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The current mods for the Discussion forums are: memberlist.php?mode=group&g=13647

If you see a post that you think violates the rules or is simply inappropriate, use the "Report" feature (at the top-right of every post). This will ensure the post is dealt with as quickly as possible by whichever mod is first to spot it. If they judge the report is unnecessary, they'll simply close it, with no penalty to you - so don't hesitate to report a questionable post even if you're not 100% sure it should be moderated.

You can directly contact individual moderators with the above links, but this is not as ideal as the report function in most circumstances. Examples where it may be useful would be asking why a report was closed, asking why a post was worthy of moderation (if you don't understand why a post is bad, you might post something similar later), or posting a warning regarding a thread with no objectionable posts but one you feel would benefit from preemptive intervention.

If you have a suggestion for the discussion forums, you should probably post it in the Site Ideas forum unless you have a specific reason why you want it private. Advocating for a new subforum in a Discussion forum or saying that a rule should be changed or interpreted differently are examples of good things to take to Site Ideas.

If you feel one of the moderators has acted incorrectly or capriciously, follow this chain of action:

  • Contact that moderator directly, asking for an explanation as to their actions. We are all civil people in most circumstances, and ideally we can talk out your problem in private.
  • If you are unsatisfied with the discussion with the moderator in question, contact the other GD moderator. Be sure to include specifics! From here, they can discuss your problem in private. Please allow a bit of time for them to discuss.
  • If you have a problem with THIS answer, you can take it to a administrator (red name) - although, it's likely they've already read discussion on the issue at hand if you properly went through steps one and two. Do NOT go directly to a administrator for a GD related problem.

Thanks for reading. Let me know if anything is post is unclear so I can edit it.

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