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Post Post #225  (ISO)  » Wed Jul 24, 2019 11:34 pm

Yeah you're right on the ratios.

Nomination is a setup with different mechanics. I have fond memories of the setup especially since my first good towngame and the beginning of me not being the ez lhf mislynch was in a Nomination game
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Why does the number have to be odd?
Does that affect balance somehow?

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A 4p mylo is way harder on town than a 3p lylo (optimal town play is to give scum an additional kill, which isn't really that great for town), so if you have a normal day/night cycle with one lynch during the day and one kill at night, starting with an odd number gives a more sensible ending.

The relationship doesn't hold if you have a lot of killing/protective roles or a weird day/night cycle. (If you have a small number of killing roles, sometimes evens even works out better than odds.)
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Post Post #228  (ISO)  » Wed Jul 31, 2019 2:50 am

I feel like it should be mentioned that there's a quality-of-life element that is unrelated to balance. It is much harder to get three people to agree the fourth person is scum than it is to get two people to agree the third is scum. When the dayplay flow involves a deadlock like that it can be less fun for the players irrespective of how that impacts each of their win%s

but cfj is correct that there is a balance element as well
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