Open 715 - White Flag Mafia (Game Over)

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In post 998, AnonymousGhost wrote:@QM - To be fair, my scum game has had a steep learning curve. Claimed bomb my first scum game. Haha. That blew up in my face. Literally.

If you have a good Town game, I think you are Def in the running for Rising Star. Take that as a huge compliment because I put northsidegal in that category as well.
"...(I also think that meta-diving LQ proves that he's a "non-traditional" player (whatever that means) more than his words do)." ~Nachomamma8
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In post 982, GreyICE wrote:Quick Maker - It's clear you love the English language. Unfortunately it's less Pride and Prejudice and more The Story of O. Good communication is clear, direct, and concise. Your posts were the opposite of this. Multiple times I would spend time dissecting long paragraphs to find the insight within was as shallow as it gets. I thought it was scum camouflage, but as town? This is something that posters like Titus and Mastina have been working past. Don't pontificate, post and interact.

I don't really care about your jaded opinion.
"...(I also think that meta-diving LQ proves that he's a "non-traditional" player (whatever that means) more than his words do)." ~Nachomamma8
Don't put your utility above positive vibes.

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I mean if you want to be shit, be shit.
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Thanks Maker!
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Post Post #1006  (ISO)  » Mon Apr 30, 2018 5:10 pm

In post 42, Almost50 wrote:@AG: I'm not sure if you noticed, but I was pushing you with enthusiasm over .. erm.. nothing at all! :lol: On other words, I was partially distancing and partially working reverse psychology (a case that is not a case males you look more townie). And the best part is making cases is NOT my strongest suit anyway, so it's perfectly natural that I do this as town.

Anyway, I would NK RR still, and here's why: leaving Dino alive may make him rethink his reads. He would think if he was left alive then his reads are bad. Killing that slot though makes it look like the suspects wanted to remove him from being the Town leader and his flip will give more credibility to his reads.

Killing Shad may backfire as he IS pushing you, and I don't ever shoot N_M regardless of game or alignment, but I'm only 1 of 3 votes here.

Also one last remark: It is very possible for Dino to have included someone in his NK pool to actually direct a kill on someone he's not sure of. That's not out of Dino's character.

Disclaimer: All the above is the "safe play" assuming we want a perfect win and all. If you guys want to play it risky and have lots of fun then I agree we leave RR alive, because it's always a joy to be playing with Mathdino anyway, and it will be even more so if I could sneak in a win from right under his nose :twisted:

all of this was the correct way to deal with my slot
now that i've seen the scum PT and communication/teamwork, i can confidently say well done scum
i definitely would've reevaluated my reads on you guys especially after none of you got NK'd and i almost certainly would've pushed ghost at some point had i been alive

but i was not alive, and that was because of you guys

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Post Post #1007  (ISO)  » Wed May 02, 2018 10:06 am

Sorry for flaking mod/town. RL took my head out of the game.

My reads were crap though (aside from town MOI read) so not flaking wouldn't have helped town.

Thanks for modding TBM.

Good game scum.
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This game was actually kinda stupid imo.
I stopped reading after my death because honestly, this game is just a lurk fest.
Oh well, gg
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To nominate this game and any players or mods in it, please see the Scummies nomination thread.
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