Mini 1867 -- TBD Mafia [game over]

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Well done everyone.

About half the players wanted this game reviewed (I suspect the other half were hoping for a game that was utterly broken), so I gave the game a half-hearted review (initial thoughts, but not really going in-depth). It worked out surprisingly well for a game with so many factions, although I was also surprised at how efficient the players were at getting rid of the killing roles early (there were lots of potential kills in this game, but most of the killers died quickly). This also means that the town power roles survived longer than can normally be expected, so town's early success helped to make the rest of the game run smoothly for them.

On the subject of surprises, Snarky's fakeclaim was surprisingly effective. I immediately knew (having reviewed the setup) that there wasn't a faction counter and there weren't 7 factions, confirming Snarky as scum, but it was still fun to watch, and I thought scum might be getting away with much more than they should, but the town regrouped in the end. After Snarky was lynched, the result wasn't really in doubt.
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