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In post 195, zoraster wrote:For those who are super in the know on theater, maybe you can offer your thoughts. I'm going to NYC with my family in december. Need some suggestions. I've already seen Hamilton, Book of Mormon, Wicked (on the national tour) and Dear Evan Hansen. Most of my family has done Kinky Boots. My wife's already done the Sweeny Todd in the pie shop and Sleep No More and she's doing the Alice in Wonderland one (Then She Fell). I've looked at The Band's Visit, but it looks pretty boring (willing to be disabused of that!). We could do Harry Potter, but the two show requirement makes it more difficult to find time to do what I like to do best in new york (i.e. eat). Trying to convince my parents they want to see Springsteen on Broadway enough they want to buy us tickets (as secondhand they're outrageously expensive). Any thoughts? I'm sad that the magic show In and of Itself is over, so might try to go to some other magic show.

Then She Fell is the best show in New York, even better than Hamilton. Fight me.

If you're looking for a musical, Anastasia is quite underrated and not that expensive. A lot of shows are just about to start performances for the fall season, so it's hard to give good recommendations this far out for most of those.

I haven't managed to get excited for The Band's Visit personally, but I've heard phenomenal things about it. Apparently, it really shines in the acting and the staging - sound, costumes, lighting, etc. are all excellent.

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I imagine one's feeling on Then She Fell vs. others is probably how much you like that type of "play." My wife loves it, and loved her experience at Sleep No More. Anyway, she's going on a Tuesday and I fly back that day (she's there for work a little longer), so I won't be going but it's also not something that naturally appeals to me.

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i just saw come from away

it was amazing

you'd kinda expect a show featuring 9/11 to be emotional and sad and kinda heavy - and it was in parts, but they tempered it with comedy and feels and kindness; it was primarily a good-feels show

i was so impressed by the actresses and actors, who each played multiple characters, signifying who they were at that moment by just props and jackets and hats and accents; each one of them did like three or four or more distinct accents

the set and music was beautiful

it was probably one of the best shows i've ever seen

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Do we have to stick to musicals?
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