it is the absolute worst town trainwreck of any of the three games so far. In spite of my multitude of frustrations with the game, it is despite those utter moments of insanity, still one of the most fun games I played all year long and while it was incredibly toxic at many times, it also had a fair amount of bonding within and a multitude of memes were born from this game and many hilarious moments happened.

The setup was incredibly well-designed and while there were a couple of accidents in the design process, these happy accidents happened to ultimately end up creating a weird sense of balance to the game--the game was advertised as being a bit scumsided, but due to the accidents involved, some of the innate scumsidedness was mitigated by an accidental advantage the town was allowed to have which was not considered in the design of the setup. This might have been unintended, but it made for the quality of the game to be better because the accidents ended up helping the town more than it did the scum, when the town did need that extra bit of help.

While there were some rather unfortunate town night actions, the town did have a lot going for it in terms of some clutch plays which threw the scumteam a rather hard curveball and gave the town multiple ins to winning the otherwise-unwinnable game, including a mislynch-bait player managing to kill themselves and conftown another mislynch-bait slot, doc saves that kept the town with extra members, and general net-positive maneuvers.

But of course, this was counterbalanced by Pine, as per the usual, masterfully manipulating the town and out-gambitting them. Many town players did have most of the right reads, but they couldn't get enough consensus to chain lynches on scum one after another after another. This game ended up being one of the longest games on-site of all time, and in spite of the many frustrations involved, it is absolutely one of the highlights of the year of 2019 because I don't think there is any game in 2019 that was more iconic than this game was and it had a notable, visible impact on site culture. While you may argue that this impact was a negative one, even if so the fact that it pulled so much weight in regards to mafiascum as a whole should say something of the game's significance.
Post of the Year
Date AddedNominatorNominatedLinkDescription
Enterwe need a fiveSo I kinda forgot the game was happening, but I've played this setup a couple times in sitechat before, (and modded them, too) and usually it doesn't matter who gets lynched first, just because if you get town, you get a confirmed townie, and most of the time by the first couple minutes based on who's working with who and so on and so forth. I saw the votecount and it looked like it was him or you. I knew if I voted you I'd either get scum and p much win, or I'd get town and you'd shoot him (killing scum). That's how it goes pretty much every time. So I flipped a coin that would only land heads up.

I get this setup mixed up a lot, though, with SS3 (and also every time I skim this I think townies are perma one-shot lynchproof) which is why I posted like I did at beginning of day 2. I know you know I'm town, cuz if you didn't think I was, you'd have shot me yesterday. Let's lynch RC and win this thing for the homies?
3/30/19xtoxmJingleBooneyToonz Extravaganza: LAST NIGHT TOMORROWNM, a claimed 1-shot doctor said he was going to be protecting the town's resident loyal fruit vendor. Unfortunately, the fruit vendor died. the post i nommed is jingle making the case for NM being bad town rather than scum that claimed they were going to protect the LFV and just killing it anyway. it cracked me up me up. jingle being able to make me laugh - like genuinely laugh - in the middle of a scum game i felt was nom worthy, and post of the year looked like the correct category for it.
9/25/19schadd_Errantparabolapost 247 in 1000 blank white cardsthere's just so much vibes coming out of the post. the clumsy phone screenshot. the concept. the timing. the Holistic nature by which it Encapsulates the game. the implications....
10/19/19AlisaeFormerfishClickyClick!Well sit down and let me tell you about the time all the busboys across the country sat down and refused to scrape another plate until they got the same respect as chimney sweeps.

For too long people had held chimney sweepers in such high regard that the term "hung like a chimney sweeper" was born out of the amount of regard given to them. Busboys had felt the growing divide since the early 1810s when people started to have more and more chimneys installed in their houses. Before then the most any house would have was one, and that was if the family was well of. Most of the houses at this time still were warmed by wood stoves and therefor the life of a chimney sweep was a sparse one.

After the boom in chimneys on each house it wasnt uncommon for some of the more affluent to have fireplaces installed in each room. This caused the number of chimneys to rise over 250% over the last decade. This rose the rates and amount of business that each chimney sweep was doing.

Small operations started to grow until the few that were around in the beginning created almost a cabal that had 95% control of all the chimneys in the limits of the cities. The country was split into just 5 areas and each was ran by one company. They all colluded with each other to stay out of the others areas and they all joined together to squash any upstart companies who think they have the clout to make a dent in the areas held.

This all lasted for over 20 years, with the last 10 years being in control by the cabal, and took their leadership into the 1830's. You may be wondering what busboys have to do with chimney sweeps and why they were the ones to eventually dismantle the power structure carefully built by the cabal. The correlation comes here. When the number of chimneys increased the amount of work for chimney sweeps increased and allowed the lower and middle class people in those jobs before the boom to go to the next level of class in our society. Prior chimney sweeps and busboys were known as comrades in arms. With the boom the chimney sweeps felt like they had to leave their old lives behind and to adopt into the ways of the elites.

Where once friendships were the norm and members of both careers mingled with each other now only resentment sat. Busboys now not only dealt with the elites from normal means, now they were dealing with a new group of chimney millionaires. If you take into account for inflation the amount a entry level chimney sweep was making equals over 1.2 million dollars in todays economy. That was what the veterans were making late into their teens.

Busboys had finally had enough with the insults and the injuries given to them by those who once sat with them in the gruel lines. Singing for their suppers outside the bathhouses, sometimes never being seen again after going home with one of the more prominent members of the local governments with direct ties to cabal money.

It was in June of 1833, one of the hottest days on record. The chimney sweeps were indoors at noon on the 15th of that month because it was the hottest day of that month and the tar on roofs were melting so badly the sweepers shoes were being pulled right off their feet. In every restaurant across the country chimney sweepers were sat at tables, drinking glasses of cold water. The action that broke the camels back was when after hours of sitting there waiting for the heat to break the sweepers drank glass, after glass, after glass,after glass,after glass,after glass,after glass,after glass,after glass,after glass,after glass,after glass,after glass,after glass,after glass,after glass,after glass,after glass,after glass,after glass,after glass,after glass,after glass,after glass,after glass,after glass,after glass,after glass,after glass,after glass,after glass,after glass,after glass,after glass,after glass of water and refused each and every servers attempt to just fill glasses they already had from a pitcher.

Each sweeper demanded a new glass every time their glass was emptied.

Busboys sprang into action and started to rotate dirty glasses into the sink, washed them, ran them out to the servers, cleared empty glasses off tables to start the process all over again. They did their jobs stoically, not saying a disparaging word to a single one of their new masters.

It wasn't until the rains came, and the heat broke that the sweepers stood up, and made their way outside to get back to work now that the tar would have hardened again. Since all they had ordered were glasses of water none of them had a bill. The servers had been taking care of them for over 3 hours waiting on the weather to change. The busboys made their money from the benevolence of the servers, which was something the sweepers in power had done on purpose to try and subjugate their former equals to even more harsh degrees.

When the servers saw that not one sweeper had left even pocket change on their tables as they left, they apologized to the busboys and said that all the work that they had done over the last 3 hours constantly moving and washing glasses was just to make nothing from people who are so obviously able to improve the lives of others but made a choice not only to not help, but to make exponentially more difficult.

The busboys had finally had enough. They put down their towels, and took off their aprons and took to the streets. Ladders were confiscated from sides of any building they weren't attached to. Sweepers were stranded on roofs with no safe way to get down, many gave their lives that day.

Once the sweepers became away of the danger they were in they armed themselves with brooms and a chipper attitude. They were no match for the busboys though. The sweepers couldn't run due to their black lung and most were quickly overtaken by the busboys who actually had been keeping in decent shape with all the constant bending and lifting of weights possibly in excess of 25lbs as a repetitive motion. Chimneys were toppled, sweepers strung up and hung en masse in local makeshift gallows, the cabal had been toppled. After years of tyrannical rule the former foes were equals again.

Busboys made their way back to their aprons and picked up their towels and started to wipe tables down like nothing had been out of the ordinary that day. Chimney sweeping as a viable career was left to stories like Mary Poppins.

It became known as the "shittiest revolution" because one of the lesser known responsibilities of busboys is to unclog toilets and everyone knows that as cheap as chimney sweepers are they eat a lot of fast food and destroy bathrooms.
Community Contributor
Date AddedNominatorNominatedAny relevant LinkDescription
4/7/19JingleAlisaeScummies Nomination ThreadAli has put a ton of effort into making the Scummies something to be interested in again. Backstage, I was privy to some of the work e put in on the new banners, and despite the fact that it was partially done in '18, I think the work deserves to be appreciated. Adding to that the work e's done on the Scummies Nom thread to make it look professional, neat, and not a waste of my time, I think Ali is going to be a big portion of why the scummies themselves are interesting this year. For that, I think e definitely deserves consideration here..
4/7/19JingleIrrelephant11Open Monthly ChallengesRelly was the driving force behind the setup Challenge threads we've been having in the Open Setup Discussion forum, and because of that push we've had a ton of new setups, people interested in discussing setups, and fantastic prompts. Relly has consistently put forward a strong showing in those threads and they show a lot of promise for an increase to the number and quality of Open games we have available. I know several of the games inspired by this have already been run, and I hope to see more get run in the future. Relly is the elephant MS needs, rather than just the elephant MS deserves. :)
6/18/19JingleBoonskiiesBooneyToonz DiscussionBoon has been running his BooneyToonz games for a while now, and pretty much anyone active on site is aware of them. Until this year, though, they were a fairly insular thing. The same players played in most of them, and while they were good and interesting setups, they weren't amazingly influential. Boon stepped that up this year. Not only has he been reaching out to others to join the fun of his setups, he's also been upping his game on making the series even more exciting for his players.

The BooneyToonz discussion thread is all you need to see to see Boon's dedication to not just making his own games fun, but helping other mods fill a niche left by the shift in the Normal Queue. Boon is directly responsible for a bunch of new and innovative roles, and indirectly responsible for others by virtue of inspiring a whole new group of up and coming mods.
+the worst
PlotinusHow to mod and setup a gameThe thread I linked is a thread Ploti got stickied in MD. It teaches someone how to mod and set up a game. Ploti for years has modded so many newbies. Too many to count. He is probably the best newbie mod, with over 37+ newbies modded. All of his games is modded in the utmost excellency.
This kind of deed is something that goes here instead of Modfather. Its unfair to make Plot compete against mods who run themes.
Running newbie games the way he does is a Community Serivce.
+nancy drew 39
PlotinusHow to mod and setup a gameI fully support this nomination. Plot is a consistent presence modding in the Newbie queue (pre-dating my time as Listmod...I still remember Zooborns), and is someone I can count on to run an impeccable game with no moderation issues. Even though, as Alisae mentioned, you can't request to join his games due to how the Newbie Queue works, I still get direct requests from players to "/in for Plotinus' next game." His guide to modding is something I have referred to several new moderators, and picked up some tips myself (had no idea you could select and PM people from Activity Overview).

This is definitely the right category.
1/2/2020mastinathe worstReplacement requests; GTKAS; his work in this hidden forum (which his contributions to are not yet public to my knowledge)The shortest of short versions: look at the worst's contributions to the site, and you will instantly know why I made this nomination.

The longer version:
The worst has gone, in the span of less than a year, from doing nothing official and being just a very memorable member of the community, to--true to his status as last year's rising star--doing EVERYTHING.

He is responsible for handling the replacement requests thread, and since his tenure, there's been a very obvious reduction in time between a request being made and it being filled. He stays incredibly on top of things, and it is very rare to see a replacement request be open for longer than 24 hours; before he took over the job, it wasn't uncommon for it to take 48 hours or more.
And I contribute the severe reduction in time between the request and the slot being filled to his excellent work.

This, IN OF ITSELF, would've made him worthy of being a community contributor, but there's more!
He recently took on the additional responsibility of modding and running the GTKAS forum and continuing the legacy of Sky gazer with his own spin. This is a bit recent, so the proof of the value he gives there isn't yet plentiful, yet it certainly augments the above.

the worst has ALSO taken on a behind the scenes job where he has done rather considerable amounts of work.

This job is to my knowledge not yet public but very soon it will be.
This work may not be visible to the public, but the likes of you, Ali, and I know precisely how much work worstie is doing and how valuable his contributions there are.
That job in of itself would be nomination worthy.

And yet, the worst is doing it IN ADDITION TO the other two jobs mentioned.

He is literally doing everything humanly possible for the site, and mafiascum is the better for it.
Date AddedNominatorNominatedGame & LinkDescription
6/19/19Dannflorthe worstHALF MAST NIGHTLESSSimultaneously dubbed the worst and best marathon ever, this (in)famous game ran for 60+ pages and nearly 4 hours. In the game, the scum team not only made their scummiest member the flag bearer but were also nearly revealed by a mod error in the vote counts. Though frustrating at points, this record breaking game was entertaining and memorable for most everyone involved. It wasn't the perfect marathon, but nevertheless it was an unforgettable experience. An enjoyable mess that still gets referenced several months later—not only for its size but for the player list and the specific absurdity of how the game went down. The players played their hearts out despite the draining length and nature of the game. the worst—despite his unfortunate mod error that could have given away the scum team—maintained consistent vote counts for 4 hours straight, was succinct with deadlines, and kept things moving as quickly as possible in an exhausting game of ridiculous size.
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Post Post #7  (ISO)  » Mon Mar 25, 2019 10:43 pm

Hai Friends!~

I kinda wanna have 2019 be a good fucking year.

So I am going to be a bit more personally involved with this!

So I will be
- Helping people fill out the form. There's always that one guy that doesn't want to fill out the form, so I am willing to help them out there as long as they provide the description needed :]
- Updating these tables. I'll probably check for new submissions on the form at the end of the week, and I'll make sure to keep the tables updated with new nominations. (Also, PM me if tables need to be updated and I will come running)

And doing other things that come to my mind to help :]
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rungusmessage me to review or backup mod or what ever your setup
todays featured user: Papa Zito

we're tearing it up

Best Mechanical Play/Excellent Moderation/Best Setup
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Post Post #10  (ISO)  » Mon Mar 25, 2019 11:02 pm

idunno why I tried so hard but I guess it comes from me just wanting a change and things to be different I guess.
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Post Post #11  (ISO)  » Mon Mar 25, 2019 11:08 pm

Hope those tables look nice on mobile.
Excited to see Alisae bustin some chops and making things nicer.

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i oppose every award
rungusmessage me to review or backup mod or what ever your setup
todays featured user: Papa Zito

we're tearing it up

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Post Post #13  (ISO)  » Mon Mar 25, 2019 11:11 pm

Already tested
works on all skins due to the themed tables.

Forgot mobile testing but just tested it now, looks way better then I thought it would expect.
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Obligatory Firebringer post about how rewards are pointless.

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we need to talk about your priorities, grandson
:roll: Aside from that entire post being annoying as fuck, your scumread on me makes no sense." -Elyse (scum)

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Looks great.

the worst
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Post#3 is my jam.
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In post 15, Extrapolated Eagle wrote:we need to talk about your priorities, grandson
who the fuck are you I'm not your grandson
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In post 18, Alisae wrote:
In post 15, Extrapolated Eagle wrote:we need to talk about your priorities, grandson
who the fuck are you I'm not your grandson

i'm firebringer
:roll: Aside from that entire post being annoying as fuck, your scumread on me makes no sense." -Elyse (scum)

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Post Post #20  (ISO)  » Tue Mar 26, 2019 12:11 am

You know
it just occured to me that people may not actually know everything that was actually changed.
Because a lot changed.
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In post 19, Extrapolated Eagle wrote:
In post 18, Alisae wrote:
In post 15, Extrapolated Eagle wrote:we need to talk about your priorities, grandson
who the fuck are you I'm not your grandson

i'm firebringer
You are not a growlithe
you are an eagle
I am no affiliated with any eagles.
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Yay I still made a first page Ego!

Maybe I'll actually make the noms I intend to this year...
Gotta look at these fancy changes :)
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This looks amazing!

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Post Post #24  (ISO)  » Tue Mar 26, 2019 8:59 am

In post 23, Irrelephant11 wrote:*applause*

This looks amazing!
ikr, I wonder who spent 4-6 hours all on tables? They look really good!
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