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The Speakeasy and Get To Know a ScummerWhile General Discussion holds many of our discussion topics, many discussions are occurring in two restricted areas. They are:

1. The Speakeasy - A subforum designed for mature, private discussion. More adult topics are found in this subforum.
2. Get to Know a Scummer (GTKAS)- A moderated discussion subforum where users are awarded personal "about me" threads, as well as more general threads for personal information.

How do I See These Forums?
To see both The Speakeasy and GTKAS, you can join The Speakeasy Inhabitants user group.
To ONLY see the GTKAS forum, you can join the Get To Know a Scummer Access user group.

To join these groups, go to your User CP, select User Groups, and select the group you wish to join, then click Submit.

What are the Requirements to Enter?
1. You must have at least 100 game posts on your account. We may make case-by-case decisions to allow certain participants in Large Social Games and Mish Mash to also join.
2. You must not already have an account in The Speakeasy or GTKAS Access user groups.

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