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In post 45, bv310 wrote:I need new formal work shoes. I teach, but I like to look nice when I do it. They need to be black, but past that I'm open to suggestions.

So I did my drinking thing, now I'm gonna hit you up with some sweet advice.

There are a couple of really good options for work shoes. I very very highly rate things like my RM Willams Boots Image

These are beautiful leather, and feel amazing. They're comfortable and they can be worn day after day with absolutely no issue because they're A) simple, clean, black. No bells and whistles so they go with almost EVERYTHING B) they're good quality leather so they don't scuff or mark through day-to-day wear. They're also clean and sexy and formal without being OVERLY formal. Like you can wear those with jeans, suits, chinos, whatever. There's an issue with price, because good leather boots are expensive, but it's totally worth it. If you don't want to spend on these, just pick another style, do not go for cheapies here, it'll be a waste!

I'm not sure what culture markers there are about these boots, especially given where you live bv, but with Australia having so much country in it's identity these are being accepted as a wonderful work boot for dudes in suits.

If you want something more casual: Image Black connie lows are a good choice. They live forever, never go out of style, and look great with jeans. Literally any canvas shoes will work, if you want to save some cash. Be aware that cheaper canvas shoes usually use a cheaper sole, so be aware of that when you're on your feet a lot.

Whatever you do, don't buy something like this Image They're too formal and you limit your choices of "causal" pants.

The big rule of shoes still applies:
Tyres, mattresses, and shoes. Spend wisely on the things between you and the earth.
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I bought some work shoes from here two years ago, still in great condition. Usually my shoes break down in a matter of months.

I was so impressed by the quality that I went back to buy a belt a year later.

Here's the shoe I settled on.
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